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Celebrity Crush Episode 7

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[Nothing is impossible]

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🔞Episode seven🔞

🌹Kim Bum🌹

“come on, just this once”,Jackson brothel begged.

Well, he is my friend.

He is pleading for me to come to his house for a visit .

“ok, just this once”,I replied, and he hugged me.

We got there, cause I stay at the hotel next to his house.

We got in, his mum hugged us, and took them in, I decided to wait outside.

While waiting, Jackson signalled me to come in, but as I was about entering, someone bumped into me.

I looked up, and saw a cute gal.

“sorry”,she said almost immediately, and left

How rude!

I walked inside.

“oh my gosh”,another gal shouted.

“i can’t believe this, where is that damn Julia?”,she asked and ran out.

She came back, frowning.

She three herself helplessly on the couch.

“she is damn crazy”,she muttered audibly.

She ran upstairs.

“what the heck is wrong with her?”,josh asked.

“i was about asking”,I said.

We walked up to Jackson’s room and was playing video game.

I saw an electric guitar lying on the floor, and I picked it up

“uhmn …..who owns this?”,I asked.

“uhmn….I think its one of those gals”,Jackson replied.


I can’t believe this!

Lisa didn’t notice him.

This is actually kinda funny

Lisa bumped into her celeb crush, and didn’t notice him because she is trying to look for him😆😄😃😅😂🤣.

I dressed up, and went to the hotel.

I looked round, and didn’t see lisa.

How will I find her in such a large hotel?

I walked to the counter.

“young Lady, do you want to be checked in?”,the receptionist asked

“nope, I just want to enquire, in about five minutes ago, did you see any lady of my age?she put on a black flay gown”,I asked.

“uhmn….I won’t say for sure, but five minutes ago, a young lady of your age, came asking the room number of Kim bum”,the receptionist replied

“really? So where is she?”,I asked.

“uhmn, I told her I don’t give out information unless she is related to him, or they have some kind of meeting”,the receptionist replied.

“uhmn….so what else, did she leave?”,I asked.

“uhmn……I don’t know”,she replied.

I turned round, only to see Lisa holding hands with someone.

T b c

✍️Prin cess✍️

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