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Home Alone With My Adopted Step Sister Episode 4

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Episode 4

Immediately Amaya left I started bargaining . how much did she pay you I will triple the cash I said but they turn deaf ears

The blonde guy carry me on his shoulder while the other guy follow behind
They give me a blow job which was very good and I c#m trice. They make me fu.k their ass which I did .but everything change when they both fu.k mine the only thing I do is to bagged and cry.

They left and I drag myself to my room. I collapse in my bed and call James but it went straight to voicemail. I dropped the phone and slept off.

Amaya pov
I laugh as I watch the video of how Alex begged and cry. His friends are already getting their treatment.

Am not some kind of whore that he will roughly fu.k and leave in pain. I took the drugs I bought for the pain and slept off.
Two weeks later

Am now healed but today am very horny and in need of good s.x which only Alex can give me. I put on my transparent nightie and went to his room .

The door was slightly open and I entered not bother to knock. I saw him masturbating.I can see you are ok i said and he frown

Why are you doing that when you have me I asked and kiss him
He removed my nightie and inserted three fingers into my . ahhhhhh i moan as he move in and out. He removed his fingers and slowly inserted his d*”kson
I moan loudly and he smirked
I will go easy am scared of torture he whisper and I giggle
He thrust in and out slowly but later increase tempo. I was moaning loudly, my body became hot and I started shaking
Ohhhhhhh mahhhh godddd am about to cum I moan as I cum
Ahhhh he groan and c#m on top of my pu##y

Alex pov
I look at Amaya as she sleep peaceful.
I put a call across Johnny and he pick at first ring

Hey man am just about to call we are meeting tomorrow in the usual he said
Ok I reply and he hang up
Amaya send three p*rnstar to Johnny and two gays to James.

I look at her and smile what have you done to me with your beauty I asked no one. I touch her lips and kiss it lightly before cuddling her.

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