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My Whatsapp Visitor 18+ Episode 55

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Episode 55

She was just smiling like dried ice fish as my brother hailed her whole-heartedly, guys them sabi deceive girls oh! for her mind na.

Chisom: *smiling* good evening.

Victory: evening oh, our fine wife *I look am with one eye*

Shey na him wan marry bah? I prepared the rice with fish and beefs, dish I and Chisom in a breakable platw while my brother took his own with his plate.

After we finished eating, luckily PHCN changed their mind and brought light that night, come see shout like say Wizkid dey do concert. I no blame them, light scarce for that area like Nigeria resources.

We parked to the room to watch a seasonal movie, my no lie. I nodey watch the movie. I just dey imagine which style I go give her for the send off, sometimes sef Chisom have to nudge me to ask me something on the screen.

How person wan focus when this kind big yansh wey you suppose dey enjoy dey close to you, I sighed.. I started pinching my brother to go and sleep na, it was 10pm already, which kind devil’s work be this.

Me: baby, are you not tired?

Chisom: am not… I dey enjoy the movie, make this boy kiss the girl na.

Victory: I no know why em dey dull em sef.

I hissed and took my towel then went to the bathroom to bath, I was really upset. Which kind nonsense be this na, as the water poured on my body I started thinking of a way out.

I came inside the room and still saw them focused on the screen, I went out of the room and jejely waka go control switch off am. Matcheww! What a bombshell… I switched on my phone light and entered the room.

Chisom: am enjoying the movie, why them take the light na?

Victory: no mind them, useless people.

Me: very useless people, go sleep jare!

He got up and left, Chisom pulled the clothe after asking me to switch off my phone light, as she enter bathroom to baf.i rushed go verandah on the control, I came back to see my brother about to enter the room.

Me: guy, warn yourself oh! Were you wan go?

Victory: inside!

Me: inside where? Go sleep oh…

I warned him and locked the door, I saw Chisom lying on the bed pressing her phone. This babe na scam, I switched off the light and lied down.
I waited till she has stopped pressing and phone and lied on the bed, I made my first move by pushing my hard-on on her buttocks.

She no gree respond, I carry my hand cross to her bre*asts and squeezed slowly.

Chisom: wetin you dey do?

Me: babe, you are so sweet… I missed you.

Chisom: missed ke, you berra sleep oh! I no bw fu*ck machine.

See gobe!


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