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Celebrity Crush Episode 8

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[Nothing is impossible]

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🔞Episode eight🔞


Immediately I got to the hotel and spoke with the receptionist, I was about leaving, when I decided to see Sean.

I went to his room and knocked.

Damn it!

“hand over the food”,he said, looking at his phone.

I snatched the phone off his hands, ad gave him a hard knock on his head.

“do I look like a waitress to you? And what the damn f*ck are you doing in Sean’s room?”,I asked.

”first, snatching my phone off my hands was rude”,he replied, and dragged it back.

“secondly, am here cause Sean is my friend, so I should be asking you that question! What he damn f*ck are you doing here?”,he asked.

“well,l am sorry, but I owe you no explanation”,I replied and pushed him away from the door and walked in.

“hi Sean”,I said, he was lying down on his bed.

As he saw me, he stood up and hugged me.

“hi……uhmn…you have not really told me your name”,he replied, and I smiled.

“sorry about that. I am lisa don”,I replied.

“ok, Lisa, that’s nice. So…..

“do you wanna hang out with me?”,jace asked interrupting.

“…I…will…never….HANG….out with you”,I replied slowly.

“so…before jace interrupted, that’s exactly what I was about to ask”,Sean replied.

“hey guys”,riele greeted, as she walked in.

“hey….weird gal”,she said, as she saw me.

“uhmn…..am really sorry about yesterday. Is there any way I can make it up to you?”,I asked, an she thought for a while.

“well, there is one way. I need gal company, so let’s go out for shopping”,she replied.

“k, sure”,I replied and she smiled.

“hey, you have to make it up to me too”,jace said.

“why?”,I asked.

“for hitting my chest just now, pepper sprayed me yesterday, tying me up, slapping my cheeks, and hitting my chest”,jace half yelled.

“uhmn…no can’t do”,I replied.

“Uhmn…sean…..maybe some other time”,I said.

“no probs”,he said, and pecked my cheeks.


I left the room with riele, she coveted her face, so she won’t be recognized.

She also put a clothe for mixed gender.

We walked out, holding hands, ans my eyes met with that of Julia.

“lisa”,she called out, and riele quickly left, before Julia would get close.

“lisa, who is that person?”,she asked.

“uhmn…that was a gal. Uhmn, you know, she got lost, so I was showing her the way put”,I lied.

“then, why were you holding hands? And why did she leave immediately I called out to you?”,Julia asked

“cause she didn’t wanna get lost again, and she left cause we are already outside”,I lied.

“whatever. Anyways, are you crazy? Didn’t you see the person you bumped into?”,Julia asked.

I didn’t really pay attention to that person.

“why are you asking?”,I asked.

“cause you bumped into your crush”,Julia replied, and my jaws dropped.

“lets go home now”,she said, but as e moved out, bumped into someone again.

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