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Home Alone With My Adopted Step Sister Episode 2

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Episode 2

But she is my sister I defend
She not your sister James said
She is adopted he added
Go fu.k her dude johnny said and we toast to it.

Fast forward>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I was masturbating and almost cumming when someone bang the door.
Oh shit I quickly wear my short and open the door.

Oh hi Mom i asked me to call you she said not looking at me
I drag her in and lock the door, I am almost cumming before you bang on my door I said and she look at me but quickly look away
I smirked and move close to her
Won’t you do something to help I said touching her thigh

She shivered and look at me, what do you want me to do she flirt and rapped her hand around my neck

Her hand move down to my d**kson and she rub it slowly. My d**kson react to her touch.

You are too cute to resist handsome she whispers and kiss my neck. I was so shocked i just let her continue,am already hard but am trying to resist.

Mom want you in the living room she whispers and leave

Shit I look at my hard d**kson , I need a bigger short I thought


So Mom you are leaving me and Amaya alone in the house I asked unable to believe my ears

Yes sweetheart I need to attend your grandma funeral and me and your dad will also be attending to some business in London she said and I feel like jumping in excitement.

We will be taking your mom’s private jet Dad said and I nodded
Look after your sister sweetheart Mom said and kiss my cheek
We help mom and dad pack somethings and they leave .

Home alone with Amaya will be crazy I thought

We went back to the living room and Amaya immediately switch on the TV . not so fast I said and snatched the remote control from her

You are finishing what you stated she smirked and kiss almost immediately
I will sure make you moan my name I whisper and ripped off her top

It’s short next episode will be longer

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