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The Bitter Truth Episode 3

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The Bitter
💫💫💫💫 Truth

Episode 3

By: Faith Lucky

Nicky’s Pov:
‘Nicky, are you done parking your things?’ Mum asked as I rolled luggage to the sitting room.

‘yes, I’m done’.I replied tiredly.

That morning had been very busy for us all as we had to arrange a lot of things.

Aunt Abigail was still running up and down, trying to make sure nothing important would be forgotten.

‘Oh, sorry.’ I twisted my fingers.
‘I forgot something’, I continued and headed for my room.

When I got into the room, I picked what I wanted, but found it difficult going out of the room.

I lunged aburnly to the window and stood beside it, starring outside. I watched dad load some of our stuffs into the boot of the car, being assisted by the gate man.

Everybody seemed happy about the idea of leaving, but nobody cared to know how i felt about it.

I wasn’t happy I had to leave, although, I couldn’t give a specific reason for it.

Maybe it was because I was going to miss my friends. Or, maybe it was because I would be away from aunt Abigail.

Or, maybe it was because I’d never have the opportunity of going on my revenge spree on Williams, my narcissist classmate.

Williams was an extenuating boy at school. He was very intelligent, good looking, astute, the best player in the school football team and he was considered the best boy in the school – especially by the ladies.

He was a every lady’s dream at Royal Stars college, but he was also the indelicate type.

I had just enrolled into school and just like every other lady in the school, I developed a soft spot for him.

I tried to be noticed by him by greeting him every morning I got to school, and also offering answers to lots of questions in class.

Her locker was right behind his and I would always stare at him with smiles all over my face.

Most of the time, I would say to myself, ‘why do people say he’s full of pride and ill manners? There’s nothing wrong with him’.

But my doubts were later cleared when he embarrassed me openly.

I had sighted him playing with his friends on the football field and I decided to go over and watch him.

But, on my arrival, he unintentionally kicked the ball at my face and the bottle of coke I held in my hand slipped away and broke on the floor.

‘Oops, you should learn how to work faster instead of walking like a Peacock’ he had jibed at me, instead of apologizing and it aroused some laughter by some students around.

Every shred of love that I had for him got wiped away when that happened. Then, I understood why people said he was violent and full of pride.

I had promised to return the humiliation in ten folds, but quite unfortunate for me, I would never have the opportunity of doing it.
Immediately, something caught my attention from outside.

I saw aunt Sharon – an elder sister to mum’s ex husband – walking into the compound with some policemen.

They stopped where dad and the gateman were standing and interacted for a short while and after that, they approached the house.

I was confused.
I snappily left the room for the sitting and there I found them, walking into the house.

‘Good morning, Miss Eve,’ one of the policemen greeted as he inserted his hand into his pocket, probably going for his ID.

‘What’s wrong?’ Mum asked, giving a digression to his greetings.

‘Please, we request you come with us to the police station. You’ve been convicted for the murder of your ex-husband, Mike Sigmund’.


The room became suspense-filled.

All eyes ran to mum who also looked around in confusion with her mouth open, not knowing what to say.

‘I… I didn’t kill anyone’ she stuttered.

‘The surveillance camera captured you as the last person leaving his house last night.’ One of the policemen said.

‘well, that doesn’t mean I…’

‘Please, ma’am, we strongly advise you remain silent or anything you say will be used against you in the court of law’.

And immediately, one of the policemen brought out a handcuff and handcuffed them on her hands, leading her out of the house.


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Brought to you by Faith Lucky.
Love you all💋💋💋

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