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The Bodyguard Episode 30

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πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘THE BODYGUARDπŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šBy: Alok MocoπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š

πŸ’–πŸ’– πŸ’–πŸ’–#Episode_30πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ{Shadow Of Death}πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ

Lean bow and Rosita walked into the garage as all the guards wondered where they were up to at this time of the day.
He opened the door for her and he entered.

He Entered through the other side and closed the door.

“Can you promise me something?”. He Asked.
“Am all ears agent”. Rosita said.

“Can you promise you ain’t gonna visit the Ken’s party after today?”. Lean Bow Asked.

“I don’t like that place Lee but I love going there just to clear my head with Vertigo”. She said.

“Vertigo is dangerous to your health Rosita, you should quite, your a decent lady and Vertigo makes people behave crazy”. Lean Bow Said thinking of the best word he should use instead of crazy.

” I know Lee, the last time i was almost raped because I was under the influence but right now I need to clear my head”. Rosita said.
“From what?”. He Asked.

“With all the events right from yesterday till now Lee, i think am going crazy you know”. She said.

“I know Rosita. You ain’t the only one who’s worried right now”. Lean Bow Said As His eyes caught the blood on the wall.
Tears was forming in his eyes already.

“Did i say something that hurt you? I’ve never seen you cry Lee.. Did i..”.
“no you didn’t Rosita.. It’s..”.

“Kate right?”. Rosita said And his face turned to her.

“Am sorry i didn’t tell Lee you, i know you cared for her and You were gonna be hurt if i tell.. Seems some else did, Am sorry Lee “. She said.

” When is the burial rites coming up? “. He asked.

” I don’t know Lee, Know one knows the whereabout of the body after it was taken to the hospital…Father says she was buried already but there are Rumours that she’s still at the mortuary “. Rosita said.

“I think I’ll check out the mortuary tomorrow”. Lean Bow Said.

“I’ve done that already Lee, my father forbid me not to but back at the mansion, she was my friend no despite how harsh i must have been, she was my companion and did whatever i told her. I deserved to see her face one last time but they hospital says there’s no such record “. Rosita said.

” You think your dad told them not to “. He Asked.

” Got a friend there who helped me to go through the record “. Rosita said.
” It’s alright Rosita, we still have her in our hearts “. Lean Bow Said and she nodded.

” i don’t wanna stay at the mansion tonight “. She said.
” What do you mean? “.

“Yeah. You’ve successfully convinced me not to go to the Ken’s party but I need to clear my head”. She said and gave him funny type of look.

He was trying to understand the meaning of the look when she spoke spoke.

“How about staying at your house tonight?”. She said and lean bow turned to her.

“No Rosita, not an option”. He Said.
“Please Lee, i don’t wanna stay in this place today, i wanna stay at your place, you can return to the mansion if you want”. She said.

She actually knew there was no way lean Bow Was gonna leave her to return to the mansion.

“Your Dad wouldn’t….”.
Rosita opened the door and got down angrily.

“My dad wouldn’t what? I got my life Lee and maybe you should stop helping my old man to cage my life”.

Tears were forming in her eyes and lean bow could see the anger in her.

“What do you take me for Lee? A slut, a prostitute or what..I’ve rejected all of offer from men all my life and when I suddenly decide to act nice for once Lee, you take my intentions for granted”. She said angrily.

“You know what Lee, Am going to the party and don’t think you can stop me”.

She said and made to leave but lean Bow already got down from the car.

He Held her hand and drew her back.
“Let go of me Lee”. She grinned.

“Maybe you weren’t the only one who turned down offer.. I know the pain Rosita and my sorry isn’t gonna change shit”. He Said And looked into her eyes.

He was tempted to kiss her at that moment but the fear of Rosita’s slap is the beginning of precaution.

She was actually vulnerable right now but he couldn’t take advantage of her.

Anytime he thought of been a playboy he remembered his cousins Annabella and Lydia, they committed suicide cos of a heart break.

Now he was actually at the verge of making a choice of who he truly loved.

“Fine Rosita let’s go”. He Said.
“where?”. She asked.

“My abode”. He Said and opened the door.
“I ain’t getting into that car Lee”. She said.

“Well I’ll have to take you in myself”.
She smiled and entered.
He Entered into the car And drove to the gate.

The boss of the guards walked up to the car and Lee wound down the window.
“So where are you up to agent?”. He Asked.

“open the fucking gate”. Rosita shouted.
“Idiots.. Open the fucking gate”. He shouted and the guards pulled open the gate.

Lee rose out of the compound and hits the highway.

He hummed slowly to the music as he drove past incoming cars.

Rosita Changed the radio station to another and he switched it back to the latter..

He continued humming and she changed the channel again, he tried to touch the dial but she slapped off his hand.
“Learn to heed to the opinion of a lady”. She said with a silly smile.

“You know Rosita…”. He Said looking into her eyes.

“Watch the road Lee!”. She shouted and he dodged the truck at his front.

His phone was ringing and he took the call.
It was Allison.

“Hey Lee, Changed my mind, can we meet somewhere else apart from Ken’s.. Heard that place is crazy”.

“Umm. Am sorry ally I wouldn’t be able to make it today, am with my boss now”. He Replied.

“What boss.. Rosita or…”.
“Later ally”. he Said And disconnected the call.

There Was no way he was gonna please Rosita and Allison at the same time, maybe he could make it up to her tomorrow.

Lean bow dodged another truck and began to wonder why this trucks were leaving their lanes.

He looked through the mirror and his eyes caught the inscription behind the truck he just dodged.

“C 17”.
That Was the crazy 17.

Lean bow swerved into another lane and dodging another truck He pulled forward.

“What’s happening Lee?”. She Asked.

“tighten your belt Allison… Sorry i mean… Rossy.. I think we have stalkers”. He Said.

She gave him and angry look before putting on her belt.

Did she discover the person Lee spoke with was Allison?
Lean bow could see three sport vehicle behind him and gun men on each bonnet of the cars.

He stepped on the brake and simultaneously turned the steering to the left.

The car drifts to the intersection and he rose off.

Ahead him were cops waving him down.
He calculated the distance of the cars behind him and reduced his speed to let them catch up.

As soon as they were getting close to the cops.

He stopped the car, Changed the gear and reversed speedily making a U turn.. The incoming sport cars rammed into the cops vehicle while he rode off.

“Does are cops Lee?”. Rosita shouted.
“No they ain’t”. He Replied And changed his direction.

Lee Sighted the five gun men ahead of him he turned to the opposite road but it was late already as they began to fire at the car.

One of the tires punctured and he rode in a Zig zag manner.

“You’re gonna get us killed Lee”. Rosita shouted.

“Well we’re gonna be ghosties”. He Replied And pulled over at a hotel…
He jumped down and Rosita followed after him..

He showed the guards his badge and they let him in.

The gun men rushed into the compound and began to shot down the guards.

“Where are we going Lee?”. Rosita asked.
“Somewhere safe”. He Said and they met with the manager.

Lean bow showed Him his badge and collected a key from him.

He hurried into the elevator just as the gun men rushed in and began to fire but the door already closed up and the elevator navigated up.

It got to the third floor and opened up.
Lean bow located the room and they entered.

He locked the door and heaved heavily.
“We’re gonna be safe here”. He Said.

“Oh my God who were those men. They were armed”. Rosita said as she sat on the bed.

“More reason we shouldn’t have gone out tonight”. He Said.

“They want me again”. She Asked.
“I think they want me too”.
“Who are they?”. She Asked.

“Enough questions Rosita.. Just let me think..”. Lean Bow Said and swallowed a pain killer.

“With all routes and shortcuts there’s no. Way they should have tracked us down here”. Lean Bow whispered and opened the cabinet in the room.

He brought out a phone like device and took a picture of Rosita with it.

“Hey Lee, we’re in danger and you’re busy taking my pictures…well am gonna pose”. She said but he ignored her as he opened his bag, took out his laptop and connected the device to it.

A red light began to scan the image and then stopped.

Lean bow looked into the processed image and saw a green cursor on Rosita’s beast region.

“Just as i thought”. Lean Bow Said.
“Rosita can you take off your bra”. He asked.

She jumped off the bed like a possessed demon to be sure she heard with he said.
“I guess you plan on raping me now Lee?”. She Asked.

“Just give me the damn thing”.
“Why?”. She Asked.

“I think there’s Something in there that they’re using to track us “. He Said.

” Stop being pretentious Lee”. She said.
“Am serious Rosita”. He Said but she gave him a stern look..

“Ten seconds Lee”. She said and entered into the bathroom.

She soon Peeped out and he saw her Hand, no one needed to tell him that she was not putting on a cloth.

She threw the bra and he caught it.
“Ten seconds Lee”. She said and closed the door.

The scents from the bra almost sent him to wonderland but right now it’s their lives that mattered not a scent from a bra.

She walked out of the bathroom with a towel clamped around her chest.

She was shocked to see lean Bow cutting through the bra with a knife.

“Lee what the hell?”. She screamed out.

He dipped his hand into it and brought out a micro device blinking red.
“A tracker”. He Said.

“How did it get in there?”. She Asked.
“Maybe i should ask you where you got it”. He shouted.

“Well back at the boutique a woman said the bra was very good for someone like me.. Ultra Cleavage”. She said with a silly look.

“Don’t talk crazy Rosita… This people have been tracking you with this..”. He Said.

“Hope I don’t have a boob cancer already”. She said looking at the tracker.
“We’re leaving Rosita… They know where here”. He Said.

Just then they could hear knocks on the door.

“Upon up room service”.
“Get the fuck out of here”. Lean Bow shouted.

“Put on your cloths Rosita, we’re leaving”. he said and she hurried into the bathroom.

Lean pulled the refrigerator to the door and The cupboard as well.

“Open up.. Or we shot down the door”. He heard and a voice outside.

Rosita rushed out wearing her gown.

Lean bow turned and his eyes caught her b**b poking out of the cloth..

“Am not going out there without a bra Lee”. She shouted.

“Oh tell me Rosita what shall a woman gain if she protects her boobs and loses her soul”.

“You’re crazy Lee”. She fired back.
Lean bow took a bag from under the bed and brought out the guns in it.

The men outside were firing at the door already but the cupboard served as resistance.

“This your room”. She Asked.

“Got lots of rooms all over the city Rosita”. He Said and took off his cloth.

She licks her lips as she stares at his broad chest and and the butterfly tattoo on it..
It was so beautiful.

He wore a bullet proof and handed over one to her.

“You said i shouldn’t protect my….”. She said saying when Lee cuts in.

“Well this double purpose.. Gonna protect your whatever you call it as well as your soul”. He Said wresting his suit.

“This ain’t my size Lee ‘. She said and threw away the bullet proof..

” Let’s go “. He Said and opened the window.

He took his phone and called a number.
” Agent 42211 code red, Order for Audi 47’.. Dan Vinci Hotel… North Position “. He Said and wore his backpack.

“Don’t tell me we’re flying off this window Lee”. Rosita asked in fear.

“Oh rose trust me for once”. He Said.
She nodded.

He helped her to climb to the window and she got scared looking down.

It was a great damn height.

Lean bow Grabbed her from behind and flew off the window.

She screamed out with all the voice in.
She was still screaming when she heard a soft voice in her ear.

“Stop screaming rose.. People are gonna think we’re…”.

She opened her eyes and was surprised to see that they were floating in the air.

How was this possible?
He eyes looked up and she saw the colorful parachute above her head.

The backpack was actually a parachute.

” I told you Rosita, trust me “. He Said And they landed gently on the ground.

He took off the parachute and they entered into an awaiting car.

Lean bow started the ignition and rode away.

Rosita Was Still dumbfounded due to the shock she wasn’t ready to speak yet.

He arrived at his house and got down from the car, he moved to where Rosita was and looked into her face through the window.

“Are you still angry about the bra.. Don’t worry.. Lee is gonna get a brand new one”. He Said to at least make her smile.
He knew ladies and how Frightened they could be.

Jumping from such height was the craziest thing..

Rosita smiled and wanted to speak when the rode off like magic.
Lean bow was shocked.

He ran after the car as fast as he could but the car was moving faster..

There Was no one else in the car then who was controlling the car except someone from the Hive from doing this.

He could hear Rosita’s scream from the car as it was getting farther and farther and boom it exploded into the atmosphere.

“Noo!”. Lee shouted dropping down on his knees.

“Rosita!”. He Screamed out as tears were forming in his eyes already.

Don’t tell me this episode isn’t long oo
Am expecting a good amount of comments.

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