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A Night With The CEO Episode 17

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🌷[In Bed with my Boss]🌷
💛Episode Seventeen💛
Chloe’s POV💋

‘Anna I need your help!!’.I screamed as I walked into the house and she came out wearing a nice dress…

‘Whoah where are you off too?’.I asked and she smiled..

‘Will is taking me out to dinner tonight’.

‘Awwww you finally gave the Nigga a chance’..I said and she frowned..

‘Hey stop teasing and why are you screaming my name by the way?’..she asked and I blushed..

‘Alexander asked me out to dinner and I don’t have anything to wear!’..I said and sat on the bed..

‘Awwwwww well that’s no problem,I have the perfect dress for you’..she said and went into her closet…

I placed the sleeping Xander in his cot and sat back on the bed thinking…

Am I doing the right thing??…

‘Hey look at this’..Anna said breaking me from my thoughts and when I turned I saw the most simple and beautful gown..

‘Oh Anna it’s so nice,I can’t have this’.I said with tears in my eyes and she frowned..

‘Take it before I spank,besides it’s black and it suits you perfectly’..she replied.

‘Wh..what about baby Xander?,should I take him along?’..I asked…

‘Yeah you should and besides I’m going on a date too and you know how Xander is’..she added and I laughed…

‘You’re harsh Anna!!!!’..

‘Yeah but you love me anyway’.

Alexander’s POV💋

‘You’re going nowhere near that girl Alex!!!’..Megan screamed from behind and I sighed..

‘Hey since when did you start dictating for me?,my personal life is none of your business!!!’..I fired back..

‘You’re going to regret this Alex, don’t forget that you’re engaged!!’..

‘Skyler didn’t tell you?,news flash step mom I broke up with her today’..I said and shut the door..

Just when I was in a good mood she decided to ruin it…

Ten Minutes Later💕
‘i parked in front of Anna’s house and waited for Chloe to come outside and when she did….

My breath was taken away when I saw her in the simple black gown and the worst part was that she packed her hair..

‘ l..look you look nice’..I stammered and she smiled…

‘Yeah you too’..

She entered the car and I tickled Xander a little bit..

‘Where are we going??’.she asked

‘You know what?, I’m not in the mood for dinner anymore,let’s go to the carnival’..I said and she chuckled..

‘Thank goodness cause these heels are killing me’..she said and brought out a pair of flip flops from her bags and I laughed so hard…

‘You’re one interesting person Chloe’..

‘And I like the new you, you’re not the cold goblin everyone says you are’..she replied and I blushed…

Twenty Minutes Later💕
‘Oh God!!!’..she screamed as the roller coaster moved and I laughed my heart out…

‘Xander is not even crying and you’re screaming like a mad woman!!!’..I replied and she held onto my shirt tightly…

‘Make it stop please!!!’..she cried out and then the ride was over…

We both came out and the next thing I knew she puked on the grass..

‘I’m never doing that again’..she said..

Xander began crying and she cradled him in her arms but he still cried harder…

I turned and saw a small baby rattle in a toy shop..

‘Hey how much is it?!’..I asked the shop keeper..

‘It’s just 10 bucks sir’..she said and I gave her the cash..

I went back to Chloe shook the rattle in front of Xander and he giggled heartily…

Chloe smiled and looked at me and when I saw those blue eyes I almost felt weak my self…

‘Is she your wife?’..some passers by asked and before I could say anything else a small crowd circled around us…

‘Kiss her!!!,Kiss her!!’..they shouted and I became confused..

‘Kiss her!!!’..another one screamed and I turned towards Chloe…

‘Uhhh Chloe c…can I??’..I asked nervously and she smiled..

‘Yeah you can’..she replied…

I circled my arms around her waist and crushed my lips to hers kissing her slowly and fireworks started…

Oh God I think I’m in love with this woman…


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  1. Wow fresh love ooo
    To d author or d sender of diz story may God continue to give u d strength and may ur effort never be in vain ooo
    I can’t to read both ONE night with d millionaire boss and A NIght with d ceo

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