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The Bodyguard Episode 29

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πŸ‘—πŸ‘—πŸ‘—THE BODYGUARDπŸ‘—πŸ‘—πŸ‘—

πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šBy: Alok MocoπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š

πŸ’–πŸ’– πŸ’–πŸ’–#Episode 29πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
⛑️⛑️⛑️(Duty Calls)⛑️⛑️⛑️

Lean bow could be seen running as fast as he could, he kicked open a door and somersaulted into the room dodging the bullets of the Gun men.

He hide behind a pillar And Drew out his double revolver.

He dived out and shot straight into there chests.

That Was When Susan showed up from behind.

He dodges her kick and tried to punch her but someone hits him from behind and he fell.

Struggling to stand up he saw the face of the assaulter, it was Allison.

She kicked his face and he fell flat to the ground.

She tried to trample on him but he rolled off and jumped back to his feet.

Allison and Suzan drew out a gun and began to shot but he ran as fast as he could through the stairs.

He leapt up grabbing a rope he swung himself up and caught the ladder.

He climbed up till he was on the roof of the skyscraper.

He Staggered trying to regain his stamina, the rain was beating hard on his.

“You betrayed me Lee”. He heard a voice and turned back.

There Was Rosita pointing a gun at him.
“You Don’t have to do it Rose i loved you”. Lean Bow Said.

“No you don’t”. He heard another voice and Kate appeared in the scene also pointing a gun at him.

“Kate?”. He called out.

“You should have told me you didn’t love me Lee”. She said and even before he could think of replying she shot a bullet into his chest.

He gasped Trying to speak.

“My lovely Bodyguard”. Rosita said and shot him on the leg.

He dropped to his knees but tried to hold back the pain.

That Was When Allison and Caro arrived.

“Don’t Worry Lee am. Gonna suture this”. She said and shot his other arm.

“You can’t hide from me agent”. Susan said shot his other arm.

Lee raised to his feet and dropped his gun.

“I love… I loved you all…”. He stammered, staggering toward the cliff.

“Lier!”. They chorused and started shooting at him.

The bullets caught him all over his body as he fell off the building.

Lean bow woke up from the terrible dream with his heart beating so fast.

The light came up of which illuminated the room.

Slowly his eyes turned to the door and there was Rosita standing at the door with a gun.

The dream resurfaced in his memory and he leapt off his bed to the cabinet where he kept his gun.

“Hey Lee what’s wrong you look scared?”. She said.

He was surprised not to see the gun.

“Are you searching for this? You’re careless Lee left at on top cabinet”. She said and threw the gun at him.

He caught it and stared at her innocent face.

“Hey Lee, you alright”. She Asked walking toward him.

He rubbed his eyes and returned the gun to the cabinet.

“Yeah. What are you doing here?”. He Asked.

“have you forgotten Lee, we’re to hit the Ken’s party tonight”. She said.

He checked his phone and the time was seven pm.

“It’s late Rosita”. He Said.
“It’s not Lee, I wanna visit the party, i wanna clear my head”. She said.

“Got injured During the fight Rosita, let’s make it tomorrow”. He lied.

If it was true that Caro escaped then it’s dangerous out there.

“Oh damn, you spoilt my day Lee”. She said and left angrily.

Right now what he was bothering him was the dream.

He must have slept off after receiving those messages.

Who was Susan actually? He thought she was the mastermind behind all that was happening but after she saved him he couldn’t say.

Now she’s sending a warning message, why would he do that?
Lee connected to his Commander via a video call.

“I know you’re as surprise as i am Lee but i think the government are involved in this”. The Commander said.

“How did she escaped?”. Lean Bow Asked.

“The Transport Truck got attacked”.
“How possible is that?”. He Asked.

“We were stopped by the cops and they were wondering why cops would stop the Hive but that was when they opened fire at the agents and took Caro away”.

“The cops attacked us, that’s fucking stupid, Does the cops now work for the crazy 17?”. Lean Bow Asked angrily.

“That’s it Lee, they knew that only the cops could stop us… If it were ordinary gun men the agents would have attacked but seeing cops they actually didn’t now it was the cop”.

“And what does the police force has to say about it?”. Lean Bow Asked.

“They said they ain’t responsible for the attack, we need more evidence before we can press charges at them but with Caro out there it’s dangerous”. The Commander said.

“I should be at the Hive soon Commander, it’s time we put an end To this crazy 17”.lean Bow Said and disconnected the call.

He wore his jacket and having zipped it up he walked out of the room.

He couldn’t believe the cops were now working for the crazy 17, only if he had gone with the transport vehicle maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

He wanted to head for the stairs when he saw Rosita coming from her room in a gown that was sparkling like diamonds.

Must be expensive you know.
“Hey Rosita….”.

“Yeah.. Am going to the Ken’s party Lee, i guess i should stop pestering you with the acting issues”. She said and pushed him off the way.

“Rosita wait up, you can’t go out there alone”.

“Why can’t i? Am trying to act nice Lee but you seem not to see it”. She said as tears were forming in her eyes.

“Hey Rosita am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you”. He Said holding her hands.
His phone vibrated and he took it out.

“So What do you say Lee, are you coming with me?”. She Asked.

“Yes Rosita, be my bride “. He Replied And They laughed.

He knew Rosita, if he didn’t go with her then she was gonna go alone and it was dangerous.

“I should change into something nice”. He Said And turned to leave.

His phone vibrated again and he looked into it.

“Hey Lee Am at the Ken’s party, can you meet me there?”.

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  1. Hmmm lee ! Rosita will kill u! If u can decide for urself; u only care about her, u better apply wisdom. I pity u

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