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Celebrity Crush Episode 12

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[Nothing is impossible]

✍️Prin cess✍️

🔞Episode twelve🔞

🌹Jace norman🌹

I can’t believe thus, is this how cheap she is?

“are you crazy?”,I yelled, and raised my hands to slap her, but I stopped myself.

“am so…..

“just get out”,I yelled.

“jace am…

“i said get out”,I yelled louder, and she ran out.

Just then, lisa came in, along with Sean and riele.

“what happened? We heard your voice, so we came to check on you”,Sean said.

“Where is julia?”,lisa asked.

“i don’t even want to hear that name!”,I said angrily.

“what happened?”,riele asked, sitting close to him.

“i never your friend was so cheap”,I said to lisa and she stared at me confused and shocked.


“what do you mean by that?”,I asked, already getting annoyed by his statement.

“she kissed me, can you believe this?”,he said, and my jaws dropped.

I ran out, while riele called out to me, but I didn’t reply.

I ran home to Julia’s room, she was frowning.

“what is this I heard?”,I said, folding my arms.

”what? How does it concern you huh?”,she half yelled.

“am only asking cause you are my best friend”,I replied.

“best friend huh? Best friend my foot. The type of best friend that snatches my crush”,she half yelled.

“what? I didn’t snatch any crush. What are you even saying?”,I asked, confused by her choice of words.

“just stop this pretence. First the matching outfits, then he hugged you, then sat close to you. Now I get it, you never wanted to tell me that he was here do you can have him all to yourself”,she said.

“i am surprised and at the same time disappointed in you. You are in the wrong, and now your pouting accusations at me? That’s the last ting I expected from you”,I replied.

“shut up! Just shut that mouth of us. You know, I’ll get back at you, I’ll snatch your km bum away from you. I hate you. Get out of my room”,she yelled and I left angrily

She is wrong, but she is blaming me?

She’ll snatch Kim bum from me?

Kim bum was never mine.


T b c

✍️Prin cess✍️

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