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[am not ugly💦] .
adesola adeomowole.m.🌹
Episode 3🎻🎻🎻

she hissed and left my presence before I could speak further.
hmmmm why is she behaving like this?????
just an ordinary issue!
I hastily waved it off when I spotted a maid coming to my direction.
“Ani i just prepared your bed”, the maid said.
“thanks” I replied and took another stairway upstairs.
I sighed countless times before I got to my room.I shut my door and laid quietly at the center of my bed while pulling the pure white teddy bear into my arms.
I wonder what tomorrow would look like, maybe I would receive lectures at home or…….

what am I even thinking?..
not like it would happen!
I rolled my eyeballs.In my eyes,I imagined what spark high would look like,it’s my school yet I knew nothing about it…
of course there would be classic girls, groupies of stalkers,nerds then the idols people are always shouting and praising like “Jesus”.

I just wish heavens will change my parents mindset. Even if I go,I might not even have access to the interesting part.
I shut my eyes for a while but I got a knock on my door.
“mom,is that you?? I asked as I rushed to open the door.I shut the door as she entered fully.
she has come again to beg and say pleasant words to me again.

“when will I be free?”, I asked with a pained expression.She hugged me tenderly and stroke the longness of my hair….I have my dreams,I have visions too, I want to turn them into reality…..
“soon dear,you will be free.
Dad is scared of letting you out now cos he’s contesting for a very important political position.He’s scared his competitors might use you as a bait for payback..
everything will be fine,you will be free after the campaign and everything”
she said while petting me.
“why didn’t you tell me all these before?”, I asked.She pet me…

“but can you do one thing for me?
just this one,I won’t ask you anything again,mom please! I pleaded and almost faked tears..
“what my dear?”, she asked with so much emotions.
“can you just allow me attend spark high tomorrow…just tomorrow, only tomorrow, I promise I won’t make any trouble.After tomorrow, I promise to stay indoor till the election and everything would be over” I said.
she sighed and look into my eyes.
“mom edakun(please)!
I spoke the only thing i know in her dialect.She laughed.
I guess I didn’t pronounce it very well.Reasons why she laughed.
she poke my nose..
“edakun edakun edakun!!!!
I said it persistently.She laughed.
“okay,I give my consent” she said.
my happiness knew no bound,
I hugged her out of happiness.
Even if it’s just one day, it still means so much to me.
have heard so much about spark high,I really want to see for myself.
I even heard spark high is a place where the strongest take possession of the weakest..

I felt so happy as I laid back on bed, she sang for me till I slept.
my mom also has a voice of fallen angel like mine.Am bound to sleep each time she sings.

I woke up really early.
I had to download scars application on my phone.From there I was able to have access to the school map and every other necessary things.
Finally I selected the perfect bag,I placed my laptop in it and just two notepad and a pen.
I started dressing up after bathing.
soon,I was done.
I picked my phone and car key,I headed downstairs.
Kimberly lit her eyes immediately she set her eyes on me.
“you also attend spark high?”,
she asked with her brows frowned.
I ignored her.
“whatever” she rolled her eyeballs.
“what other school do you think befit my status?”, I shot her a glare.
she have some attitude I don’t like.

“would you continue staring at me?”,
I asked and started moving out..
I didn’t hear her say a word,she followed me out.
I approached a yellow sport car in the lot.
“is that your car?”, she asked.
this time,her voice was high.
“if you want it,you can have it”,
I said,politely.
“it’s cute anyway” she said.
I gave up the car key.she smiled as she catwalked forward to get the key to the yellow sport car.
she didn’t say a thank you,she entered just like that.

I had wanted to caution her ungrateful attitude but waved it off. Not like HER thank you is useful.
what an attitude!

I entered a black jeep instead,my driver entered and drove out slowly.
waoooow escaped my mouth as the car drew nearer to the gigantic gate of spark high.
Raw diamonds was everywhere on the gate.Kings and Queens was inscribed boldly on the gate!
For a start,I wonder if this is really a school.
The gate slides open as my car drew nearer.One of the securities leaned on the driver’s side, I whyned down the window.

“where’s your biometric?”, he asked.
aaaaahhh I widened my eyes.
swears,I forgot it at home.
my driver looked at me,even the security.
“must I submit it?”, I asked.
“yes,to prove that you ain’t a commoner nor an intruder”,he said.
“do I look like one?”, I asked smartly, although in a joking manner.The security smiled.
“whose goddam car is that??”,
a stern voice shouted from behind.
The voice wasn’t nice at all.I had to peep through my car mirror to see who it was,it was that same man that said scars ordered my release when I almost got arrested.
I looked through the mirror well and saw like seven more cars behind.
The securities quickly adjusted themselves and positioned at the boarders.
“sorry miss…I didn’t know the spark boys are around” the security rushed words and directed my car inside..
“your car,here” another security directed us till my car finally found a suitable place in the lot.
I hastily step out, I didn’t even see Kimberly.

isn’t she suppose to help me since it’s my first time?”.
she’s so pathetic!.
I brought out my phone and checked the map.I also followed the foot route.I passed many classic girls, classic guys too.
I had barely walked when I start hearing things.
🚺 waoooow…another new girl! so hot and pretty!
🚺 who’s she? omg!..nice shape,nice nails too.Who knows whose daughter she is..
🚺 someone check out her can! its the latest one.Exactly the type Jhe Ann posted in the group chat.This new girl bought it first..
Even her car,it’s trending!
waooow,this is simply survival of the fittest.May the best player win.
🚺 leggit,so hot!.
🚺 Yes,a new rival,she’s looking richest.omg,why hasn’t Jhe Ann come hmmm.
she will be damn jealous of this new girl..
🚺 someone find out her name,let’s check her net worth.Am hoping she won’t be a non exciting figure, if not she might create problems for herself.

Finally,I entered the elevator.
That was when I stop hearing things.
I feel so free as I pressed the buttons.Am just hoping I would be allowed to come here tomorrow.

The next door opened, I stepped out and tripped, a girl quickly held me well.
“be careful next time” she said..
I raised my head.
“waoow hi” she waved.
“hmm I’m Daisy Dollars” she stretched forth her hands.
“Anike Newton,my pleasure.You’re pretty you know” she smiled genuinely.
Suddenly a verrrry sweet colongue filled our nostrils..
more students tropped in as if a carnival is about to be celebrated..
Another set of crowd moved in,
everywhere was crowded but a way was paved.
silence hovered.

🚺 ohh my gaaaad.
🚺 I better not miss them today.
🚺 ohh my opppa💋 Harry,I hope you came today..

I was confused.
what are they talking about and why are they so curious.
I traced their eyes,it landed on four sets of guys… I quickly took my name eyes away,I took it back to Daisy. She’s just like the crowds.
She keep staring at the guys dreamingly as the passed.
of course they were sooo handsome.
Three of the guys were putting on suite.One of them wasn’t wearing suite,his dress sense was the best best best..
Gosh,a gold chain was dipped into his top…
his strong masculine hand head an headset..
those hands,I remembered the mall.
isn’t it …’t be!
Of course he was masked.

Two guards were behind him,one was carting a box,the other was holding a shinning briefcase,a folder of file and car key.
They were getting nearer,he took off his mask.
Daisy almost melted,she would have fell if I didn’t hold her…
The guy took off his mask totally, the crowd went wild as phones went up.
Daisy shouted and hijacked my phone..she actually wanted to take a picture.

I exclaimed and hijacked my phone.
“I don’t need it,am not interested” I said with a straight face.
🚺 gosh,the sparks are as handsome ad flowers! she exaggerated.

“ain’t they cute..ohh my Harry many girls dreamed that you would be theirs too,I also dreamed of you but I know it will never happen because am a fan”, daisy said.
“Miss lover have you forgotten me?”,
I said.
“no,this way! she led the way and I followed her.
We entered another elevator again,
Diasy left my have immediately a girl approached us.
The girl wore a deadly smirk.

“show her you’re not dull or else you might end up being her puppet” daisy whispered.
“who exactly is she?”, I asks.
“speaking of the demon,she’s Mitchell. She’s based on making her fellow rich students maids,she changes maids every week.If you know you can’t speak for yourself,it’s better you run away”, Daisy advised.

most students looked frightened as she approached us.
No one spoke.
“Daisy Dollars is that a new catch.How much does she cost” Mitchell said with so much authority and professionalism..
everyone kept quiet.

“since y’all are dumb,am buying her. I learnt people with black hair are scientifically not smart”, she said indirectly too me cos my hair was pure black.
I still kept quiet. I don’t want to cause trouble,I might not get the chance to step out again.

“Join the league” she said while pointing to me.
“you mean me??”, I asked,pleasantly.
“are you having problems with sights?”, she asked while showing off her nails.
“yeah you will be my maid for 7days, it’s an achievement you know” she said..with so much pride.
I still stood still.
she’s really lucky today… ahhh.
I don’t want to cause trouble and I don’t want to run away!.
when am not stupid!!
why would I run away from my mate?

She catwalked to my side.
“this is your badge,it signifies you as my maid.You’re to wear it on your neck as a pledge which means you will be dutiful to me” she said and wanted to wear the stupid thing on my neck, I slapped her.
The sound of my slap alone made the students gasped.
Phones were already up,trouble again….
I ran away….
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