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My Whatsapp Visitor 18+ Episode 56

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Episode 56

I know say the babe no want my enjoy am wella, I just leave am sha… make she come see who go give am money to go tomorrow.

I just turned for bed hammer sleep, one person come dey wake me up the next morning. I opened eyes and saw Chisom well dressed.

This babe na tight runs girl sha…

Chisom: baby, I need to go… My mom and dad have been calling me to come home.

Me: ok..

I continue my sleep, the babe wan fool me. Not only mommy and daddy, na fu*cker and banger dey call her.

Chisom: wetin be ok? are you not going to escort me?

Me: I no be escorting machine.

I adjusted properly and continued sleeping, shebi she no want send off fu*ck.. make she dey go na.

Chisom: you are very stupid, just because I denied you se*x, nonsense… I know my way out.

I no even get strength to beg her, as if she no enjoy my prick. The girl wan just dey in charge of everything, she think say na only her puna sweet. My prick sweet pass all the puna in Akwa Ibom state combined, na joke oh… No take am serious.

I continued sleeping, she opened the door commot. I no even stand up from were I dey lie down, she closed the door after sometimes she come back.
She opened the door come tap me for bed wey I dey enjoy sleep.

Chisom: baby, am sorry..

Me: ok.

I continued my sleep, this girl never see person wey konji don do something before. Wetin my prick do me last night, I nofit forgive this girl until I yansh am well.

Na mammy water give me fu-ck for dream wey I manage to suffer through the night.

Chisom: I go give u..

I just stand up for bed.. Pull my boxer, my prick don stand like say na nepa pole.
She even surprise the way my prick stand that morning.

Me: oya na… Pull clothes. Or we go do am with clothes on?


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