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One Night With A Billionaire Boss Episode 41

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One Night With A Billionaire Boss

Episode 41

Fortunately, Ashley landed heavily on her beautiful, round backside, saving her from most of the impact. Had she hit her head instead, she could’ve ended up with a concussion, or worse.

Tanaga was still writhing in pain on the bed. Ashley got up off the floor and turned the light back on. In the light, she could now see Tanaga, naked, squirming on the bed. She quickly covered her mouth with her hand.

Tanaga was almost in tears from the excruciating pain he felt as he lay there, flexing, holding his precious jewel. “Oh, my God!” were the words that popped out of Ashley’s mouth.

She couldn’t help herself. Rather than responding with pity, she began laughing out loud at the sight of Tanaga on the bed like that. She knew that it was her fault he was in pain. No sane person would be happy that they’d done this to anyone. She knew that laughing was a big mistake. As if it wasn’t bad enough that she had hurt him again. Now she was laughing her ass off.

Tanaga’s pained expression quickly changed into a devilish one. He pointed at Ashley, cursing and insulting her for making fun of him. He thought to himself, she did this to me again, and she still has the nerve to laugh about it? Who in their right mind would be happy about this situation?

“You! You’re going to be the reason I won’t have any future children! I chose you to carry my child, and this is what you always do!” He shouted at Ashley, his face flushed with anger.

His angry shouting scared Ashley, but she was also ashamed because she knew everything he was saying was true. She began to worry that this might cause the contract to be broken.

“I’m sorry! Really! I didn’t mean to. What can I do to help you?” Ashley asked, trying to stifle her laughter.

She couldn’t seem to get it under control. His movements and expressions were amusing to her for some reason. So much so, that she couldn’t hold it in. She burst into another fit of laughter, this time, laughing so hard she held her stomach. “Hahaha! Hahaha! Hahaha!”

“I swear, Ashley, if you don’t stop laughing, I’m going to give you a reason to cry, instead!” Tanaga screamed at her as she struggled with the pain she felt in her stomach from laughing so hard.

Her laughter immediately ceased as she realized he was serious. She picked up the blanket and covered Tanaga. Then she walked out of the room to find the butler so she could ask him to help Tanaga.


Once she found the butler and sent him to help, she decided not to go back to the room. She needed time to think. She decided to spend the night in the lounge.

Once he finished with Tanaga, the butler went looking for Ashley. When he found her, she was sleeping soundly on the sofa in the lounge. He decided not to wake her.

Instead of disturbing her, he took her a blanket and pillow to make her more comfortable. I can speak with her tomorrow, he thought to himself. He closed the door behind him and locked it from the outside. He hung a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door to make sure her rest wasn’t interrupted.

Finally, he returned to the couple’s room to check on Tanaga and let him know that he’d found Ashley, and she was taken care of.

Tanaga was still in the same position he’d been in when the butler left him, lying on the bed, holding his jewel, in pain. He thought that it was Ashley returning when he heard the door open. He closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep, planning on getting even. ‘That’s right. Come closer. Once I get ahold of you, I’ll make sure you don’t escape me this time,’ he said to himself.

The butler peered in and saw his boss, who appeared to be fast asleep. He noticed the light was still on. He decided to turn it off to give Tanaga a better night’s rest. He quietly tiptoed as he slowly made his way to the bedside where the light switch was, being careful not to wake Tanaga.

As he reached for the light switch to turn it off, Tanaga grabbed him suddenly and threw him onto the bed.

“I got you! You can’t run away this time.” He said before he put his lips to the butler.

Instantly realizing his mistake, Tanaga screamed as he scrambled to get out of the bed, “What in the hell are you doing in here? Where is Ashley?”

The butler cleared his throat, “Well, you see, Sir,” he started, as he explained Ashley’s whereabouts to his boss, and describing how he had taken care of her. The butler smiled proudly, pleased with himself for the care he’d taken of Ashley, as well as Tanaga.

Tanaga agreed the butler should let Ashley be for the night. “Leave her alone and let her sleep. I think it’s best if we wait and talk tomorrow. I’m afraid of what might happen to me tonight. Just make sure no one disturbs her.” He ordered before returning to bed.


When morning came, Tanaga looked terrible. The expression on his face was so unpleasant no one could have recreated it if they had tried. The crew avoided him, doing their best not to cross his path, fearful of receiving his wrath.

The butler noticed it, too, and was worried. He feared if Tanaga and Ashley crossed paths, it might be Ashley’s last day on earth. He thought, given Tanaga’s current mood, he might just throw her into the sea. He had to think of a way the two could talk. If he didn’t, they would all be in trouble.

Tanaga noticed his butler staring blankly, seeming anxious. The butler was so deep in thought that he didn’t notice Tanaga until he heard him speak.

“What in the world has gotten into you?” Tanaga demanded, looking around as if he were looking for someone.

“Sir? Ah, nevermind. I’m just wondering if Miss Ashley is awake. If she’s still asleep, would you like me to wake her so you can have breakfast together?” The butler smiled politely at Tanaga, but in his mind, he was desperately hoping his answer would be no. Please, say no! Please, say no!

The butler was delighted when Tanaga refused as he’d hoped he would, unable to mask his relief. Tanaga sat down at the table.

Once Tanaga’s breakfast had been served, the butler quietly turned to leave the room so he could check on Ashley. He remembered that he’d locked the door from the outside the night before, and she wouldn’t be able to get out.

Just as he was about to leave the room, Tanaga said casually, “Leave her there, don’t open the door. Take her breakfast to her, but don’t let her out of the lounge.”

“Sir? I’m afraid that would anger Mrs. Jones. You know,” the butler struggled for words. “I mean, it might make her less willing to…” the butler tried to point-out to his boss.

“I don’t give a shit! Do what I said! When you’re done, go tell the Captain I need to speak with him.” Tanaga shouted as he gave the butler his orders. “Now!” He demanded before returning his attention to his meal with gusto. He ate so enthusiastically that he nearly choked.

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