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His Rejected Mate (The Ice Wolf) Episode 24

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❤️❤️ Unveiling River’s Identity (Part 14) ❤️❤️

Chapter 2️⃣4️⃣

©️ Ifeoma Silver .O. Ozoemene (Omaisabella)

Continuation From the Last Episode:

Vampire Kingdom:

“I will have to be on my way now king Leon.” King Lucas announced to their hearings.

“Okay, thanks for informing us about your son’s birthday party, we will surely be there.” King Leon said and the Wolf King of Wolfe Crimson Kingdom was gone. Facing his daughter once king Lucas was out of hearings. “Do you really love Tyler?” He asked his daughter.

“Yes father, I love Tyler.” Beauty responded.

Shaking his head. “He will make a good husband for you. I am glad you like him.” King Leon said, stopping to think. “But I don’t know if he truly loves you dear.” He added.

“He loves me father if not he wouldn’t plan to reject his Mate at his birthday party and ask me to marry him there.” Beauty said with a huge smile on her face.

“I hope he is not agreeing to marry you because of the promise you made to him when we had visited their kingdom, the promise to make him the Millennium King.” He said to his daughter.

“I don’t care father, he will grow to love me as I am already in love with him.” Beauty told her father.

“But if he doesn’t?” King Leon couldn’t help but ask his beautiful daughter.

“He will father but if he doesn’t return my love and plans to only use me to get to the throne, then I will definitely do something that his father wouldn’t believe I am the one who did it.” Beauty responded and her smile turned into a smirk. “Let’s forget about Tyler until he proves otherwise but now, let’s focus on how to get Issac out of our way and those who try to take over the throne.” She added and King Leon nodded.


Witch Kingdom:

Queen Latifah opened her eyes and was surprised to see her kingdom healer by her side together with some of her palace servants and guards, they were all staring at her and whispering in low tones. She also noticed that she was on her bed and they were all in her room.

None of them has noticed she was awake.

‘What’s happening and why are they whispering amongst themselves? What is my kingdom healer who I don’t remember sending for is here?’

So many questions that were left unanswered.

“What is going on?” She managed to speak, drawing everyone’s attention to her. Why is she feeling difficult to speak? What is wrong with her throat?

“Everyone out of this room, I need to speak with the queen alone.” The kingdom healer said and watched as everyone in the room except her, walked out.

“What is going on?” Queen Latifah repeated her previous question.

“I don’t know my Queen, I have tried all I could but it wouldn’t go.” The Kingdom healer replies sadly.

“What wouldn’t go? Speak out!!” She yelled the last two words out but it wasn’t loud as her voice used to.

“Have you taken a close look at yourself , my Queen?” The kingdom healer asked softly but her eyes held sadness.

On herself?

“What do you mean if I have taken a look at my body?” Queen Latifah said and glanced down at her body. There was nothing out of place except for her left hand which was in the air, shaking. She tried to bring down her hand but couldn’t, using all the magic spells she knows, but her hand remained the same.

“Your hand has been that way ever since you fainted and I was summoned here my Queen.” The kingdom healer said and went to her bag which was sitting on the floor two feet away from the bed, picking up her bag and put her fingers inside it, she brought out a small hand made mirror and walked back to the bed and gave Queen Latifah the mirror. “Take a look at your face my Queen.” She added and Queen Latifah quickly stretch out her hand and collected the mirror from her.

With shaking hands Queen Latifah stared at herself in the mirror and screamed out, though her voice was audible but it came out low. She fling the mirror away from her sitting upright in her bed immediately.

One side of her face- the left side- was twisted and her lips were twisted with the face. Her once beautiful face was now ugly you look at. It was as if someone had poured her hot water on her face.

No wonder she couldn’t talk aloud like before.

‘Who could have done this to her? Was it Luke? No it wouldn’t be him, the crown had suppressed his powers so he couldn’t do this to her. So who would do this to her then?’

Queen Latifah pondered in thought.

“How did I become like this?” She asked aloud.

“I don’t know my Queen, when I was summoned by the guards, I came and saw smoke coming out from your body and I tried to stop it but it didn’t stop, the smoke stopped five minutes I came and you became like this.” The kingdom healer answered with a bow head.

“Someone did this to me.” Queen Latifah said. “Whoever the witch is will surely pay, I swear with my last blood. I will fish out who has done this and kill whoever it is.” She added dangerously.

The Kingdom healer didn’t say a word, she just bowed her head.

“On your way out, tell my guard’s outside my door to call me my handmaid.” Queen Latifah said and that gave the healer a clue to leave.

Since she is now like this, she will need her handmaid once again who will attend to any of her guests for her.

“Of course my Queen. Try not to stress yourself.” She said, picking up her mirror which didn’t break when Latifah had flung it.and walked out of the chamber informing the two guards of the Queen’s message.

Whoever it is should get ready for war.

Queen Latifah thought.


Mari House:

“Please I am begging you don’t hit me, I didn’t run away like you assume, I have explained to Mari and she was fine with it.” Luke pleaded once he heard Mari’s statement. No doubt the girl pinning him will take Mari words seriously.

Ariel raised up her free hand as her fingers folded into a tight fist and it descended on Luke’s face.

Luke tried to divert his face from the coming fist but was surprised when it landed on the floor a few inches away from his face, the punch created a large debt on the floor and Luke wondered if the punch had touched his face would he have survived?

Another dent was created at the other side of his face.

‘Why is she not hitting his face?’

Luke pondered and as if Ariel could read his face, she asked him.

“Did you know why I am not hitting you directly?”

“No.” Luke answered.

“Because if I rearranged your stupid face, Mari would also rearrange my pretty face a certain handsome Wolf has seen so I am taking all my anger that I have for you on the poor floor who did nothing to me.” Ariel told him.

“But I thought she said you should-”

Interrupting him. “And you actually believed her word? How do you expect me to beat you and she wouldn’t do a thing? She won’t for now when you are around but she will get back at me and hers would be worse than me. The few times I had spent with her showed me not to mess with her.” Ariel told a very surprised Luke, releasing her hold from him and getting up to her feet, she stretched forth her hand to him, grabbing hold of her hand, Luke was up to his feet. “I thought as she is your Mate, you would know everything about her.”

“We didn’t stay too long before I was caged by her sister in her crown.” Luke said.

“And I warned you never to go near my sister but you flaunt my warnings and went ahead to meet her, I know my sister better than you that was why I had warned you.” Mari spoke.

“I am sorry my love, it won’t repeat itself again, I promise you.” Luke said staring at Mari who refused to look at him.

Mari huffed out loud and Ariel helped her with a louder snort and hit Luke head hard.

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