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Her Shadowed Past Episode 10

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Jake and Jaclyn arrived at his family house on Friday night,
Jake’s older sister Vanessa was there too with her husband Ben and their two kids Byron and Brenna.

It was more a family dinner,
His mom and his younger sister Corrina,
Everyone was present.

“So how’s work going Jaclyn?” Jakes mom Lorraine asked her,while they were in the kitchen preparing dinner,
She looked at the older woman with a smiling face,

“Work’s good,
Although each day comes with its own puzzle,
Be it murder or theft or drug,
We still manage to get through it all.” She answered affluently,

Lorraine smiled,
“That’s good.
How’re your parents?” She asked again,
Speaking of which parents,
The Chisholm’s will do.

“They’re fine and also sent their regards.” She replied,
“So does Jake still goes on with his findings?” She asked now in a more serious tone,

Jaclyn was confused,
“What findings?” She asked the older woman,
“His findings on his father.” She said,
Jaclyn’s brow furrowed,

Jake had never told her anything about his father,
So what was this really.

He didn’t tell me.” She managed to say looking away from the older woman.

Lorraine noticed the soar mood,
So she decided to change it,
“Its nothing much though,
Jake isn’t much of a talker.
So what are your plans?” She asked Jaclyn,trying earnestly to change the subject,

“For now,
We’re still running with official works but I’m still going on with my plan on working fully for my NGO,”
She said,

“What NGO?” The older woman asked,
“I haven’t told anyone about it but it’s based on helping victims of abuse,drugs and those helpless people out there,
To be able to teach those young kids that there’s still hope for them and teach the women how to stand for themselves and be strong willed to opt out of abuse.” She explained to her.
Lorraine smiled,

That’s the most selfless plan she’d ever heard from any young woman,
Not even her daughters,

“That’s a really good plan,
How far have you gone with it?” She asked,
We’ve a few women and kids there and also some few workers too,
Both medical practitioners who do help if there are cases health wise,
It’s really going smoothly.” She said recalling how good thing were over there when she went some few days back.

“That’s good,
I do recommended such humane acts,
You’re really an angel.” Lorraine came forward and hugged Jaclyn.
“Thanks a lot ma’am.” She said to the older woman.

Dinner was exceptional,
Like most families,
The Fowler’s respect an old family tradition of praying before meal and not having discussions during meal.
Even the two grandkids,
Byron,Eight and his younger sister Brenna six,
All respected the silence.

And she noticed something else,
The first sit beside Lorraine was not occupied,
There was an empty plate there with no food on it whilst the whole family ate their dinner in silence.

After dinner,
The family became lively again,
They chatted,
Vanessa was talking to Jaclyn about marriage and work and kid while Corina just sat beside the listening,

Jake was with his nephew and niece whilst Ben sat down with his mother in law for some few words.

It was all fun when they all decided to play games,
Spinning the bottles came immediately Lorraine and the kids went to bed.

” Now we’re free,
Let’s go for a more adventurous game.” Ben said to the rest adults,
They all nodded.

He brought out an empty bottle,
“Who’s in?” He asked,
With a beaming smile everyone nodded.
“Let the game begin.”

The first person was Vanessa and she was asked to say the most annoying thing Ben does,
“Always leaving the toilet cover up.” She said to them.

The second was Corrina,
She was asked who her crush is,
She answered truthfully though.
Her college mate.

Next was Jake,
He was dared to kiss Jaclyn for thirty minutes straight not excluding some romance.

“No,I’m not doing that.” She protested,
Jake was satisfied with the dare,
Actually he’d asked Ben to dare him that specifically.

“You’re not to choose,
Since Jake’s all right in,
I don’t see why it shouldn’t be.” Ben said to her,

“Come on babe,
I don’t bite.” Jake said giving her a cunning smile,
“Go Jacky.
Go Jacky.
Go Jacky.” Ben,Vanessa and Corrina cheered as she walled slowly to Jake.

Immediately she got closer,
Jake pulled her to himself and rammed his lips to hers.
Kissing her passionately,
He ran his hands to her neck,
And down he trailed to it the print of the cotton blouse.

Kissing her lips,he slid his tongue into her mouth,
Their lips were moving in a sync,
It was so heavenly.

Jaclyn and Jake almost forgot they were the middle of other people and was called back to earth by Corrina,
Who found their kissing scene too intense.

That was one hell of a kiss.” Corrina commented when they both finally let go of each other,
Jaclyn was crimson red from head to toe.

“I thought I was going to be watching a live porn.” Vanessa said to them,
Jaclyn only did smile amidst the blush.

“You guys do kiss often like that in?” Ben asked,
Jake nodded.
“Men,you’re so lucky.
Vanessa would never let me kiss her that long,” He said,

You’re lying.” Vanessa screamed from where she was sitting,
“I’m not,
You can only let me kiss you only twenty minutes,
That’s the longest kiss I’ve ever had from you.” He said,

“Hey guys,
You’re all keeping me out,
I’m the only one without a partner.” Corrina said a playfully sad tone making Jaclyn grinned,

“Don’t mind them Corrina,
I’ll be your partner okay.” Jaclyn said to her,
“You’ll?” She asked happily,
Jaclyn nodded and Corrina hugged her tight,
Clinging to her till the end of the game.

That night,
Jaclyn couldn’t sleep.
She tossed and turned on the bed till late hours,
Then she got up and left the room.

She walked to the next bedroom which was Jake’s and she knocked,
“Who’s there?” Jake husky voice asked from inside,
“Jake,its me Jaclyn.” She whispered,
He came down from the bed and opened the door for her,

“You aren’t asleep yet?” He asked her when they were inside the room,
“Couldn’t sleep.” She replied,
“Me too.” He said.

She laid on the bed while he laid beside her,
Both looking at the ply board designed ceiling.
“You still do finding on your dad?” She asked him,
Jake looked at her,
“Who told you?” He asked instead of giving her a reply.

“Your mom,
She was asking me about it,
I told her I didn’t know a thing about him.” Jaclyn said looking at Jake.
There was a little glint of hurt in her voice,

He didn’t tell me about it,
She asked herself as she looked at the man she’d come to love sit up from the bed.

“Its a rather long story.”He said sadly,
” Rather too long you couldn’t tell me,”She asked in anger,
” I thought you love me?”she asked,
Jake came beside her and held her close,

“I was going to tell you but that was after I get my assumptions right.” He explained inhaling deeply the rose and mint fragrance of her shampoo.
“Your assumptions right?
I don’t understand.” She turned to making her face a few inches from his.

He adjusted her body by his side while he decided to open up to her,
“My dad was Archie Fowler,
One of the CIA officials.

He’d just found out about the involvement of a government official in money laundering to the Wall’s most dreaded drug group ” The Apocalypse Seven.

Which Big Ray,his father and five other drug lords were involved.
After a few weeks of getting all necessary evidence,
He went ahead and submitted it to the court
That day my dad didn’t come back home.

We searched for him for days,that tuned into weeks and finally a whole month.
He wasn’t seen,
Not even his dead body or even a murder that got related to him,
Everything led to a dead end.

A few days after my fourteenth birthday,
My dad’s car was found outside Hudson,
Close to the Union Turnpike.

There was a dead and almost decayed body at the trunk of the car,
Autopsy had that it was the father’s and there wasn’t any other fingerprints at the car.

So the question remained how did he kill himself and got into the trunk.
The only fingerprints in the car and the gun was my dad’s.

Rumors had it he killed himself but me and my grandma never believed it was my dad’s body that was in that car.

A few weeks later,
My grandma reported to seeing my hand in South Bay and also at the Hudson river bank.
Me too I do see him most times but clearly I was hallucinating things.

My grandma died a few months after the car was found and I was left the only one who still believes he was still alive and wasn’t the dead man in the car.

Ever since,
I’ve been trying to lay down finding and rubs some thorough investigation on that case bit it was closed and had been refused reopening.

Since it was concerning National Security,
I could do less than just continue with my finding till I get a good lead.”he explained,

He brought out some old photos from inside the drawer and showed it to her,
“This is my father and me.” He pointed to the man who stood beside the little Jake,

The man was holding a fishing rod and it was clear both father and son were having a good time fishing under the sun.

She smiled,
“Don’t worry Jake,
Everything will turn fine.” She said to him as he lay his head on her thighs and she gently stroke his hairs.

When she was sure Jake was finally asleep,
She took her cellphone and snuck outside to call Sam Bates.

“Hello Sam,
Please put me to officer Ted.”She said to Sam immediately he took the call,
The older man took the phone to his subordinate,

“Jaclyn wants to speak to you.” He informed him and handed the phone to the man,
“Ted.” Jaclyn called,
“Are you alone?” She asked him,
Marshal Bates is with me.” He whispered to her,so quietly the other man didn’t know what he was saying.

“I want you to run a check on an old case for me.” She told the man,
“I copy.” Ted only said,
“Archie Fowler,
His finding on the money laundering case with the apocalypse seven and another government official.” She said,

Just do the finding on the man and verify if he’s really dead.
Get the results to me,
Don’t tell anyone about this.”she warned the man as she hung up the call and snuck back to Jake’s room.

To be continued.

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