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October 31, 2020

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Reason For Treason

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Reason for Treason

My rose was this not our garden?
We planted our hands stain with earth
So that ourselves bring water to water
our growth to bloom.

What say you now? that I was false of heart,
Why will I give lie to my truest sight?
Thou as in neglect let our lives become ill.

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There was much to it when we loved and only till,
Whence hast thou be within knowledge to kill?
Proud of this pride your true self peeled.
I write to say I have been sentenced to
Pity and guilty for your reason, the price is treason.

I stand on this dock and all my vows
and oath perjured is due to thee, I have swore thee fair,
Therefore I die confine to loves doom.
In years I may lack eyes to behold you,
I beg thee mock not the integrity of my presage
, for with my divining eyes, I see thee crest on
my tomb “Atlas thousands errors dies”
Let me stop here lest sorrow borrow me words and words
to infinity write.



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