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Her Shadowed Past Episode 12

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After planning the whole trip,
It was concluded between Jaclyn, Lionel,Regina and Marshal Bates that Lionel with leave in a public flight under the name of Barry Whites and he’s going to leave a few days before Jaclyn will.

And secondly,
Sam was personally going to come get him from the airport to avoid him been seen by any other person.

Jaclyn was so keen to go,
But her problems was Jake.
What she was going to tell him?
If she tells him she was going on a trip with her parents,

He was going to try make her bring him along,
And she wasn’t ready to telling him about her family.

So she lied to him that she was going for her brother’s routine checkup and also an art exhibition,
All in Nebraska and her whole family was coming along.

“I would love to come but….”
“You don’t have to worry love,
I’ll be back before you you know it.” She said to him laying with his arms wrapped around her.

“Take care of yourself and always remember that I love you okay.” He said to her planting a kiss on her her hair.

“And I you too.” She said snuggling closer to him and he tightened his hug.

Later that day,
Since she was to leave the next day,
Tyler called her and insisted they go for dinner together,
She agreed to it and went out with him.

Tyler took her to a Sea Food restaurant that was right outside Poute de Verde,
It was a very classic restaurant and they served exquisite sea food.

Jaclyn ordered for some Lobsters while Tyler went on to try their new shrimp soup.

“So how’s work going?” She asked him,
He nodded,

“Works going real bad,
That old man has refused to retire and its getting me really pissed.” He complained,

She frowned,but still pretends she doesn’t know the old man he’s talking about.
“I don’t understand,
Which old man?” She asked him,

“My boss,Mr Lionel Baird.
He’s so selfish,
Lionel had been a selfish man for long and he’s the type of man that steps on people’s head to get to the top,
Very cunning and selfish.” He said,
Jaclyn just nodded.

“My dad,
My dad worked for him too.
He worked as Lionel account manager but when the man needed money most,

Lionel ditched him and my dad ended up commuting suicide because of the debt.

I was young then,just seventeen and watching my father’s corpse,
It was and would be the worst scenario ever.

My mom passed out a few years later and I was left alone with Jane,
All because of one man’s selfishness,
I lost both my parents.

Growing up,
I swore to myself that I was going to avenge my father,
I would work for Lionel and by all means succeed him.

That’s what my main goal is,
To succeed my father’s murderer when he retires.” He explained with mixed emotion,

Jaclyn just smiled,
“You’re sure going to get what you really deserve cause you’re going for a good cause.” She encouraged him,
Still eating her lobster.

After a few more discussions,
Tyler drove Jaclyn to her house,
Luckily everything that was incriminating was kept at bay,

So when she offered to make him coffee and he came up,there was nothing,
Just some few paintings she’d hung on her wall.

“This paintings looks familiar,
I’ve seen them somewhere else before.” He told her staring at the paintings that hung on the wall of her living room,

“I guess you would,
I drew them and it was among the one I sold in the exhibition a few weeks ago.” She said,

“And my director said Mr Lionel had bought them all.” She said to him,
Of which all were true.

Her father had bought almost all her paintings that day and even signed up a cheque of five million to her to start up her own gallery.

Jake had been surprised too when he heard it,
Because everyone knows Lionel Baird and being a philanthropist is one thing he isn’t much into.

“Wow you’re the artiste he rewarded five million dollars to?” Tyler asked,
She nodded.

“Wow lucky you,
So what did you do with the money?” He asked her,
She smiled shyly,
“I gave part of it to the NGO I run and the rest went to my account cause I opening my gallery soon.”she lied,

Actually the whole money had gone to her NGO.

“That’s such great improvement,
You’re really doing a nice job.” He commented,
She just smiled at him.

The next day,
Jaclyn was flying to Arizona,
She got there later that night and Uncle Sam came to get her from the airport.

It was a lovely sight for her when she got to her mom’s new apartment and saw her talking to her dad
Dad!” She squealed with joy as she ran to hug them both.

“You’re safe honey.” Regina said to her,
She nodded,
“Told you she’ll be fine.” Lionel told her,

“Mom,I’m fine and I was discrete enough about this trip.” She said,
“My parents thinks I’m in Ohio and my boyfriend think I’m in Nebraska with my family.” She said as they went inside,

“And what of the other guy?
The bank one.” Lionel asked while Regina gasped,

“You’ve two boyfriends?” She asked Jaclyn with a surprised expression,
Jaclyn and Lionel nodded,

“She has two boyfriends who’re madly in love with her.” Lionel said proudly,

“Dad,you don’t have to exaggerate that.” She pushed him when she noticed he was talking about her two boyfriends on purpose.

“You have two boyfriends and you didn’t tell me about it,
That’s not fair.” Regina said,

“Remember what I told you the day she was born,
I’m going to be the first to know about her boyfriends and her love life,
Clearly that’s it now.” He mocked her,
Regina did frown,

I told Tyler the same thing I told Jake and they bought it.” She said to both her parents,

“That’s seemingly nice.” Regina said to her.

Sam just stood from far and watched the trio as they discussed on lost time,
He felt sad and left out.

To him Lionel doesn’t deserve Regina’s second chance but to Regina,
They might be divorced but he’s still the father of her child and deserves a second chance.

With Lionel around,
Regina felt more at ease.
Both went out a couple of times for dinner while Jaclyn stayed back trying to help Ted with the assignment she’d given him.

Ted had little information on the case and they seemed unnecessary to Jaclyn at the moment.

“I heard you and Pamela are going through a divorce and you’re the one holding the case..” Sam asked Lionel,
Jaclyn and Regina were present.

She’s asking for a divorce.” Lionel said glancing at Regina,
“And you?” Sam asked,

“Its obvious you know who her new lover is and what they’re trying to do,
If I ever sign those paper,
She’s making out with a hell lot of money to help Senator Fernandez wins his election and I’m sure never going to let that happen.” Lionel replied plainly,

Regina frowned,
“You mean Sixto Julius Fernandez?” She asked him,
He nodded.

Everyone knows the big rivalry between these two men from the early start.

Both men had started off at Mauve Corporate where they’d both fought for one position Account Manager,

But in the long run,
Lionel won and Sixto became his assistant.

The other man wasn’t satisfied with being jus an assistant,
He left the company.

Both men met again at Nathasons and Spellings and both men fought for Mr Nathasons daughter’s love but unfortunately Lionel won again making Sixto leave the company.

Having tolerated Lionel being on top in every business venture they’re in together,
He went into politics.

A game he knew Lionel had no much experience in and was bent on closing down Nathason,Spellings and Baird once he becomes Senator and he’s using Pamela as his bait to get what he wants.

But unknown to the two lovers,
Lionel known of their plan and it’s hitch on his career,

So he’d sworn that he wasn’t going to sign the divorce papers until the election was over and Sixto wouldn’t like the idea of being seen with Pamela who’s still marriage cause it’ll be a wreck to his career.

“So what are you plans till the election’s over?” Sam asked him,
He smiled,

“Nothing for now,
I have my family with me,
I don’t think I’ve to do anything.” He said proudly,

Jaclyn smiled but Regina didn’t.
“Your family?
For now neither Jaclyn or myself are your family.” Regina aired,
Stating clearly their stance with each other.

Samuel smiled,
This was actually what he wanted.

“What do you mean?
Not minding this while security shit,
You and Jaclyn,
My Ricky are still my family.” Lionel stubbornly said,

“Jaclyn might be but remember Lionel,
We’re divorced.” Regina said to him in a serious tone.

He frowned,
Jaclyn did also but Sam,
It was a direct opposite,
He was happy.

“Mom.” Jaclyn called her mother,
“Jacky stop,
I’m not stopping you from being with your father,
But I can’t.
We got divorced and clearly he has moved on checking how many marriage he’s been to since then.” She explained to Jaclyn.

“Can you guys give us some few minutes alone?” Lionel asked Jaclyn and Sam,
They both nodded,

Jaclyn walked up to her father,
“Now is your only chance to win her back dad.” She whispered to him,
Lionel nodded.
Now is his only chance to get his woman back.

Sam went to Regina,
“Do what you feel is right dear,Don’t do anything like you’re been pressured,
Do what feels right to you.” He whispered to her and left,
Secretly praying she says no to Lionel.

After Jaclyn and Sam left,
They both didn’t say anything to each other.
While Regina waited for him to start up,
He sat down mute not knowing how to begin explaining things to her and apologising for being an asshole years ago.

“If you have nothing to say,
It’s best I go out and leave you alone to figure yourself out.” She said to him after they’ve sat there for a few minutes not saying any word to each other.

She stood up to leave but Lionel pulled her back,
“Don’t do this Cynthia.
Mind if I call you that?
Cause Cynthia was the woman I messed up with years ago.” He asked her,

She nodded,
We’re the only ones here,so it means nothing.
I’m so sorry about everything.
Being a jerk not to be able to fight for you and our daughter years ago.” He apologized,

“You’re really correct you know,
I’ve been in so many marriages for the past few years,
But none of those woman could merge up to you cause you were the only woman I could ever love and you were the only woman that ever loved me sincerely and I’m sorry I messed that up.” He continued,

“And what about our daughter?
Immediately you got married to that your model wife,
You totally forgot about Ricky and your duties towards her as her father…” Before she could finish her words,
He rushed to her and pulled her into a very warm hug,
She didn’t resist.

“I’m so sorry for and and I’m looking forward to make up for those lost moments,
Those moments I was so engrossed with work I failed to realize the most important thing in life which is family,

I want to rectify those mistakes I made in the past and you’re this only one whose permission I need to go ahead.

Just give me this second chance and I promise I won’t mess things up like I did then,
I promise you this.” He said to her still hugging her.

She couldn’t say no,
To her even after the divorce she still considers him her husband and also Ricky’s father and that was never going to change not now and not ever.

“Okay I accept.” She mouthed to him with a smile,
She missed being with him and calling him her husband and Ricky’s father.

“You do?” He asked her,
She nodded,
“I do but on one condition.” She said,
Lionel smiled,

“Tell me anything,
Anything and I’ll do it for you as long as you come back to me.” He said to her and she smiled,
“Are you sure you can do it?” She asked him,
He nodded.

“I’ll forgive you on a condition that you……”
“Will what?” He asked her with a warm smile on his face….

To be continued.

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