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After The Dream Episode 9

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πŸ’­ After The Dream πŸ’­

🎌(No way out) 🎌

Episode 9

By: Faith Lucky

Rhianna’s pov
i tried running as fast as I could while they trailed hotly behind me.

I ran into the living room and rushed to Tristan, hugging him. My hands tightened round his torso.

He stroke my hair tenderly and smoothly.

“What’s wrong? “He asked.

“They’re… “I paused and looked back. The two men that had been chasing me earlier was nowhere in the room; just two dudes I’ve never seen before.

“Go on? Who are ‘they?? “I heard his voice ask from above my ear.

I turned and looked into his eyes.

My lips stuttered.
I didn’t know what to say.

“We’re in the middle of a meeting Rhianna. Go stay in your room till I come get you. “He ordered with authority in his voice.

“But… “I stuttered.

“No buts. F*cking leave! “Tristan yelled with so much anger and furry.
He really doesn’t want me here.

I slowly loosened my grip on his clothe and stepped back.

I ran to my room and licked the door from the inside.

The last thing I want to see now is Tristan’s annoying face.

I laid on the bed with so much on my mind… Those guys, they’re bad news and up to something evil.

I shouldn’t warn Tristan about them, should I?

He has been a d*ck lately and even cheated on me. Let them finish him off, I don’t care anymore.

Tristan’s pov
Anger is an understatement. Rhianna never listens. What we’re talking and planning is top confidential and risky. She must never find out about this deal.

Its too much for her to know.

I dismissed the meeting but not without sharing the drinks among them in bulk.

I ordered Brianna to get the maids to clean up.

I went to my room. Taking off my clothes, I wore something that might just be more relief and comfy enough for the upcoming sex between Rhianna and I.

Am gonna get it tonight and nothing’s gonna stop me.

I went to her room just wearing my jean pants.

She locked her door. Huh, she must be angry right now.

I went to my room and grabbed a spare key which I used to unlock her door.

I met Rhianna on her bed with a blanket covering her. She glanced at me and threw her face to the other side.

I got on the bed coming closer to her from the side. I pulled her close by her waist deliberately pressing her butt on me so she feels my erection.
I felt her shudder… I smirked.

“Go meet your sluts to ride on you. “She said backing me.

“You’re that slut Rhianna. “I said in a husky voice.

I pushed her hair off her face still holding her close.

I took my hand to her b***s and squeezed them.
She moaned helplessly with her eyes closed.

“Tris… Tan. “She stuttered.

“Yes Rhianna. Am right here. “I said sensationally to her hearing.

She tried to remove my hands from her cleavage but I was persistent.

I took my hand to her waist and slid it down getting to the end of her thigh. She gasped.

I held her lap and tried to open them so I could get in.

She refused to open up.

“Please Rhianna. “I pleaded.

“Rape me if you want but am not giving it to you tonight. “She said acting like she’s asleep.

I shifted her undie and pulled in two fingers.

Her whole body vibrated.

I kept going back and fought till she had an orgasms. She was extremely wet beneath now.

She weakly parted her legs for me and I thrusted in fast like a beast. Rhianna couldn’t stop moaning loud.

I thought she was being stubborn. 😏


Brought to you by Faith Lucky

Love you allπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

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