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In Love With A Vampire Epilogue

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It was the last week of September,
Davis and Lauren just got married a few weeks ago and where out to Cuba for honeymoon while Zia was with Eva and Adrian,
Davis thought it was best leaving the girl with them and since Jane would still be around,
It would be no big problem for them to watch over the girl.

Tyler was having great improvement in his therapy,
The boy could release sound from his vocal cord.
It was a great success for him and his parents though,
“With a few more therapies and proper intake of his medication,
He’s going to be fine in just a matter of time.” The doctor has encouraged both Eva and Adrian,
“Thank you doc.” Adrian said to the man.

One warm late September evening,
Eva,Adrian,Tyler and Zia were in the porch trying to catch the evening breeze when suddenly she felt wet,
She was reading the Conroy’s At Home,
One of the Conroy’s Sisters Collection when she felt like peeing,
She tried to tightening her pelvis to stop the pee from flowing out but all of a sudden,
She discovered she couldn’t stop it.
Then she turned to Adrian with fear clearly written on her face,
“What’s it?” He asked casually,
She was due in the next week,so it didn’t occur to him they were going to be having a early labor.
“I think my water just broke.” She said to him with a shocked face,
“What?” He yelled,
Both the kids turned to him,
“Sorry kids.” He said,
He pulled Tyler up from his thighs,
Zia was in her pram.
Anyone there.” He called,
Jane ran to the porch immediately,
“Sir,do you need…”
“Take Tyler and Zia inside,
Eva’s water just broke.” He told her casually so not to worry Tyler.
Jane understood immediately and took Tyler’s hand,
“Let’s go inside boy,
Finding Nemo is about to begin.” She lied to the boy,
Tyler nodded.
He knew something isn’t right,
When he looked at his mommy again,
He noticed her pajamas pants were wet,
“Mommy did you pee on yourself?” The boy asked her,
“No boy,”Jane chuckled,
” Your mommy sat on water accidentally. “She lied,
“But why….”
“Don’t worry let’s go inside,
I’ll tell you about it.” She took the boy’s hand with one hand while pushing Zia’s pram with the other.
“What do I do?
What do I do?” Adrian was very nervous,
He didn’t know what to do.
He’d gone for prenatal classes on what to do while your wife’s in labor and how to support her but all of a sudden,
He can’t remember all he was taught.
Calm down okay,
You can do this.” Eva said to him noticing how nervous he’s.
“Okay,I got this.” He said,
She pulled closer and kissed him.
Seeing how reassuring she was,
He carefully took her hands and led her inside the house.
Afterwards,he helped her grab her baby’s bag from the room and came back to her,
“Okay let’s go.” He supported her till they were downstairs,
He supported her till they got outside,
“The keys,
I forgot the keys upstairs.” He said to her,
Eva rolled her eyes,
Adrian is being nervous,
It’s not like I’m going to die.
“Go get it please.” She coolly told him,
Adrian let go of her immediately and ran back upstairs hysterically.
“Adrian take it easy easy.” She yelled behind him,
He came down a few minutes later with the car key,
He hurriedly opened the car and let her inside the back seat,
He dropped the bag beside her,then rushed to the driver’s seat,
He put on his seatbelt and turned on the ignition and immediately drove off.
Getting to the hospital,
It was already late and only some few nurses were present,
Adrian didn’t mind,
He left Eva inside the car and rushed inside to form the nurses that his wife’s in labor.
The nurses came out with a stretcher and rushed to the car,
Eva was now having contractions,
It was painful but just too make Adrian less nervous,
She endured the pain by just clenching her fist and continuously gritting her teeth.
The nurses helped him take Eva out of the car and carefully lay her on the stretcher,
Then they pushed the stretcher till they were inside the hospital,
Adrian followed them as they pushed her I side the labor room,
“Sir,you’ll have to wait outside..” One of the nurse tried to stop him as they entered the labor room.
“No,I want to stay with my wife.” He insisted,
“I want to stay and watch my wife birth my daughter.” He said to her,
Eva nodded to the nurse and she understood,
Then she allowed Adrian into the room.
“Lay her on the bed.” The head nurse ordered the other nurses,
They complied and with the help of Adrian,they took Eva from the stretcher and lay her on the bed.
Eva slowly closed her eyes,
When she opened it again,
The nurses were telling her something inaudible,
Adrian was talking and so were the nurses but none of them was audible,
It was like her hearing system wasn’t working well.
She only knew she was trying to poo..
Her baby,
She was trying to push out her baby girl and then,
Adrian was smiling at her,
The nurses were too.
They brought out the little fella,
She was so big,so red,
Oh the blood.
“Mrs Blake,you’re hell one strong lady,
Not even a pimp from you,
Although you gotta little rip but a few stitches would do.” The head nurse said to her,
Adrian sat besides her still with the smiling face,
“You did it Eve,
Out daughter’s here.” He said kissing her forehead twice.
She gave him the squirming baby,
“She has your eyes Adrian.” She whispered to him,
And indeed,she’d his eyes and his both sided dimpled chin.
“She’s just like you Adrian.” She repeated.
He nodded,
Now she’s feeling the pain,
“Is she a vampire?” She found herself asking him,
He opened the swaddled and checked for the Lycan’s mark,
It wasn’t on her,
She isn’t a vampire.
She doesn’t have their mark,
Just like him as a baby,
He never had it and so did his daughter,
She’s free,
She’s a human.
“Fortunately Eve,
She isn’t a vampire,
Our daughter isn’t a vampire.” He proudly said to her,
She nodded.
“What should we call her Adrian?” She asked him,
He smiled,
Her name’s Lisa Anne Blake.
“She’s your mom returning to you Eve.” He said to her,
With tears in her eyes,
She drew closer and he wrapped his arms around her and their daughter.
After awhile,
The door opened and there was Jane,
Tyler and baby Zia,
“Mommy!” Tyler shrieked with happiness,
Everyone was surprised even the boy too,
“When did this happen?Adrian asked,
Jane shook her head,
” He wasn’t talking awhile ago.”she said to them,
The boy ran to her,
“Mommy,I can talk.
I can hear myself talking.” He shrieked with happiness,
“Yes son,you’re talking.” She assured him.
“I told you love,
Your mom is here with us,
She’s here to make things right.” Adrian whispered to her,
She smiled.
The door opened again and Aunt Elisa and her kids came in,
“Hey Kerry,
Saffy,Drake and Miles,
What a pleasant surprise guys.” She said to them as they came inside,
“Hi aunt Eva.” They chorused quietly,
“Welcome guys.” She said to them,
“Adrian told me the good news.” Aunt Elisa said to her,
She rushed over and carefully took the baby from Eva,
“She looks like your Adrian but I see someone else in her,
Someone greater.” The woman said,
She saw someone that was like her but wasn’t her,
And that someone was none other than Eva’s mom,
Her twin sister she never got to know.
“My mom is back with me.” Eva said,
“Yeah she is.” Adrian added.
“I feel blessed Adrian and all this is because of you.” She whispered to him,
Ignoring all the kids clattering and the noise,
“No,I feel more blessed and that was because you came into my life,
You showed me a path I never new existed,
A part to love and be loved,
To have family,
People to want to live for,
People to want to protect and care for.
That was why you showed me and I’m so grateful to you for giving me this new lease on life.
I love you Eva.”
“I love you more Adrian.”He kissed her full on the lips and for once,
They felt they were not in a crowded room but their own world.
” I will be with you to the end of the earth Adrian,
With you and only you.” She said to him,
He stole another kiss,
“There’s no force on earth that can stop our love Eve,
We’re together forever.”he said to her wiping the tiny bit of tear that fell from her eyes,
” I love you Eve.” He said to her in a more reassuring way he’d ever told anyone before.

Actually its the final of our long long story.
The finals of IN LOVE WITH A VAMPIRE but the beginning of that love,
That love that held both Eva and Adrian,
The new found love that was going to open new chapters of their lives.
The love that would unite both their worlds,
The love that opened new possibilities for them,
It was the beginning of that love.
My fans,
I hail una,
Too much love from your favorite authoress
Quin Tully.

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