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Celebrity Crush Episode 11

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[Nothing is impossible]

✍️Prin cess✍️

🔞Episode eleven🔞

🌹Jace norman🌹

After they left, I expected riele and Sean to get going, but they sat down.

“why did Julie overreact like that?”,Sean asked.

“i think she likes you jace”,riele said.

Well,I don’t like her, I like her friend lisa.

I just got attracted to her, even though we haven’t been getting along.

“well, even though Julie is cute, lisa is 10x better”,Sean said, and I nodded.

“if we were to rate cuteness, total outta 100%, how many percentage will Julia get, and what will lisa get?”,riele asked.

“ok, lemme start. I say Julia will get 75% and lisa will get 99%”,Sean said.

“my turn. Julia gets 70% and lisa gets 98%”,riele said.

“i say julia gets 45% and lisa gets 100%”,I replied smiling.

“whoah, harsh man”,riele said, and i laughed.

“am being honest here”,I replied, and they laughed.

“i don’t know you for falling for a girl”,riele said.

“yeah, typical playboy”,Sean chipped in.

“come on guys the only constant thing in life is change”,I replied and they argued.

We talked about random stuffs, and they later went to their various rooms.

But seriously, I have fallen for lisa.


💋The nest morning💋

“wake up lisa, wake up”, a familiar voice kept yelling.

I opened my eyes slowly, and it was Julia.

“whats the matter?”,I asked, as I checked the time.

“come on, let’s go see jace”,she said.

“geez Julia, its quarter to six”,I replied sleepily.

“please”,she begged, and is sluggishly stood up.

I looked at her, and she was already dressed.

Wow! She must be so excited.

I freshened up, pick a black Jean trouser, and white top which was boldly written
I ❤️ YOU

I wore a black sneakers, and collected my phone, bag and watch.

I packs my hair in pony tail, and followed her downstairs.

We ate, and left .

We hot to his ro, and knocked.

“oh hi lisa”,he said and hugged me.

“hi, Julia”,he said.
I could see the look on Julia’s face that’s she was not happy when jace hugged me.

It was when we got in that we realised we were wearing matching outfits.

“we look like cute couples”,jace said, and I let out a fake smile.

Julia was boiling.

“ok, seat, I ordered some food, it will soon be here”,jace said, and rubbed his hands.

He sat down close to me, but I moved to the other side stylishly.

“so ……..what bring you guys here?”,I asked.

Lemme excuse myself.

“uhmn, I’ll be back shortly, I just wanna see riele”,I said, and left.


I already started feeling nervous when lisa left.

“ok, so tell me about yourself”,he asked.

“oh, as you know, am julia. I live at south america with my step dad, but he tried to take advantage of me, so I started staying with lisa and her grandma”,I said.

“oh, that’s touching for such a pretty gal like you”,he replied.

I came closer to him, and crashed my lips on his.

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✍️Prin Cess✍️

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