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King Of Heart’s (Addicted To Him) Episode 27

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❤️❤️❤️ Willow and his Dragon-Wolf (Part 8) ❤️❤️❤️

Written by

©️ Ifeoma Silver .O. Ozoemene (Omaisabella)

Chapter 2️⃣7️⃣

Continuation from the last Episode:

Arabella did as she was told, she touched the serpent left horn.

“Close your eyes Arabella and do not open your eyes no matter.” The serpent said.

“Okay my Lord.” Arabella said and closed her eyes. She felt a sudden sharp pain in her lower abdomen which made her gasp aloud. She wanted to open her eyes to see what was happening around her and why she was feeling pain in her lower abdomen but then again, she remembered the serpent warnings and tightened her eyes.

“You can open your eyes now.” She heard the serpent voice again and did as told. She looked all round her body and saw everything was the same. “I have taken your womb away Arabella, now it’s my turn to give you that which you ask.” The serpent said, bringing Arabella attention to him. “Open your mouth.” He commanded and Arabella did just that.

The serpent drew more closer to her, very close and spit into her open mouth surprising Arabella who felt as if her tongue was on fire.

“Don’t pour it out Arabella, swallow his venom.” Emerald ordered and Arabella swallowed it.

The burning continued as it slid down her throat into her stomach, she closed her eyes, bending a little holding her stomach and groaning in pain.

“It is done Emerald, take the dark soul to your place and allow her to rest so that my venom will circulate fully around her body.” The serpent told the sorceress.

“Yes my Lord.” Emerald said bowing her head a little before the serpent.

“When am I getting out of here Emerald?” The serpent demanded.

“Today, I have prepared the body you will possess and once I reach my Cave, I will summon you into him.”

“Good, the Creator thinks he can bind me forever in here.” The serpent chuckled and continued. “But what the Creator fails to know is there are many ways to catch something.” He added grinning looking more ugly.

“I am happy to be the one who will command your soul to leave this body of yours and possess the other body.” Emerald said, still bowing her head. “I find myself worthy of your task my Lord.” She added.

“I choose you because I have seen your dark heart and only a dark heart can lift out my soul out of my body.” The serpent said ‘But now, I have seen a darker heart.’ he thought as he glanced at Arabella who was still clutching her stomach.

“You are too kind my Lord.” Emerald said.

The serpent chuckled slightly. “You can go now, I will see you in a new body.”

She straightened up her body.

Going to meet Arabella, she touched Arabella’s forehead and they vanished.


Dragon Kingdom:

No one was expecting Aurora to release her hold on King Mirror, holding her stomach as she started vomiting all his blood out from her system.

“What is going on?” King Mirror asked no one in particular as everyone was focused on the girl in their middle.

‘Why is her body refusing my blood? I changed her so why this?’

King Mirror thought as he stared at his Aurora.

‘Something is definitely wrong somewhere.’ he thought and he voiced out his thoughts. “Something is wrong somewhere, how can she refuse my blood when I am her maker.”

“Maybe her body doesn’t want your blood my King.” Oracle said as she was eyeing the girl. She looks so familiar to her and has been wondering where she had met her. They had met before, she was very sure of that….but where?

Aurora straightened up when she had vomited the blood. It was disgusting and bitter. She took a deep breath and the blood- their scents- of the rest in the throne room wasn’t attracting her. She could feel she was thirsty and that brought her mind to the pool of blood in her feet.

Why was she drinking blood?

“What is happening?” Aurora demanded staring at each one of them until they settled on King Mirror. “Sebastian, when did you arrive?” She asked, mistakenly him for his son.

“He is not Sebastian but his father, King Mirror, he is the king of all vampires.” Oracle’s answer explaining.

“Oh, my mistake.” Aurora said with a small smile and then she remembered what happened a few minutes ago. “Where is Willow?” She asked.

“We don’t know where he is Aurora, but he is out there, causing destruction.” Lucia said sadly.

“He attacked me, I was dying and now I don’t have any marks on me, how?”

“I turned you into a Vampire.” King Mirror answered, smiling his charming smile that grabbed the attention of Aurora. “I am your maker.” He added and nearly said. ‘And you are mine.’ but he shut his mouth before the words would get out. Since his plan didn’t work out as he had planned, he will use another strategy to get her.

“I am a Vampire?” Aurora asked in shocked and king Mirror nodded his head. “So I will start drinking human blood for survival?” She asked, not believing a word.

“Am afraid, yes Aurora.” King Mirror answered.

‘That will explain the burning in her throat.’ Aurora pondered.

“We need to find Willow and stop him.” Aurora said.

“Aren’t you hungry?” King Henry asked. “You drank king Mirror blood but vomited his blood out, I don’t think your body accepts his blood.” He added.

“I am thirsty but I won’t kill an innocent soul just to quench my hunger.” Aurora said. “Let’s look for Willow then we find a solution to my problem.” She added.

“The only way to stop Willow is if we kill him.” King Mirror suggested and king Henry stared at Mirror in surprise.

“You don’t mean that, right?” King Henry demanded.

“What I meant to say is by now, Willow would have killed a lot of people wherever he is and you know the rules king Henry.” Mirror replied.

“My son won’t kill anyone, he promised his Mate he wouldn’t and I am sure he will keep to his promise.” King Henry said he hoped his son hadn’t killed anyone.

Unless a King and his kingdom challenge you and your kingdom to a war, no supernatural has the right to go to a kingdom and start killing.

Whoever that did break the rule death awaits him or her.

“Willow promised me and he is a man of his words.” Aurora told them. “He keeps to his promise.”

“I hope so, Aurora.” Oracle said closing her eyes as her third eye opened. “I wish there was a way to stop him before he kills someone. I sense his Aura, he is in the Fairy kingdom.” She added as her middle eye closed and she opened her two eyes.

“I wish there is something I can do to stop him since I tried to stop his Wolf.” Aurora said and brought out her diamond necklace she had hidden inside her cloth. “But this is the only thing I have, I don’t know what to do with it. My grandmother before her death told me once I am in this realm I should break it, but I don’t know how to.”

Oracle’s eyes widened in surprise when she saw the diamond and she walked towards Aurora slowly. She could sense the powers coming out of the diamond, oddly again, the powers felt familiar to her.

“Where did you get that diamond?” Oracle asked.

“My grandmother gave it to me before she passed away.” Aurora answered. “Why are you asking?”

“There is only one person who can put such powers in this shape of diamond.” Oracle answered and stared carefully at Aurora. “Now I know why I said you look familiar to me. You are from Jade lineage.” She added. “You look so much like her.”

“Jade who?” Aurora asked.

‘Who is Jade?’

“Jade, your ancestor who left this realm after her fight with her sister.” Oracle answered. “Now that I know who you are and what powers are in your diamond, there is a way to chain Willow’s Dragon-Wolf in his body.” Oracle added as a smile began to form in her lips.

“No.” The words were out of king Mirror mouth before he could stop them.

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