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Baddest Girl (Innocent Strippers) Episode 29

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(Innocent stripper)


(Surprise visit)

💅Episode 29💅

💎Danny POV💎

I was sitting on my chair inside my office working when my mind wander off to Kierra.

She look absolutely better now and extremely beautiful.

The way she spoke and looked at me I can’t help but think that the feeling is still there.

What she feels for me I can see it through her eyes,when she looked at me she keep flapping her eyes like a cute bunny which make her so gorgeous.

Ain’t tryna stalk but she is a better person now.

My desk telephone ranged and I picked it up.

“Hello Sir,the secretary of Mr Black of NSB is here” my secretary said.

“Let her in” I replied and dropped the telephone.

I don’t remember asking Mr Black to drop anything for me so why is she here?

The door opened and she came in.

Her hair done in a ponytail,her pink suit adding to her gorgeousness.

“Good day Mr Marvin” she greeted and I can’t help but laugh.

“Come on Kierra we are the only ones here you can’t stop talking formally now” I said and she smiled.

“Okay I was asked to deliver this file to you by my boss” she said and dropped the file on the table pushing it to my front.

“Well thanks,how about you take a seat? I offered

“Oh I can’t am sorry,my boss will be so mad if I get there late” I explained.

“Okay then take care” I said and started flipping through the file.

I looked up when the door closed and sigh.

I continued with my work after which I visited Zach.

“Hey Danny” Sierra greeted

“Hi Sierra,is my big brother in? I asked.

“Yes,I’ll just inform him that you’re here” she said and pick up the telephone.

Why she was pressing the number I was busy checking her out.

The only different between her and Kierra right now is there hair.

Sierra’s hair was coiled while Kierra’s was straightened.

“You can go in now” she said with a smile.


I pushed the door opened and went in.

“Hi Brother” I greeted.

“How are you? He asked

“Good! So how is business ? I asked

“Never been better” he replied and stood up from his chair.
He walk over to his shelf and brought out a file he tossed it towards me and I picked it up.

After going through it I dropped the file on the table.

“So I signed the contract with NSB yesterday” I said and he arched his eyebrow.

“So you met Kierra? He asked and I nodded.

“You knew she was working there why didn’t you tell me? I asked

“You never asked of her so I don’t see the new of telling you about what she does” he stated calmly.

“How has it been between you and Sierra? I asked

“Absolutely fabulous,she is understanding,act womanlike and extremely hardworking,i didn’t made a mistake brother” he said proudly.

“Am jealous” I said and laugh.

“To be serious Danny you have to let go,you have tried enough it’s time for you to be happy and Ariana will be too” he preached yet again.

“Can we just stop talking? Don’t bring Ariana into this well am trying to let go by trying to find a new woman but I can’t promise anything yet” I explained

“Really! That’s great news” he said happily.

“Yea whatever,I got to go now am tired” I said and stood up.

I gave him a shoulder hug and left the office.

“Bye future sister in law” I teased Sierra

“Don’t be sarcastic lol,bye Sugar” she said

Pretty with brain.

I left the building and drove home.

I get inside and remove my jacket,I tossed it on the couch and went inside the kitchen to make a cup of coffee.

Bachelor life is quite stressing.

After making a cup of coffee I sat down on a couch sipping the coffee.

After drinking the coffee I returned the mug inside the kitchen and rinse it before going upstairs to my room.

I took a cool shower and decided to work a little before sleeping.

I brought out a pile of files and started working on it.

After thirty minutes I was getting sleepy so I decided to lay down when the door Bel rang.

Who could it be?

I didn’t order anything.

I went downstairs and look through the keyhole.

I couldn’t see the person but her cloth.

I opened the door and was surprised.


“Kierra? Why are you here? I asked

“Hey let me in first” she said and I make way for her.

“So as a bachelor I supposed you didn’t cook dinner right? She asked.

“Well yes but that doesn’t mean that I can’t cook,just tired” I replied and sat down beside her.

“How about you cook while i watch? I came here to eat unfortunately you didn’t cook” she whined.

Damn am tired but a part of me want to cook for her.

“Very well then,what do you want me to cook? I asked and her face lit up

“Make Vege pasta and salad,be fast about it ” she command.

“Yes Miss” I said and laugh.


Is there any chemistry here?


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