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Her Shadowed Past Episode 11

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After spending the whole weekend at Jake’s family home in Hudson,
Jaclyn and Jake came home late Sunday night,
It was so late shed to spend the night at Jake’s.

Since she’d missed going out with her father for Saturday night dinner,
She decided to go see him on Monday night after work.

“Hey dad,
Good evening.” She greeted him as the man showed up,
He smiled,came forward and hugged her,
“I miss you so much.” He said pecking her both cheeks.

“How was your trip?
Hope everything went well?” He asked her as they settled down,
“Thing went well as expected,
Jake’s family were very nice people.
For once I wished ours was like that,
With me,you and mom,
All of us living together.” She said with a somewhat gloomy expression.

“Its going to be so,
That’s why I want to ask you a favor.” He said to her,
Jaclyn put on a more serious expression,

“What’s it dad?” She asked him,
“I want to meet your mom and let’s talk,
I was being a jerk when I signed those divorce papers so many years ago and I regret every single moment of that.” He said,

“I’ve met so many women and have remarried countless time but none of those women could merge up to your mom,
She was my life partner but I messed up big time and couldn’t keep her.
I want to meet her and talk to her,
So we could get past all this.” He explained to her,

Jaclyn felt for him,
Seeing hers and my mom’s photo in his office when she went there the first time,
She realised that her father.

The almighty Lionel Baird hadn’t gotten over his marriage with her mom even though they’re divorced.

“I’ll talk to Uncle Sam about it and we’re going to lay out the perfect plan,
So you don’t get traced to mom and me,
Cause I’ll be coming too.” Jaclyn said,

Lionel got up from his seat and hugged her,
“Thanks a lot sweetie,
Thanks you so much.” He said holding his beloved daughter close to himself.

We’re all in this together.” She said to him,
“Now let’s eat our dinner unless you want to turn it to tears arena.” She said,
Lionel let go of her and went to his seat,

“Thanks a lot honey.” He said,
They placed their order and waited for the waiter to bring their dinner whilst they sunk in other discussion.

Later that night,
Jaclyn called Sam Bates,
You called so late,any problem?” He asked her,

My dad was asking for a favor and I felt I should tell you before I reply him,”
“What’s it dear?” Sam asked,

“He said he wants to see mom,
I told him though that he was going to be discrete about it and he’s already agreed.” She said to him,

Sam thought for awhile,
“I don’t feel right about this,
If anyone’s to trace his movement,
Its going to be very drastic for us.” Sam said.

He doesn’t like the fact that Lionel is coming to see Regina to rekindle their love and also for security purpose.

He looked at Regina who was in the living room listening to night news,
He shook his head,
“Well,I’ll have to talk to your mom about it and let’s see what she’ll say about this.” He said to Jaclyn and hung up.

He doesn’t feel good about this whole plan and he’s going to try by all means to make sure Regina doesn’t accept the offer of Lionel coming to see her.

He walked to where Regina was sitting,
“Are you okay?” He asked her when he noticed that her attention wasn’t on the news,

Rather it was somewhere out of the room,
Out of Camino Verde,
Out of Valencia West and totally outside Arizona.

Regina startled,
“Are you fine?” He repeated,
She nodded,

“I’m great…”
“But you don’t look great to me,
You look worried.
Talk to me,
What’s the problem?” He asked her,
Regina stood up and went to her room,

Sam went in tow,
“Regina talk to me please,
Tell me anything but don’t be silent on me please.” He said as he followed her.

Regina sat on her bed and pulled out a box from under her bed,
For the past years shed been moving from one state to another changing her name and her identity and letting go of everything from the past,
She hadn’t let go of this box.

This box,
The box that contained her wedding ring,
Her wedding ring Lionel had given to her.

After their divorce,
She had Lionel had agreed on coparenting their two year old daughter while the she Cynthia gets full custody of Ricky.

Not long after,Lionel remarried but this time around,
He married a model Kristen Hermosa.

Even with his new marriage,
Lionel never failed to spend time with his daughter Ricky,
Weekend at his State house or his mom’s,
Holidays trips not excluding other trips they do go out to.

It was joyous for Cynthia,watching Lionel relate well with their daughter,
Ricky grew very fond of her father.

But with time,things changed,
Work and work,
Lionel couldn’t make out time again,

Golf’s club and meeting took up most of his time,he hardly had time for his daughter.

With all this,
Cynthia still stood still and made up for time when Lionel wasn’t with Ricky,

Taking her to her parent’s house outside Miami became a fun thing for both mother and daughter.

Going for vacation in California and getting themselves watched up by the Californian sun and taking Ricky to Italy twice for vacation became both mother and daughters hobby till Cynthia blew all odds when she discovered about the unusual money influx into the Bank.

At first, she felt it was normal and that bills have risen but it become to obvious to be abnormal and that was when she got curious.

After running some few investigation with her older brother Ken,
A DEA officer,
They found out that the bank do receive money from these drug lords.

Ray and his men do deals with the banks by transacting with them and getting fake and untraceable receipt where their transaction can’t be traced.

The worst was that the fake transactions were done mostly in her ex husband’s bank.

When she called Lionel and told him of the misdeed,
He tagged it she was jealous of the money influx in his bank and is just trying to paint him black to the public.

But not until when one of his most trusted worker got caught in the act,
By then Cynthia had already tabled the evidence to the court and the real culprit was found dead in his apartment a few days later.

Being a national witness,
She required national security,
So the US Marshals got them into program.

In this program,
They had to forfeit everything that link them to their old identity,
Name,residential area,bank account,ID and all other identification.

Cynthia agreed to it but during the long run,
She sent Ricky to her best friend and had Katy promise her no one was going to find out about Ricky’s true identity.

Then she went on with the program,
Changing name and location for the past twenty years.

“You miss him right?” Sam asked her as she continued to stare at the ring,
Sam sat beside her,

“You miss him right?” He asked again with raw pain in his voice,
She nodded.

“Yes I do,
I miss him a lot putting the fact that he has been living with my death for a long time.
I miss him so much.” She said,
Sam just shook his head.

There are some things in this life that can never be changed.
“Jaclyn called,
She said Lionel wants to come over..”
She looked at him sharply,

“What?” She asked stupefied,
“Yes,he said he’s coming and she wanted to ask me,
Now I’m asking you,
Do you want him to come?” Sam asked her,

Hastily to Sam’s disappointment,
She nodded,
I want him to come if he’s going to be discrete enough about it.” She said.

Sam stood up from the bed and went to the caller room to call Jaclyn,
“She accepted,
Ask him to send the time and date he’s coming so we can prepare everything for his arrival.
And also let him know this,
He needs to handle his flight himself,
No one must know where he’s going to.” He told her and hung up.

With joy,she called her father immediately,
Uncle Sam said you can come but you’ll have to handle your flight yourself and not let anyone know where you’re going to and most importantly,
It should be discrete.” She announced to her father,
“Thank you honey.

You’re the best daughter ever.” Lionel said to the phone as he kissed it twice,
“Welcome daddy,
Now good night.” She hung up immediately,

With a joy filled heart,
She ran her cold water shower.
Even if it was going to be just a few days,
Its very important to her cause she was going to be having both her parents together.

To be continued.

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