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One Night With A Billionaire Boss Episode 43

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One Night With A Billionaire Boss

Episode 43

Ashley grew impatient. She decided she couldn’t wait any longer and decided to go try to talk to Tanaga. When Ashley tried to open the door, it was locked. She tried calling for someone to open the door, but no one was outside to respond.

“Hello! Is anyone out there? Hello!” She called as loudly as she could, but still, no one answered her or opened the door. There was nothing more she could do, so she gave up and returned to her chair. She watched the door as she ate her breakfast, expecting someone to come to pick up the tray eventually.

She picked at her breakfast as she watched in anticipation for the door to open. She’d been focusing on the door so intently; she didn’t realize she’d eaten all of her breakfast until she looked down and saw the clean plate.

When she finished, she got up and went to the door to try again. She called out again, but unfortunately, no matter how loud she shouted, no one answered her. She returned to the small window to gaze out at the ocean.

Ashley’s mind was busy as she looked out the window. She replayed the events of the previous days in her head. Things had happened so quickly. She needed to accept her fate, whatever it may be. She contemplated the possibilities and thought about the effects it could have on her and her family’s future.

She had a plan in mind that she thought could make everyone happy if Tanaga agrees to it.


Tanaga finished reading the paper after breakfast. He decided to go freshen himself up before he would go see Ashley. He felt refreshed after he took a shower, and his mood improved. That’s when he realized it was wrong of him to keep Ashley locked in the lounge.

They needed to talk things out and try their best to understand each other. He dressed quickly and headed to the lounge.

When Tanaga reached the door to the lounge, he paused outside and took a deep breath. He wanted to look his best, so he checked his appearance one more time. He fixed his posture, standing with his back straight. He took the key from his pocket and unlocked the door.

He walked in and saw Ashley looking out the small window. The sight of her looking so pitiful and miserable saddened him. It pained him to the point that his chest actually began to ache.

“Ahem!” Tanaga softly cleared his throat to get her attention. Still speaking softly, he said, “If you don’t mind, could we sit down and talk?”

Ashley turned when she heard his voice. She was genuinely happy to see him. She gave him the most charming smile she could manage.

“Good morning! Thank you for coming to see me. I was starting to get bored. I’ve been standing here looking out this little window.” Ashley said, as she walked towards Tanaga, who still stood by the door.

He finally walked inside and moved towards the sofa to sit down. Ashley silently followed just behind him. Since he didn’t respond when she greeted him, she didn’t say another word.

The two of them sat down. At first, they sat silently, looking at each other as they tried to read one another. After a moment, Ashley became impatient. She decided she would go first. “Mr. Jones…”

That was all Ashley could get out before Tanaga’s eyebrow raised, once again. He didn’t like that she addressed him as Mr. Jones. “Ashley, we need to get something straight. My name is Tanaga. Can’t you call me by my name?”

“Excuse me, Sir?” Ashley answered as she looked straight into his eyes.

“That’s it. Every time you answer, you add some form of respect at the end. It’s always so formal. Do I look like I’m a lot older than you or something?” He asked irritably, making it apparent that his patience was wearing thin. “Forget it; let’s just move on to the business at hand. It seems that we’re not going to get anywhere with this conversation.”

“Well, I was about to say…we should talk about the contract,” Ashley said. She took a deep breath and then continued. “I know what I’ve been doing wrong that’s making things happen to us as they have been. I just wanted to let you know that I’m ready. Even now, if you’d like.” Ashley said frankly to Tanaga, who sat staring at her intently. She returned his gaze, giving him a beautiful smile.

Tanaga was surprised by what she said, not at all the words he’d expected from her. He couldn’t believe she was really ready, but at the same time, he was saying to himself, if she’s ready and she wants to, who am I to say no? “Alright. If you’re sure, you feel you’re ready…then tonight.”

Suddenly Tanaga remembered she didn’t know where they were going. He contemplated whether to tell her or not. He thought it might make her feel more comfortable, making it easier for her to give herself to him without feeling pressured. She still sat staring at him with her beautiful Doe eyes, smiling sweetly.

“By the way, I was planning on surprising you. But I thought you might like to know now. We’re sailing to the Philippines,” Tanaga said. He was so proud of what he’d done that he couldn’t help but slightly smile.

Ashley jumped up as soon as he spoke the words and hugged him suddenly. “Really?! Thank you!” She exclaimed happily. “You did this for me? You really are so sweet…I don’t deserve this.” Wanting to return the gesture, she continued, “I think you deserve a prize for this…”

Ashley gently took Tanaga’s face in her hands. First, she softly kissed his forehead. “This is for saving me from that horrible place.” Next, she kissed his nose, and then each cheek. “This is for marrying me and helping me stay in this country.” She looked at him for a moment and then said, “And this is for being so kind to me,” and then she pressed her lips to his and kissed him wholeheartedly.

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