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His Rejected Mate (The Ice Wolf) Episode 25

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❤️❤️ Unveiling River’s Identity (Part 15) ❤️❤️

Chapter 2️⃣5️⃣

©️ Ifeoma Silver .O. Ozoemene (Omaisabella)

Continuation From the Last Episode:

Fairy Kingdom:

King Simeon made an announcement to his people about the passing away of their beloved queen and she will be buried with her handmaid in three day’s time as the fairy tradition demands.


Isaac kept to his words, when the palace cook wanted to prepare his food, he was there all through and even escorted the maid carrying his food to his chamber with Jeffrey. He will not take chances. He had tried to read their expression when he had summoned all the palace cooks that prepared his meal the previous night about putting poison in his food, none of them agreed it was her and….they were telling the truth.

If it was not them then who would have had the guts to poison his food?

Whoever it is must be observing him somewhere, hidden in the shadow.

He monitored his environment but nothing seemed out of place.

Once he was in his chamber, he stopped and watched as the maid placed the tray of food on top of his bed, bowed before him and Jeffery and left them.

“Something isn’t right Jeffrey.” Isaac began as he closed the distance between him and his food, he sat on his bed at the side of the tray filled with his lunch and inhaled deeply. Nothing was in the food. “I had questioned all the cooks yesterday but they all denied and when I stared deeply into their eyes, they were speaking the truth which brought me to a conclusion.” He added.

Jeffrey was surprised. “You question the cooks my Lord?”

“Yes, today after you left with that poisoned food.” Isaac answered taking a bite, he was greatly famished and continued. “And my conclusion is, whoever that had put the poison in my food is not a palace cook, but someone who has access to my food.” He added, taking another spoon.

Jeffrey wasn’t on his number one suspect lists because he always arrived with two more servants carrying his food.

“I will have to question the guards.” Isaac said and thought for a while. “Now that I am thinking about it, someone tried to kill me. It wasn’t accidental.”

“I will question the guards on your behalf myself, my Lord.” Jeffrey told Isaac.

“Okay Jeffrey, whoever it is will be sniffed out.” Isaac said and continued eating.

Jeffrey excused himself and went to his own chamber to think.


“Aww, that hurts.” Luke said touching the back of his head with both of his free hands.

“So Ariel, how did today go, none of them followed you?” Mari asked as she did magic to come down and face her niece.

“None of them aunty, but Royal promised to come tomorrow.” Ariel answered with a smile as she remembered Royal.

“And the other one?” Mari demanded.

“He left as soon as he saw Royal. He was showing off his elegant kitchen and comparing it with your own kitchen.” Ariel responded.

“Really? I think I should teach that kid a lesson to mind his own kitchen, kitchen he doesn’t know how it was built.” Mari said.

“Just forget about him aunty, he is my Mate and maybe he was just trying to show that he is capable of taking care of me.” Ariel defended her Mate.

“Hmmm, but one thing I am very sure of is when I see Tyler, I am going to give him a very resounding slap for having the audacity to compare my kitchen with his.” Mari promised.

“Yeah no problem, and also when you want to give him that special slap of yours make sure it touches his lips so that next time he will learn how to shape his mouth.” Ariel said

“Will definitely do that Ariel, go and prepare our lunch food.” Mari told her.

“What about your sister, were you able to steal her crown?” Ariel asked.

“Yes I was able to steal her crown and saw Luke caged in it.” Mari answered with a shrugged shoulder.

“What? Luke came out from the crown? How?” Ariel asked in surprise.

“She deceived him and cage him into her crown which I have destroyed anyway. All the years I had thought Luke ran away from me not knowing he had been around me and I was blind to see.” Mari explained.

“Should I go and finish her up for you aunty? You’re like a family to me and anyone who hurts you, has hurt me.” Ariel said in seriousness as she waited for Mari to give her a go ahead.

“No, by now she would have received her punishment. I will visit her tomorrow with Luke.” Mari said with a beautiful smile. “Now go and prepare that food before I change you into something eatable.

Laughing out, Ariel left for the kitchen to give both Mate some space.

“I am sorry Mari if I had hurt you or your feelings.” Luke began.

“Are you coming with me to visit Latifah?” Mari demanded ignoring his apology.

“Of course, I will be there with you.” Luke answered and went to stand near Mari who was watching every of his movements, slowly lifting up his hands and resting it on her hip. “Why wouldn’t I be there with you? I can’t miss her surprise look when she sees me with you.” He added and tilted her head upwards, lowering his head a little bit, he kissed her softly and Mari reciprocated his kiss.

“I am so sorry Mari.” Luke whispered against her lips. “I will do whatever I can to make you happy.” He added and moved back a little to stare at her, his hands still on her hips.

“I missed you Mari, all those years spent in that crown, made me realise why you had warned me to stay away from your sister. I am sorry I didn’t listen to you, can you be able to forgive me for my foolishness?” Luke told his mate.

Touching his cheek with her fingers as she traced his jaw. “I missed you too Luke, I had no idea you would be in that crown, if I had, you would have been free since, I’m sorry.” Mari said.

“Please don’t say that again my love, I should be the one apologizing not you.” Luke said and hugged Mari. “And speaking of Latifah, she hasn’t received my own punishment yet my love.”


The Next Morning….

Ariel left the two love birds and headed towards Wolfe Crimson Kingdom.

Luckily for her, she met Tyler who was dressed finely and was heading out. He was surprised when he saw her and stopped walking, waiting for her to come to him.

“Hello Tyler.” Ariel greeted with a huge smile.

“Hello Ariel,” Tyler said, forcing himself to smile back. “Sorry I didn’t see you off when you visited.” He added.

“No problem Tyler. You look so handsome in your princely attire, where are you heading to?” Ariel asked. Her Mate was handsome, though not as handsome as Royal.

“Thank you Ariel.” Tyler said. “Actually, I am going to visit the Vampire Kingdom to discuss something with the King himself, my father would have gone but he doesn’t feel like going so I volunteer myself.” He added.

“Oh, can I follow you, at least to give you my support as a Mate.” Ariel said with a happy smile.

“No, I don’t want to bother you or stress you, it is confidential.”

“Okay, I will see you later I guess.” Ariel told him with a crestfallen face.

Tyler nodded his head ignoring her sad look. “Yes, and before I forget, my birthday is the day after tomorrow, I want you and your Aunt who is your only family to be there at my birthday party which will be held that night. I will also introduce you to everyone present that you’re my Mate.” He told her.

That brightened Ariel’s face. “I will come Tyler.”

Tyler smiled and walked away.

Ariel wanted to continue her walk so that she could search for Royal but she saw him standing a few feet away from her.

He didn’t move nor smile at her, going to meet him.

“Royal, I wanted to search for you but you are here already.” Ariel said, bringing up a conversation.

“You lied to me Ariel.” Royal spoke in a whisper.


“You told me he was your friend instead of you telling me he is your f**king Mate. And I believed you.”

Ariel was shocked, she had thought he didn’t listen to her and Tyler conversation.

“I’m sorry Royal, I don’t want to lose you that was why I lied.”

“You told me he was your friend.”

“Royal I didn’t want to lose our new found friendship so I lied to keep-”

“I hate when I am being lied to Ariel if that is even your real name. Stay away from me from now onwards, I don’t want to be seen with someone Mate.” Royal told her and walked away ignoring Ariel who was shouting his name.

‘I am afraid to lose you that is why I didn’t tell you. I like you very much Royal.’ Ariel thought as she couldn’t shout that out to the hearing of others.

She likes him a lot even more than her Mate.

As she watched Royal retreating back, a tear rolled out of her eye.

She has lost him.

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