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My Whatsapp Visitor 18+ Episode 60

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Episode 60

Soapy: then come fu-ck me.

Me: your wish is my command.

I swagger go meet her my di-ck was just swinging left and right in my mid-region, I carried one of her legs and placed on my shoulder then positioned my ha-rd di-ck to her opening.

I pushed in slowly slowly rubbing her cli-t, she shut her eyes and grabbed the bedsheet.

Soapy: oh! Gawd!! you are so big!! *she mo-an out loud*

Me: aahhh!

I plunged in burying every length of my manliness inside her we-t pu-ssy, I come bend small making sure she is well beneath me.
I pushed back making sure I knelt down properly, I grabbed her bre-asts and started moving my waist.

Soapy na screamer I swear, as I dey pound her from on top. She just dey scream dey grab bedsheet, sometimes even spa-nk my yansh. The thing come dey do me somehow, make she no go mistakenly finger my yansh oh!

Me: aaahh! ahhh!! oossshh!!

Soapy: oh gawd!! fu-ck me, asshh!! aaahh!! faster, faster!!!

Naso I increased my pace, I just dey slam in and out of her with full force. She we-t everywhere down there, we were both sweating.

My waist come start to dey pain somehow somehow, Soapy got to know and turned me over.
I laid on the bed tryna catch my breathe when she swung her leg over and straddled me, she spat on her palm and ran it over my ha-rd di-ck.

She aligned my di-ck to her opening and sat on it screaming, she nofit just fu-ck without her “oh! gawd!” I come dey wonder why.
She rocked me slowly slowly, grinding on my groin. Her bumbum felt good down there, she clenched my di-ck tightly with her pu-ssy and it seem to me as one of the seven modern wonders of the world.

She took up pace and started bouncing, I loved the way she was bouncing and her bre-asts was jiggling on her chest.
She placed her hands on my chest and rested her weight on me, raised her a-ss up and started another style of bouncing.

Naso I start to dey see different stars.

Soapy: asshh! oohh! am cloooosssiiinnng *she scream*

Naso my own trigger, I felt my balls tighten and felt like bursting akamu jehovah.

Me: aaahhh! aaahhh!! *I start shooting my cu-m inside her*

Soapy: aaahhh! Aaaaahhhh! I love you *she scream*

And erupt her volcanic orgasm on me, she just we-t me finish. Wait, she said she love me. She laid on my chest trying to catch her breathe.

Me: you mean am?

Soapy: what?

Me: that you love me.

Soapy: I don’t date big head, pillow talks sha..

But you dey fu-ck big head, Soapy and her wahala sha… Her Iphone started ringing and she got up from me and went for it, she picked the call.

I just dey admire how her body dey, the babe fine no lies at all.

Soapy: are you serious?

I didn’t hear the caller but at the look of things, the call was really a one that demands her to leave.

Soapy: my papa don return *smiling*

Me: next time.

Soapy: who and you? *she roll her eyes*

Me: me ans you na, abi you want invite your sister to make am threesome.

Soapy: *laughing* ashewo, I will call you when I get home..

Me: you have my cu-m in you.

Soapy: don’t worry, they will die sha..

She started dressing up to my surprise after cleaning up herself, this babe harsh oh! she suppose baf na.. Or she wan come dey smell cum cum dey go house?

Me: why don’t you bath?

Soapy: so that you go fu-ck me again?

Me: o shey, mind reader.

She got dressed and forced me out of the house with her, Soapy is a girl of my dream. I swear say I go make her mine, my first whatsapp visitor.

We got to the junction and she took keke to St. John’s, I was so happy that I finally fulfilled something I was anticipating for so long without a dime.
I know say she like me, at least from like tree love tree go grow, abi no be so.

I waited for her call in the evening it never came, I tried her two lines and was both switched off. I was fu-cking worried, so I checked in online and her last seen was 8am. Gosh! What is happening?


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