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Living With Mr Sx Freak Episode 4

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Chapter 4
(The Demi-God😱)

💙 Mara’s POV💙
After I laid my mother to sleep, I went to my room,my room is filled with posters of different pictures of rock stars and hip hop singers both male and female pictures.

I slammed on my bed sad, I made mom so angry today I need to make it right I said as my phone rang. Oh its Cindy.

📲Hey Cindy.

📲Baby girl, how are you?
📲Am trying to be fine
📲 Awwwn. Mara’s what’s wrong, you even sound sad.

📲I caused another trouble today and jeopardized my mom only source of income.

📲Mara!! Not again, how is your mom now.

📲 She is asleep, she was drunk,but don’t worry I will look for a solution to the mess have caused.

📲Okay Mara, call me when you need anything. Bye.

I hung up and stared at the ceiling remembering the man I saw today. He was so cute but arrogant. How could he grab my boobs he is so annoying.

When I got home I was so weak, my balls were hurting badly, that b**CH is going to pay for this I thought as I sat. Hey Drake get me some ice blocks now!! I yelled angrily. I walked up to my room fuming in anger.

He brought me the ice block and left immediately. I removed my pants and when it made contact withmy balls I groaned in pain, only heaven knows where a lady got that kind of strength from.

I placed the block right on my balls as I groaned again. My phone rang making me stop what I was doing. I picked up my phone. Its mom.


📲Hey son how are you?

📲 Am fine mum, did you receive the goods I sent Liam to get for you?

📲Yes son, tho it was quite late before I could get it, but no problem. Have you eaten son?

📲No mom, I have been busy with work but I will be fine don’t worry mom.

📲Dont tell me you will be fine, I know what to do.

📲Hmmm mum, got to go now, he will talk later.

I hung up the call and continued massaging my balls. I will make that girl pay for what she has done to me.

…. The next day….
Mara Mara!!! Come see something my mom called waking me up. Must she always wake me up like this i thought as I stood up from my bed yawning.

Mom am coming I said as I moved downstairs, Mara come see this she said smiling at her phone. I went close to her and saw an advert on her phone. Mom what’s this?? I asked.

My friend sent it to me this morning after I told her what happened to my shop yesterday, its a job opportunity. My mum said looking at me.

Mom that’s great news I said happily, so what is the job about?? I asked. Jer countenance changed as she continued reading it. Mum what’s wrong??
Mara this is an housemaid job, she said sadly. I became sad immediately housemaid?? I said and see nodded.

You don’t need to go, we will look for another job i still have some savings that we can feed on for the mean time till we get another one my mum said .

No mom, I will do it, I caused all this and I will pay for it, I will work and build you another shop to sell your groceries again.

Really my mum said as her face brightened up. I nodded and smiled.

She pulled me into her arms and hugged me tightly.

Its okay mom now let’s check for the address and the owner of the house. She left me and continued reading until she got to his name.

He is Christian Stone Mara, hmmm nice name.

And they included his picture here too she said as she gave me the phone to see him. I collected it and looked at it.

What!!! The demi-god!!
it has ended in tears😂😂😂😂

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