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After The Dream Episode 8

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💭 After The Dream 💭

🎌(No way out) 🎌

Episode 8

By: Faith Lucky

I gotta say no to Natasha.

I don’t know why am even giving this a second thought.. I mean I would have devoured Natasha by now.

“What’s going on in your head pumpkin? “Natasha’s voice woke me from my thoughts.

I have to come up with an excuse.

“Am on drugs. I might break down if I do it. “I said.

She scoffed and turned backing me.

“Okay… Another time then. “She muttered.
“The last thing I want is for you to get sick. ”

I smiled dryly as I cupped her face.
“You’re golden. “I said.

She smiled.

I bought all the drinks that I needed for tonights meeting. I drove home.

I carried a crate myself and took it to the living room. I dropped it on the floor beside a table before going up to shower and meet wifey. I denied alot cause of her… She should be grateful.

I walked pass her room to see the door half open.
I looked inside, she sat on the bed biting her finger nails.

I walked in fully and sat beside her.
She was backing me.

“Hi… Am back. “I said.

“That was quick. What happened? Did your c*m build up sooner than expected? “She asked.

I chuckled.
“Are you jealous? “I asked.

“Am not, am just saying its really annoying, irritating and improper for a married guy to go around f*cking street holes..

“and moreover, am not letting you touch me ever again cause you might give me AIDS. “She said in one breath.

I chuckled.
“See you later wifey, I have guests.. “I said and forcefully pecked her on her cheeks.

I left the room to mine and had a bath.

I dressed up in a violet royal like robe with goblet.

I went Downstairs joining my guests.
Marcos, Holden, Adrian and zac.

We started talking about the new next big thing we’ll be getting our hands on- Money.

We were having our eyes on few crates of money about to get shipped in illegally from Paris for some foreign minister.

If we had our hands on that money.. Big fish!

“This is way to exposed Tristan. I mean, how the hell did you get this classified infos? “Adrian asked.

“Not your business motherf***ker. I just got out. Anything to start afresh. “I chipped in pretty annoyed.

“Chill out partner. Am just curious. “He said looking not so frightened.

I scoffed and folded the mapped out plan.

“Refreshments would be nice. “I said.

We all took a glass of beer gulping it down.

Rhianna’s pov
I was just to curious to know what this meetings were about.

Am starting to feel insecure around Tristan and its cause am trying to find out what he does for a living.

I wore a black top and Black panrs.

I tip toed outta my room climbing down the stairs slowly.

I wondered where Tristan was.

I walked through the doors and got to the passage, I heard voices…

I hid behind a wall eavesdropping.

“… Tristan’s still obsessed to regain his fame in the Crime world. “I heard a male voice say.

“I see that. We really need to find out how he got all that info. We need enough connections like he does… Infact even more. We need to end him and take everything he’s got right before his eyes. “Another male voice said.

“We have to… Plan ahead. ”

“Yes… But carefully. ”

“Let’s go back before he begins to suspect us. ”

I heard. I peeped and saw the two men.

My tummy grumbled and both their eyes flashed on me.

They brought out their guns and pointed it at me.

I gasped.

“She must have heard us. Get her! ”

I turned running as fast as I could while they trailed hotly behind me.


Brought to you by Faith Lucky

Love you all 💋💋💋

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