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Celebrity Crush Episode 9

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[Nothing is impossible]

✍️Prin cess✍️

🔞Episode nine🔞

🌹Kim Bum🌹

I got tired, so I decided to go back to my hotel room.

Gosh! Fans must be waiting, am really exhausted .

There is no need for the mask anymore.

I removed the mask, and walked into the hotel premises, and someone bumped into me.

I looked, and its that gal again.

“oh my gosh, like, wow, am your biggest fan, am sorry for bumping into you”,she said excitedly.

“well for your information, I don’t like clumsy fans”,I replied rudely and walked out.

I went into my room, freshened up and lay on my bed, doing nothing in particular.

That gal, she must be feeling bad, but I don’t care!!!


“I can’t believe he spoke to me that way, just because I bumped into him the second time”,I grumbled audibly, as I entered my room, while Julia followed behind

“well, that’s not how to treat a fan”,Julia replied.

“yeah”,I chipped in, pulling off my sandals.

I sat down on the bed, and Julia did too.

“well, at least, you are lucky that you have seen your crush, but I haven’t seen jace, I just pray he comes here, or I see him soon”,she said, with a moody face.

Now, she is making me feel guilty.

“you suddenly turned silent”,she said, bringing me out of your thoughts.

“bestie”,I called out, and she stared at me.

“you only call me that when you feel guilty over something”,she said.

She knows me well,but I can’t break the promise I made.

A promise is a promise.

“no, am not feeling guilty over anything, I just felt like calling you that, cause you are my bestie”,I replied, and she smiled.

“awwwn, ok then, good night”,she said, and left.

My phone rang.

It was riele, I picked it.

“come to jace’s hotel room now,make sure no one is with you,we are all waiting”,riele said, and cut the call.

I changed into something suitable.

I sneaked out, and knocked gently on the door.

Riele opened the door.

“did anyone follow you?”,she asked, looking around.

“no”,I replied, and she dragged me inside.

“xup bae”,jace greeted.

“xup”,I replied dryly.

I am not in the mood to argue right now.

“wow, you replied him, what happened, why the sudden change?”,riele asked.

“nothing..I don’t wanna talk about it”,I replied dryly.

“i won’t hear that. You will tell me later, but for now, your friend, was she suspicious?”,riele asked.

“oh, I took care of that”,I replied and they smiled.

“you look sad lisa”,jace said, holding my hands.

“oh nothing”,I replied, and jace smiled broadly.

“why,are you smiling?”,I asked.

“oh, am surprised, you are calmly talking to me without hitting me or talking harshly”,he replied, and Iet out a fake smile.

“i gotta get going now”,I replied, ans rood up to leave.

“good night”,riele said and hugged me, same did Sean.

“will you let me?”,jace asked, and I opened my arm wide.

He hugged me tight.

I opened the door, only to receive the shock of my life.

T b c

✍️Prin cess✍️

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