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My Whatsapp Visitor 18+ Episode 59

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Episode 59

I just shake my head, bad things don full the babe head. She tall come slender with big yansh and moderate bre-asts, one thing that drove me crazy is her dimples and flawless skin. With that her deep blue eyes with one deadly pink lips.

I allow her waka go front while I dey for big dey visualize the way her bumbum godey shake iffa I enter jer kingdom from behind.

Soapy: this boy waka na, I wan go house oh..

Me: now now…

She turned and flashed me a look, I waka go open the gate and let her in.. Shebi them teach us ladies first? I closed the gate and followed her from behind, I just dey look her yansh sotay she for don pass our flat.

Me: babe, where you dey go?

Soapy: your apartment na.

Me: see am here oh.

I went and unlock the door, luckily my twin brother isn’t at home.

Soapy: nice room.

I come dey look around to discover the nice room, na opposite I see. My twin brother no even mop or even sweep before em bounce commot, the room just dey anyhow.. Sitting room in that matter, horrible first impression.

Me: thank you, lets go inside.

Soapy: hope I will not see used condoms and pants everywhere.

That one make me tear laugh, Soapy will always be Soapy.. she is a sweet girl in a weird way, luckily the nama no forget to do small tidy up for the room.

Soapy: ona try, you no get wallpaper.

Me: I be celebrity already, I no need another one.

Soapy: see talk, why your lips black like this. Do you smoke?

Me: no, natural.. You like to kiss smoker lips.

She just fall for bed dey lie down, come pull her jacket making her cleavage obvious. Her milk factory still dey standard, round soft and standing. Jeez… The babe na person I for dey plan to be her boyfriend.

I don’t know if she will agree to date me, me wey be university boy come dey reason babe like this, hmm… I no wan commit suicide with her requests.

Soapy: which one be smoker’s lips? I do smoke you know.

This babe will not stop to amaze me, I for dey there dey gist with her.. She removed her trouser button. Gosh! My sensitive part come dey say hi, hope I no know need to explain pass there for that one, bah?

Me: what should I get you, aunty visitor?

Soapy: *she chuckle* your di-ck.

She got up and walked to me, I no move I come dey watch wetin she go do.
She crossed her hands around my neck and placed her lips, we started kissing and I was just rubbing her back. The kiss was so fast and carried so much heat, viamm.. I offed her bra grabbed the two oranges that have been making me cu-m anyhow in video calls.

Chuk the ni-pples turn by turn inside my mouth dey su-ck, I for don empty the milk the way I dey press and su-ck am oh! if milk dey inside.
She worked on my trouser, she pulled it down and started handling my di-ck with her soft palm, the girl make me travel different worlds.

I used my hand pulled down my trouser and boxer, them wan stubborn so I no get choice than to kick them away.

Sopy come dey remove her trouser, the babe no even wear pant. I talk am, no wonder her yansh just dey confuse me anyhow.
After she pulled the trouser and was starked naked, she lied on the bed and spread her legs.

This girl want my su-ck, I buried my face in between her legs and started fin-gering her pu-ssy, flicking her cli-t with my tongue. Sometimes I go cover everything with my mouth and su-cked deeper, her juice salty sha… I respect those boys wey dey su-ck puna fah.

I signaled her to get up and she did, I asked her to be on all four. Wetin oyigbo call am? aham.. Doggystyle.. She did and I was presented with her fat and soft sweet bumbum, ukwu!

I buried my face in between her a-ss crack and started licking her from behind, em no even reach three seconds the babe started to shake and scream.

Soapy: aaaahhh! assshh! oh gawd!!! fu-ck!!!

Me: no die oh!

She shook and laid face down on the bed, I allowed her rest small while my di-ck was still ere-ct like pole. After the orgasm don come and go, she crawled to me and took my di-ck in her palm.

She first poke her tongue on my pee hole, that one was crazy as she maintained eye contact. Gosh! The way she started su-cking, bopping up and down my shaft, the slurping sound as she inflate and deflate her cheeks to give room for my di-ck was wow.

I no wan release so I pulled out and asked her to lie flat, she did and I went to look for condom.

Soapy: come and fu-ck me, wetin you dey fine?

Me: condom.

Soapy: you get hiv?

Me: God forbid!!!


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