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The Bitter Truth Episode 2

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The Bitter

Episode 2

Eve’s Pov:
I drove through the gate and stopped right in front of the house.

Abigail was the one who had to unlock the gate since we couldn’t find a gateman at the gate.

I waited for Abigail to come back into the car before making a move.

‘I don’t know what your reasons are for desiring to speak with Mike, but promise me you won’t take long?’ Abigail said as she adjusted properly on the car seat.

I got out of the car without giving her a reply.

I stood still for a while and took a look around the house.
It looked strange to me and I puzzled over it. Well, how won’t it look different when Mike couldn’t pay any attention to it anymore?

I starred for a short while and finally walked into the house.

Abigail’s Pov:
I starred through the window of the car. There was no sign of Eve yet. She was beginning to take too long.

‘I wander what’s going on right now’ she muffled to herself.

I couldn’t understand why Eve had wanted to see Mike. Was she going to bid everything under the rug and make peace with him or what?

There was no way Eve could ever forgive Mike for what he did. So, what were her intentions for going to visit him?

After a short while, she saw Eve walking out of the house, her right palm going over her eyes.

Obviously, she was crying.

She stood still for sometime and wiped her face. She dropped her blue coloured handbag on the floor and placed her hands at akimbo with her head bent over.

I couldn’t even apprehend what she was doing. It seemed all the acrimony was starring in once again.

Shortly, she picked up the bag and approached the car.
l could tell from the pronounced antsy on her face that she just had a bitter moment with Mike.

I helped open the driver’s seat for her and she got into the car.

‘How did it go? What happened?’ I asked immediately she settled on the car.

‘Don’t worry. I’m fine’ she replied with a faint smile.

She tried sounding convincing, but the tone of her voice had betrayed her.
I knew she was lying.

I watched as her hands shivered on the car keys.
I knew she was still going through excruciating moments.

I wonder what her discussion with Mike was. I really can’t wait for her to get out of the country tomorrow.
It was probably the best thing for her right now.

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