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Clumsy Maid. Episode 46

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Clumsy Maid.

Episode 46

^ Jan ^

I went to the Stone’s father office. Glad he has no visitors at that period.

I planted a knock on the door and his voice came in almost immediately. “Come in.”

I walked in and I could see him busy scribbling something on a book.

I rested my palm on the chair before me.

“Sir, I need to discuss something with you.”

“Have you made love with her already?” He asked not raising his head up.

He kept scribbling whatever inside his book.

“Sir, I…” He interrupted again.

“You haven’t answered my question , young man. ”

“I haven’t. Stone said that..” He interrupted again.

“Are you trying me already? Like I can not hurt your family like I said, right?”

“I can’t just make love with her, it’s barely three days. I still need her to trust me. You need to understand that I did not love this girl , I loathe her so much , I’m only forcng myself to do this.”

“What did you want?”

“Stone ordered me not I go to Ava’s apartment again.”

“And so?”He dropped his pen and raised his head to me. ” So what? Common,you are matured , you are an adult for crying out loud. Find your way. ”


“Hey Jan, What happened to inviting her over to your place instead of going to her apartment. If Stone asked what she’s doing around you , tell him she comes willingly. ”

My mouth dropped.

“You may now leave , please.”

I sighed and walked out.

I rested to the wall outside his office. All this is really getting me frustrated.

I walked back to my apartment and sunk to the biggest chair in the living room.

“Boss! You still would not tell us what is going on with you?” Bobby said as he approaches me.

“Tell Ava I need to see her.”

“Alright boss.” He walked away.

About four minutes after , Ava entered the room.

“How are you, Jan. You sent for me?”

“Sure , have your sit.” She obliged.

“The boss said he doesn’t want to see us together again.”

“One reason why I loathe him ,he’s so jealous. Why would he not want us to see? Did he think he can force me to love him?” Ava’s voice was stern.

I shook my head. “I’m just trying to avoid problem with the boss.”

She stood from where she sat and cane to sit beside me.

“I know you love and respect him so much but I think you need to reduce that, he doesn’t love you as much as you love him.”

“I know ,especially now that you are around.” I said softly.

She felt pathetic for me and hugged me with and right hand.

I felt like standing up and punching her to the face. I felt like beating the hell out of her.

I just loathe this girl and I can not stand her anymore.

“Jan , I miss you!” Her voice came softly and I tried to form a smiling face.

If only she knows what is going on inside of me, she would walk away from me.

“I know that a lot has happened since we departed but we should not let that affect our relationship.”

I smiled at her words. A fake smile ,though.

“I tried to kiss you the last time but you wouldn’t allow it. Or you think I did not know?”

I chuckled fakely and peeked into her face. Her lips were pink and her face was soft.

I nodded. She began to bring her face to mine and I began to sweat almost immediately.

Is she about to kiss me? No! I can not imagine the lips of a girl I loathe so much on mine.

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  1. Hmmm!!! The king sent one on an Arran the river is full and flowing, the message must be delivered and the river can’t be cross! What is going to happen next………..

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