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A Night With The CEO Episode 22

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🌷[In Bed with my Boss]🌷
💛Episode Twenty-Two💛
Alexander’s POV💋

‘Jesus Double X you almost gave your mom and me a heart attack!!’..i said as Chloe picked Xander up from the floor…

‘We just watched his first crawl Alex,our baby just crawled’..she said and kissed Xander’s cheeks..

‘Yeah my Double X is a smart kid I’m only wondering how he got down from the bed,this means we’re gonna make some changes in his room’..i added and tugged at both mother and son…

I just hope that the package I ordered for is delivered tomorrow…

I really need to surprise Chloe…

Megan’s POV💋

‘You mean he ordered a Feoragamo dress of a million dollars?!!’.i screamed and my designer nodded…

‘He even ordered a 12-carat diamond ring ma’am’..she added..

A Diamond ring???..

A dress??..

Does it mean that??..

No it’s not possible..

‘Get Skyler on the phone,tell her there’s an emergency and she should get here asap!!!’..i screamed….

There’s no way i would allow that poor secretary attend the prestigious gala…..

No fucking way!!!!….

Chloe’s POV💋

The Next Morning🌄
At the Office🏢
I was busy going through some files when Maria came inside with a box in her hands…

‘Chloe this came for you’..she said as she dropped the box on my table…

‘Oh and what is this?’..i asked and she shrugged her shoulders…

I opened the box and the first thing i saw was a note..

……Your CEO…

I smiled and brought out the most beautiful red dress I’ve ever seen..

It had diamonds and everything…

This must cost a fortune!!!..

Ten Minutes Later💕
‘You know I can’t wear this and I can’t come to the gala Alex,it’s way out of my league’..i said and he frowned…

‘What do you mean by it’s out of your league,you’re the woman I love so why won’t you be there?!!’..he replied and i sighed…

Arguing with Alexander Montenegro is like breaking a coconut with a plastic spoon…

‘W..what about your step mom,she would kill me if i arrived there’…

He stood up and placed his hands on my shoulders and tugged at my cheek…

‘Baby,we both have a son and that means you’re basically a Montenegro’…he said and I forced a smile….

‘if i don’t see you at the gala tonight then i won’t talk to you ever again’…He warned…


‘No buts baby,I’ll send the driver to come pick you up tonight,I’ve arranged for Maria to babysit Xander’…he replied and i walked out from the office…

Well i have no choice but to wear the dress that looks sexy and it’s also like a mosquito net….

Two Minutes Later💕
I finished the work on my hands and waited outside for a taxi with the box in my hands…

Alexander left an hour earlier to take care of the gala preparation and he didn’t even bother kissing me good bye…

I guess he’s pretty mad at me…

‘Excuse me’..a guy in a black hoodie said as he passed me and then when I looked down the box wasn’t in my hands anymore…

‘Thief!!!’..i screamed in tears but before i could do anything else he was already gone….

My dress for the gala is gone?!!!!..

What do I do now?!!…

I grabbed my phone and called Anna with tears flowing from my eyes….

📱;Hey Anna..

📱;This isn’t Anna,this is William,I’m at my fashion house with Anna,we’re picking a dress….

📱;Oh OK..

📱;What’s wrong Chloe?..

📱;Will,my dress has been stolen…

Alexander’s POV💋

At the Montenegro Gala🎇🎇🎉🎊
The party had already started with many celebrities coming in with their best dresses on the red carpet….

Why is Chloe not here yet?!!!…

Twenty minutes gone and the dance had already started,i just sat at a corner waiting for her but she still didn’t show up…

‘Waiting for someone?’..i heard and when I turned Skyler was standing there in a beautiful red gown….

‘Leave me alone Skyler’..I muttered and drank a glass of champagne…

‘I knew she wouldn’t come Alex,a poor bitch will always be like that’..she said and i walked away…

I can’t believe Chloe would disappoint me like this..

‘Hey Bro’…William said as i grabbed the third glass of champagne…

‘When I get home I’m going to give Chloe a piece of my mind i can’t believe she ditched me’..I said and he smiled…

‘You might wanna turn around’. He whispered and when i did my head was almost blown away….

Chloe walked in wearing a white ball gown instead of the red one bought for her and….

‘Oh my God!!!!’..i exclaimed as the glass dropped from my hands…


Someone should hold Alexander before he falls down oo😂😂😂.

I can just imagine the look on Skyler and Megan’s face..

it would be so epic😂😂😂..

Chloe’s dress is so so pretty😩😍

15 comments guys😊😊…

Love ya💜…

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