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The Bitter Truth Episode 4

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The Bitter

Episode 4

By: Faith Lucky.

Abigail’s Pov:
‘I swear, I didn’t do anything’ Eve cried.

She was handcuffed to a table with me standing across.

She was booked and put behind bars and I was just allowed to pay her a visit.

She only got the privilege of stepping out of her cell for a while because she had a visitor, but of course there was a guard standing close to her.

Kingsley and Nicky had come along with me, but the police officers said they could only permit one visitor at that time.

‘Abi, are you even listening to me?’ Eve said to me as I backed her the whole time.

‘So, tell me’ I turned around.
‘What exactly did you do at his place last night?’

‘I just went over to talk to him. I…I wanted to pour my anguish on him one last time before leaving. I just wanted to remind him one last time of how he had really hurt me. That was it. I didn’t do anything else’. She rushed her words.

‘But, you heard what the policemen said. Sharon went over to his house this morning and found him dead. They checked the surveillance camera and discovered you were the last person that left his house last night. And there was no way he could have done it himself because it was a stab at his back’.

‘Well, that’s the point!’ She said in a rather inflamed tone.
‘There’s something definitely wrong because I didn’t do it. Despite what Mike had done, I’d never try to kill him.’

‘They’re taking the case to court’ i sighed.
‘And do you know what’s going to happen when that happens? They’re going to work with evidence and you’ll be going to jail. And it might even be for as long as you’re alive’.

‘But, I’m innocent. It’s true I went over to his house last night with so much anguish but I didn’t kill him’. She paused to scrutinize the expression on my face.

I looked at her, speechless.

‘You don’t even believe me, do you?’ she scoffed. ‘You think I’m lying? You… You think I really killed Mike?’

I didn’t say anything as she turned around and faced the wall.

‘well, then, I guess I’m doomed’ She further said..
‘Because if my own sister can’t even believe me, how do I expect anyone else to?’

I still couldn’t find the right words to say. I shook my head bitterly and left.


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