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His Rejected Mate (The Ice Wolf) Episode 23

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❤️❤️ Unveiling River’s Identity (Part 13) ❤️❤️

Chapter 2️⃣3️⃣

©️ Ifeoma Silver .O. Ozoemene (Omaisabella)

Continuation From the Last Episode:

A light came out from the crown and surrounded the bed Queen Latifah was sitting on, forming a circle around her. She was surprised and tried to touch the light with her right hand but it hurt her fingers and she quickly redrew her hand.

Ignoring the pain, she tried to pick up her crown but to her utmost surprise, she couldn’t. It was heavy. She used her magic on it but the crown on the bed didn’t move.

At that moment, she noticed the light had started coming closer to her. She tried to get up from the bed and jump but it seems like an invisible force was holding her.

She tried to use her fire magic to keep the light from coming to her but failed to, instead the circle started closing more faster around her.

‘What is happening?’

‘Why is her crown torturing her?’

Queen Latifah pondered worriedly as she tried to pick her crown hoping it wouldn’t feel heavy but alas, it was the same.

Queen Latifah screamed so loud when the light touched her skin that she was very sure everyone in the palace must have heard her.

The last thing she saw before darkness took over her was her room chamber door opening and some of her guards rushing in.


King Lucas has finished bathing and changed into another set of clothes.

Coming out of his chamber and changing into his Wolf, he ran towards the Vampire kingdom.

He got there in no time and was led to the throne room to wait for king Leon who came two minutes later with his daughter.

Beauty has a smile on when she sees how happy king Lucas is.

“From your happy face it seems Tyler had accepted.” King Leon said smiling.

“Yes and that is why I am here to give you the good news.” King Lucas told them.

“What about his Mate my Lord?” Beauty asked.

“He is going to reject her at his coming birthday party which reminds me, please you and your beautiful daughter should make an appearance at my son’s party in three day’s time.” King Lucas answered Beauty and at the same time invited both father and daughter to his son’s birthday party.

“He is going to reject her in front of your guests I guess my Lord.” Beauty said, earning a nod and a smile from king Lucas and she continued. “I am liking him the more, he thinks like me, isn’t it so father?”

“Yes my daughter and ask you to marry him, you and him are a perfect match.” King Leon said, earning a smile from Beauty.

“The both of you ought to be soulmates, not that wretched servant girl.” King Lucas said.

“I can’t wait for my Tyler to reject her so I can see her miserable face.” Beauty said.

“I have to start going now king Leon, be expecting you and your lovely daughter’s presence on that night.”

“We wouldn’t miss it king Lucas.”

“Tell your son he will not regret his decision my Lord.” Beauty said.

“Will definitely do.”


Mari Home:

“When will she be coming back?” Luke asked as he and Mari stood up from the ground. Bringing Mari chair to the study table for her to sit.

“No, you sit Luke.” Mari said and used her magic to bring herself to the air, sitting down in India style in the air.

Luke smiled and sit down without arguing, smiling.

Ariel arrived at that moment and opened the door surprised to see a stranger in the house smiling, she didn’t look up to see Mari as all her focus was on Luke.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” She demanded walking slowly at Luke, one look at the man, she knows he was half elf and half wolf.

“He is with me Ariel.” Mari answered and Ariel finally noticed her presence.

“Aunt I didn’t notice your presence.”

“It’s okay Ariel.”

“So who is he?”

“My runaway Mate.”

Facing him in anger, Luke saw himself on the ground with Ariel holding his neck tightly.

Luke tried to push her off him but he couldn’t no matter how hard he tried.

“So this is the buffalo that ran away leaving you all alone?”

“Yes he is the one.” Mari responded.

“I am going to deal with you so that in your next life, you will fear the word Mate.” Ariel threatened, her voice changing.

“You can deal with him as you like Ariel, he is all yours.” Mari answered without a care, he had not heeded to her warnings when she told him to stay away from her sister so he deserves whatever punishment Ariel will give to him and speaking of Latifah. She couldn’t wait for Latifah to receive her own punishment once she wanted to summon her Luke.


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