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Because I Love You Episode 16

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♥️♥️Because I love you♥️♥️

♥️♥️Episode 16♥️♥️


♥️♥️Miguel’s P.O.V♥️♥️

How is this my fault, I wasn’t even the one driving the car in the first place, and because of your car was hit, we loose break, she lost her parent and I also lost mine, so why is angry at me but to be candid, if our car didn’t hit them that day probably, her parent might still be alive doing fine, I need to apologise and right now she knows my secret and if am not careful she can use that against me, I walk upstairs to her room and knock

“What is it” she said from Inside

“Clara can we talk please” I said

“I don’t wanna see you, I don’t wanna have anything to do with you anymore” she yelled said probably crying 😭

“Clara am sorry” I said

“Will that sorry raise my parent from dead” she said

“And you getting angry at me won’t raise them either” I said

“Just go….miguel go” she yelled

I think I need to give her time to relax her mind then I’ll come back to her, I walk into my room and lay on my bed, I wish to Leave a normal life where am free to walk around without fear of anybody trailing me or after me, I want to be free to do anything I like and fall in love with someone I love but the situation on ground won’t allow me to love coz that might be a bait to catch me, am tired of all this, I wish it can just end.

♥️♥️The next day♥️♥️

I walk downstairs and saw Clara sitting down in the sitting room

“Good morning” I said

“Good morning sir” she said and stood up

“Sit down, why standing up” I said

“Am sorry for behaving that way yesterday….am really sorry” she said

“I should be saying that, am sorry for everything” he said

“I was wrong putting the blames on you, I shouldn’t have done that” she said

“It’s okay, I understand how you feel” I said

“Thank you sir, and guess what” she said happily

“Tell me, what” I asked curiously

“I can now move my arm, it’s better than before” she said raising her arm

“Wow am really happy……” I said smiling

“You are really cute when you smile so stop frowning” she said

“Oh really” I said

“Yeah” she said then I smile

“Can I ask you a favor please” she said

“Go on” I answered

“I want to go back to work, since I can now move my arm, I think am okay now” she said

“No…you still need to relax” I said

“Please….. please” she said

“Okay….if that’s what you want to then no problem” I said

“Thank you…so can I start today” she said

“It’s weekend for crying out loud” I said

“Oh I forgot” she said

“Yeah so you can continue relaxing then you will start work on Monday” I said

“Okay thank you sir” she said

“You are welcome” I said

“So what are we having for breakfast” she asked

“Ahmm…..since it’s Saturday, let just go to a nearby eatery” I said

“No it’s too early for that, don’t worry I will cook something” she said and walk to the kitchen.

♥️♥️Monday morning♥️♥️

😠😠Bryan’s P.O.V😠😠

I was in my office going through some files when the door open and I saw Clara

“Bryan” she said happily

“Oh Clara” I stood up and hug her

“I really miss you” she said sitting down

“Same here but what happen, what are you doing in Bryan’s place” I asked

“I got shot instead of him” she said

“What, when did that happen” I asked

“Nevermind…am good now”she said

“So hope he isn’t harsh on you” I asked

“Bryan…. I hate Miguel” she said

“Hate…..why” I asked

“You won’t believe Miguel parent killed my parent, I wish I can just take a revenge on him…..I want to strangle him….kill him” she said crying

“Do you mean those words you just said now” I asked

“You don’t Know how I feel Bryan, all my life, I gave it to Miguel, I even took a bullet for him but I never knew his parent killed my parent, I suffered so much for wat I know nothing about, my family got ruined all because of their misfortune, my parent was burn to death and you asking me if mean those words….I wish I can kill him, that will be the best revenge ever” she said crying bitterly

“There is a way out” I said

“Really…. tell me…. should I poison him it get a gun and shot him dead” she said

“No…..but how did you know all this stories” I asked

“He told me…..that motherfucker did” she said

“Wow…… this is great” I said

“I just want him to die, I want him to experience the kind of pain my parent went through” she said

“I will help you” I said

“Oh really….. thank you, but can I trust you, hope you won’t tell miguel all this” she said

“Trust me I won’t….. now let plan something” I said

“Okay wat” she asked

“Since you guys are already getting close to each other, try and convince to tell the press he is the C.E.O” I said

“That’s simple but wat the usefulness” she asked

“I will tell you the next step when it’s time” I said

“I will be glad if this can work” she said

“It will” I said

“Okay see you later” she said and walk out

Miguel…..be ready to die now

Clara’s P.O.V

I walk in to Miguel’s office

“Sir I think I have an idea” I said

“Idea about what” he asked

“How to free you from your uncle and those after you” I said

“Really….let me hear” he said

“Firstly, why don’t you just let the press know you are the C.E.O” I said

“What….. that’s a bad Idea Clara” he said

“No sir…. trust me it’s gonna help” I said

“How….tell me” he said

“Just do what I ask you to do….. okay” I said

“Can I trust you Clara” he said

“100 percent sir” I said

“Alright go meet Bryan, you guys should arrange the press outside” he said

“Like right now” i said

“Yeah” he said

“Okay” I said and walk back to Bryan’s office

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6 thoughts on “Because I Love You Episode 16

  1. This is wickedness Clara,how can she put the blame on him when it’s not his fault well I hope you dont regret it later..
    May God protect you miguel

  2. Ok!.. does anyone found this absurd or is it just me?.. I mean whats wrong with clara?.. I bet bryan is up to no good!

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