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Her Shadowed Past Episode 13

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“I’ll forgive you on a condition that you divorce Pamela once this election is over but till then we’re still cool but divorced.” Regina said to him,

Lionel cupped her cheeks,
“I’ll do as you say.
Immediately after the election,
I’m signing the divorce papers and officially clearing off the divorce between the both of us.” He said to her.

Regina smiled at him,
“For now,
You’re pardoned and your sins are…..”
The door opened and Jaclyn rushed into the room,

Dad!” She called excitedly as she ran yo hug them.

They let her joined the hug while Sam walked into the room with a down casted look.

“Were you eavesdropping?” Regina asked Jaclyn shyly,
She nodded,
“Couldn’t help not peeping and eavesdropping when I saw dad hugging you.” She confessed,

Both parents laughed as they held her and themselves closer to each other.

Oh at least,
My parents are back together.
She sighed within herself.

Before Lionel and Jaclyn left back to New York,
He told Cynthia/Regina about the money he’d been sending for them in the Offshore Mexican Account,
Jaclyn was surprised.

Even after they were recorded dead and long gone,
He didn’t still stop crediting money into this account,
That was the highest level of faith and hope she’d ever seen.

“You can get money from it to do whatever you want to do.
I guess the money there would be fair enough to served you needs for along time now.” He said to Cynthia/Regina,

She smiled then recalled something,
“In whose beneficiary name did you write off the account?” She asked him,

“In Cynthia’s and Ricky Baird.” He replied.
“We can’t get access to it.” She said,
“Yes dad,
Neither mom or I can get access to that account,

If we do,those bad guys out there can trace that account to us and we’ll get into trouble.” Jaclyn said to him,
Lionel frowned.

Immediately Sam came in,
Seeing their worried face,
He knew something was off,

“What’s happening?
Why the long faces?” He asked them,
Jaclyn stood up and went to him.

“Uncle Sam,
Dad has an Offshore Mexican Account in mine and mom’s name and he’s deposited a hell lot of money into that account,
Saying he has been depositing no dey there for a very long time.

Now the problem now is that neither me or non are still bearing that name and if we do,
Those bad guys would trace any transaction to us and we’ll get into trouble.” She complained to the man while Lionel and Regina still had their long faces.

“This is one difficult task.” Sam said to them as he scratched his head,
“But let’s do it this way,
Lionel can you change the beneficiary name to something more of an organization?” He asked turning to Lionel,

“I can but its going to take a few days of data verification.” He said to him,
Sam nodded,

I want you to call your manager and tell him or her or whoever that’s handling that account,
Tell him or her to change the Beneficiary Names to Save A Soul Organization ASAP.” Sam said to him,
Lionel thought for awhile,

“Save A Soul is the best possible name I came out with but you can use any other name then put me as the Beneficiary of Save A Soul.

Whenever Jaclyn or Regina needs money,
I can go get it for them,
This way they don’t get access to it and anyone investigating me will be falling to a death end.” Sam suggested,

His suggestion was good and was the only way out.
Lionel brought out his phone placed a call to his account manager.

“Mrs Glendale,
It’s Lionel Baird of Nathasons,Spellings and Baird calling.” He informed the woman,

Good evening Sir Baird,
How may I help you?” She asked him,
He cleared his throat and looked at Regina and Jaclyn then his last gaze fell on Sam.

“I want to run some few changes in my Offshore Mexican Account,
The one staged for my wife and daughter.” He informed the woman,

“Okay Sir Baird,
State your PS code.” She asked,
His PS code was his Personal Security code,

A code which only he knew about and shed asked for it to be sure he was the one calling and not one of those hijackers..
“ICKI0410.” He stated clearly to the woman,
Regina smiled,
ICKI was Jaclyn’s first word as a baby and fourth of October was the day she said her first word.

So Lionel had it to heart and even made it his PS code,
It was so heart melting cause not all men knew their child’s first word talk more of the date she’d said her first word but Lionel did and it was something to be accounted for.

“Okay got it,
What changes did you say you were going to make?” She asked him again,
Lionel cleared his throat.

He didn’t trust this Sam of a man at all,
The man had those dark squinted like mouse eyes and such eyes he’d seen in someone,

Someone who’d betrayed him years ago.

Also the person is now dead but with such act from someone he trusted,
He attributed the person’s betrayal to his eye color and since them he’d trouble trusting people especially the ones with black squinty eyes.

Regina knew what he was thinking,
She knows Lionel got trusting problem,
She walked up to him and whispered,

“Don’t worry,
You can trust Sam on this one.” She tapped his shoulder and walked away from him as fast quickly as she came.

He nodded,
“Change the account name to Save A Soul Organization and its beneficiary name should be Samuel Bates.” He told the woman,

“May I ask for the reason behind this change,
That’s if I’m not interfering in a personal matter?” The woman asked,

It’s not more a personal matter though.
Everyone knows the two beneficiaries were my wife and my daughter and they’re dead for quite a long time,

Instead of allowing the money stay there,
I should rather use it to help other who’re in need of it.” He lied.

Mrs Glendale was a bit surprised,
The Lionel Baird she’s heard of and have seen quite a few times wasn’t a lot a philanthropist but with him suddenly losing hope for his wife’s and daughter’s demise,

She felt the man was finally doing the right thing.
Setting up a Two Billion US Dollars Account to the less privilege was something she knew he wouldn’t do without a push but all so well,

He did it and she was really happy he did.
Lionel forwarded some few details about Marshal Sam Bates to the woman and in some few hours time she called him back,

Telling him the whole configuration process had been finalised and also sending him a verification mail for him to verify the configuration process.

Meanwhile Pamela was still parading about trying to get information on the ‘Jacky’ girl Lionel had showed his secretary,

“Didn’t he give you her surname or any identity files concerning her.” She asked Lindsay,
He only told me her name was Jacky and she’s an art broker,
Only that.

I was surprised at first cause I know the boss never take meeting with those artiste especially art brokers serious but he did on this one,
He showed her around the office and later the both of them went to his office where he ordered coffee be made for the both of them.” Lindsay said to Pam,

“There’s something fishy about this art broker girl,
Maybe she’s his new found lover and he’s trying to keep it secret from everyone.” Pamela said,

“He goes to restaurant order than the Italian Bourgeois Restaurant he always eats in,
The waitress said for some months now,
They haven’t seen him and was even asking me whether they’ve offended him without their knowledge,
I said I don’t know.” Lindsay related,

Pam was lost in thoughts,
If what Lindsay’s saying is the truth,
Then it means there’s something Lionel is hiding about this new young love of his and that something she’ll find out one way or the other.

She thought to herself as she took a sip of the dairy milk tea she was sipping.

To be continued

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