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After The Dream Episode 11

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💭 After The Dream 💭

🎌(No way out) 🎌

Episode 11

By: Faith Lucky

Rhianna’s pov
I found myself on a big bed all covered up and cozy.
What happened??

I feel really dizzy and uncomfortable. I sat on my palms breathing slowly.

Memories of the past event came flooding in like a movie. That guy, he drugged me.

Where am I?
Where did he bring me to?

I got up on my feet and looked around the room.

It seem really familiar.
I walked to the window and turned leaning on it as I looked at the room.
Wait a minute… This is Armstrong’s room!

But how did I get here?
Did that man bring me here, but why would he?

I took my eyes to the framed photo of me. I looked at it for a while. Why is it still there, I thought Armstrong has no interest in me again. Why is he still keeping my photo and much more, beside his bed.

He still thinks off me?
Is it possible he still loves me?

Did Tristan make him say those hurting words he said?

Am totally confused.

The door opened ajar waking me from my thoughts. Armstrong walked in. He wore a big unbuttoned shirt and shorts. His dimple was visible and he’s curly hair looked geled.

His face brightened on seeing me. I gasped too. there was a really long stare between us.

“Hi.. “He said pushing his hair backwards.

I was quiet at first just looking at him.

What do I say to him?
Where do I start from?

“Armstrong. What’s happening? “I started as my eyes became teary.
“What happened?! ”

“I know you got alot of questions Rhianna but you have to eat first before anything else. “He said with worked up voice.

“F*ck the food Armstrong! Start talking! “I half yelled.

“Where Rhianna? Where do I Start from? “He asked.

“Start from our wedding… Where were you? Why didn’t you show up? Why didn’t you tell me about Tristan? What the f*ck was that?!! “I burst out in tears.

I reached for his shirt and held him by the collar.

“Why aren’t you talking?! Is ‘let’s make love ‘ the only thing you know?!! “I yelled at him.

I was suprised with my actions but am just confused and furious.

He held my hands trying to bring them down but I wouldn’t let go.

“Calm down Rhianna. “He said calmly.

I looked into his face.
He looked innocent and calm.

Why isn’t he bothered with my actions??

I loosened my grip on his shirt and my hands fell.

He smiled lightly and pulled me into a hug holding me tightly.

“I’m sorry Rhianna. I truly am. “He confessed breathing into my hair.

“I love you Rhianna. “He said.

I kept mute as I felt his warmth and comfort.

“Let’s sit down first and after eating… We’ll talk. “He said leading me back to the bed.

🎌………………… 🎌

“… Tristan wanted you in return for my debt. “Armstrong said rubbing my hair.

I sniffed.

“Am the victim Armstrong. Am the one suffering with all this new discoveries I get on a daily. “I said.

“Am sorry you had to go through this Rhianna. I was helpless. “He said.

“Why did you say what you said on the phone? “I asked him.

He shook his head a bit.

“I wanted to get me out of your head. I wanted you to lose hope like I had. So maybe, you could be happy with Tristan. “He said.

Nonsense… Did he know he made me cry for days?

“But now Rhianna, am full of hope.

” We can start over Rhianna. Just you and me… Faraway. “He said looking deep into my eyes.

“Don’t dream far Armstrong. Your hopes are pointless. “I said.

“Are you gonna choose Tristan over me?? “He asked.

“No Armstrong. Am choosing none of you. ”


Brought to you by Faith Lucky

Love you all 💋💋💋

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