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Baddest Girl (Innocent Strippers) Episode 28

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(Innocent stripper)


(I missed you)

Episode 28

Kierra’s POV

It has been two weeks after Zach told me all about Ariana.

I bought a house and move in.

Found a job in a security company.
Life was getting smooth for me and I was enjoying it.

I am the CEO secretary.
I woke up very early every day just to be in the company before my boss who usually comes early.

I wore a peach crop top and a black skirt.

After dressing up to taste I enter my newly acquired Roll Royce and zoom off.

On reaching the company I already towards the elevator and went in.
I pressed the sixth floor and waited patiently as it starts lifting.

I got to the floor and rushed towards my spot in front of my boss’s office.

The bell in his office rang and I rushed to make his coffee after which I went in.

“Good morning Mr Black” I greeted politely.

“What time is it Ms Brown? He asked and I checked my watch.

“7:50 am Sir” I replied knowing well enough where all this will end.

“You are fifteen minutes late any excuse for that? He asked his dilated hazel eyes pairing into mine.

“Am sorry Sir” I apologized

He collected my coffee and hand over a file to me.

“Go through that file real quick,I have a meeting in DM corporation and you will be going with me” he said and my eyeballs nearly pop out.

“Wha….what! I yelled

“Sorry Sir” I quickly apologize before leaving the office.

Can I handle seeing Danny after this couple of weeks?

I went back to my desk and started going through the file my mind constantly drifting back to Danny.

After going through the file I dropped it on my desk and started typing his schedules for the day.

I stood up immediately Mr Black came out from his office.

“Let’s go Ms Brown” he said and walk inside the elevator.

I quickly pick up my iPod and a writing book including my pen and a recorder.

I joined him inside the elevator my heart racing at the thought of seeing Danny again.

Will he be pleased to see me again?
Or will he disgrace me in front of my boss?

The elevator stopped at the down floor and we got out.

We walk towards Mr Black car and there we were on our way to DM corporation.

We got to the company and went inside,we entered the elevator and my heart started pounding really hard.

“You can do this Kierra” I consoled myself mentally.

The elevator stopped and we walk towards his office.
His secretary alert him of our arrival.

“You can go in now Sir” she said and we went in.

There Danny was sitting on his chair,his eyes glued on the computer.

“Hello Mr Marvin” my boss greeted and he raised up his head to see the man.

I was standing at Mr Black’s back so he didn’t see me.

“Nice to see you here Mr Black,please sit” he said and we sat down.

He saw me immediately I took my seat and he looked so confused.

Throughout the meeting he keep glancing at me,I wasn’t myself.

Maybe he didn’t say anything because he want to be professional or maybe he doesn’t care.

The meeting came to an end and we stood up to leave.

We left the office and I heaved a sigh of relieve.

After the days work I noticed a new car parked few meters away but I didn’t give it much thought.

I entered my car and drove off.
I drove inside my house and off the engine before coming down.

I pick my handbag and locked the car.

I love this neighborhood because it’s quiet and most of the people living here are working class people.

I walk to my door and open my bag to bring out my key.

“Kierra” A voice called from my back.

That voice that have been dying to hear all this while.
I turned my back and there he was in all his glory.

Navy blue tuxedo and a black shirt.
His hair slightly messy touching his face.

His jaw was smooth.

“Da….Danny” I whispered.

“How have you been? He asked coming closer to me.

“Am good,as you can see am doing so fine” I replied after I found my lost voice.

“You are…..” He trailed off and started checking me out.

“Beautiful” he completed.

That single word alone makes my heart race.

“You look handsome too” I said and he flash me that smile that always got my kneels numb.

“So you now work in NSB? He asked arching his eyebrow.

“Yea,someone made me realize that I can do better” I said and shrugged .

I unlocked my door and invited him in.

I remove my jacket and keep it on the couch then went inside the bar and brought out a bottle of whiskey.

I pour in his shot and pour for myself.

“Thanks” he said and i smiled

“Don’t you miss me? He asked.

Somehow I feel like he was being serious but my other thought was saying that he was just making jest of me.

“Well I….” I gulp down trying to calculate my words properly.

“If you don’t then I did,I missed you” he said which surprised me.

He missed me? But why?

“Why? I managed to ask.

“You are funny,crazy ,sexy and sometimes act Nobel so I do miss my crazy partner” he said which pierced my heart.

I was having a different thought.

He stood up from the couch after checking his watch and flashed me a seductive smile.

“Gon’ be on my way now,it’s getting late” he said .

“Okay I will walk you to the door” I offered.

We get to the door and he turned to look at me.

Have a sweet night Kierra” he said and walk closer to me then kissed my forehead.

I felt a chill ran through my bones.

I was melting and didn’t even know when he left.

“Why are you affecting me this way Danny?

“I want to be with you so badly,am doing everything in my ability to be a better independent woman like my sister just for you Danny” I muttered under my breath.


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