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My Whatsapp Visitor 18+ Episode 54

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Episode 54

She carry me go heaven gate with her pu-ssy, carry me come back to Earth.
When her own orgasm start to come na so the girl start to jump upadan for my di-ck without care.
our skins smashing sounds changed from “kpaaa kpaaa!” to “kpoor! kpoor”

Chisom: ossshhh! Oh! my gawd! *she scream*

Me: assshh! am cummmmmiinnngg *I scream without recognizing my voice*

She started shaking and dancing on top of me, her legs clamped together and her body vibrated. She screamed like a possess witch and thrashed herself on me, her pu*ssy walls clenched my prick tightly, them choke my innocent amu and he started vomiting akamu Jehovah.

Me: aahh! ahhh! *I moa*n loudly as I start releasing my cu*m inside the rubber*

Chisom: ossshhh! Assshhh! *she su-cked on her teeth after orgasm*

She slumped on the bed beside me, and I quickly check if my balls is still intact. The way the gal dey use her ukwu dey jam them make me fear for their safety, she laid beside me and gave me a deep we*t kiss, while my right hand rush go her right left bum and squeeze.

Kissing and squeezing of yansh na follow come for my life.

Chisom: I love you *na the fu-ck you love joor!*

Me: I love you more.

Chisom: I wan baf, am so messed up.

No be only she dey messed up oh, the bedsheets was messed down, while me was messed sideways.
I gave her one of my towel that I washed cleanly before travelling and took mine.

And we both hit the bathroom, we switched on the shower and the cold water splashed on our body replenishing my energy. I never fu-ck for under shower before, the thought made my prick to start to rise small small.

Chisom gave me a kiss and I kissed her back, I pressed my ere-cted prick to her laps and she pulled out of the kiss instanta.

Chisom: no tell me say, you wan fu-ck me again *see question oh*

Me: your thing too sweet, only small… I will not waste time.

Chisom: am tired, calm that thing down abeg, you wan kill me with se-x?

The girl start to pala, nobody tell me to co-ordinate, I pleaded with her to calm down. I no wan spoil the night own, because that night own go mark the last se-x with her.

I begged her to calm down and she did oh, the girl even threatened to go sef say I no love her. say na her puna I love, I turn Romeo dey sing love song with my frog voice. I wonder where I inherit that voice from sef.

We came out of the bathroom wiping the water on our bodies, I quickly removed the old bedsheet that is we*t already and spread another one.

I rush go kitchen go prepare rice and stew, I leave am for the room to rest. I came back to check up on her when I heard her talking with low voice, she was on call… I hanged for door press my ear to the door and eavesdrop on her conversation.

Chisom…. am in my aunty place na…. ehnn ….. I will come…. I promise…. Okay …. Maybe tomorrow….. don’t call again oh….. my aunty hates me answering calls….. she went out …. I love you too.

Fear catch me, so I be her aunty wey get di*ck? wonder shall never end oh. and the babe get another match to play tomorrow, when she say make I stop.

I nodded and went back to the kitchen and started planning on the kind styles I go give her, my twin brother entered the kitchen smiling.

Victory: how far the babe?

Me: she still dey, na tomorrow she go go.

Victory: you don yansh am?

Me: no, she be virgin.

Victory: *laughing* virgin with that kind yansh and bre*asts?

I was about pouring the rice after washing inside the pot on top of the gas cooker, when Chisom entered the kitchen with my clothe on, she was beaming.

Victory: our wife! *hailing her*

God forbid!!


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