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October 31, 2020

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Boys Before Flower Episode 1 (Part A)

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“WAaah!! Is this really a school??” Jan Di asked out loudly as she jogged into the large compound of Shinhwa high school.

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She couldn’t believe this is actually a school as she stared at the large table filled with different type of dishes.

Yet, she was looking for her costumer, whom she dry cleaned his uniform. He was nowhere to be found.

“The roof top! The roof too! Lee Min Ha is at the roof top! ” Someone came in, panting.

” What!! ” Everyone shouted, running out.

” What’s he trying to do right now ”

Jan Di stood, thinking. “Lee Min Ha? Lee Min Ha.!! ” She gasped, remembering it was actually the name of her customer who she had come to deliver his school uniform to.

Unknown to her,Lee Min Ha suffered severe beating from his schoolmates due to a red card he received from the great and almighty F4.

Jan Di ran outside too, to see what’s really going on.

Lee Min Ha stood at the top of the railings, staring down and getting ready to jump when Jan Di arrived with his uniform.

“Customer! Hold on, customer!” Jan Di shouted, panting heavily.

Lee Min Ha who was ever so ready to jump, looked down surprised. “Who are you?” He asked.

“Oh me?” Jan Di said and laughed nervously. “Talking about me, I can speak for myself. This is Jan Di dry cleaner! I’ve brought you your uniform! ” Jan Di said, laughing as she told him the price.

“You can deliver the uniform to my house after I’m dead. ” Lee Min Ha responded.

” Ahh, don’t be like that..” Jan Di stopped, suddenly realising what he just said. “Die? You are going to die right now? Why! You go to such a good school? “Jan Di was surprised.

How could he be thinking about dying when he attends the great Shinhwa!

“This isn’t school. It’s hell. Once you get a red card from the F4… The whole school gangs up and beat you up. “Lee Min Ha said.

Jan Di was pissed off. ” What! Why did you allow them do such a thing! It were my school, I would just teach them s lesson and break them! ”

Lee Min Ha smiled from the roof top. ” Your friends…. They are lucky.”

“Eh?” Jan Di stammered.

“Your friends they are lucky to have you ” Lee Min Ha said, breathed in and turned, ready to jump.

As soon as he jumped, Jan Di screamed, flung the uniform in her hand away and jumped up, bravely grabbing Lee Min Ha before he could jump down the building.

The students gasped loudly,video and took pictures of them immediately as they watched the spectacule.

It was an incredible sight and within the next few hours, Jan Di’s story went public and worldwide.

Brave common student:who is she!

The headline was just as incredible. And just like that,Jan Di got admission into Shinhwa!🤭

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That night, before Jan Di got home,the school uniform had already been delivered at her house.

She was annoyed and would never give her family the hope that she was going to attend the school.

“But you like swimming! The school has a swimming pool…a big one.” Her mom pointed out.

Jan Di turned furiously to look at her. ” Do I look like so little kid who’s gonna get flattered at the mere mention of swimming pool! I’m not going!!” Jan Di yelled furiously before zooming into her room.

But the next morning,Jan Di fully kitted into the Shinhwa uniform and joined the great school.

She saw students of high calibres and rich students. She couldn’t even reach half of their standards.

Once she got to the school,she took the school map and started tracing the school swimming pool sight.

She was going towards a lonely part still looking for the swimming pool when she started hearing someone playing a violin.

Locating the sound, Jan Di was fascinated to see a cute guy, playing it.

He was cutely dressed in White and Jan Di couldn’t help but stop, staring at him with interest.

But the guy suddenly stopped when he noticed someone was staring at him.

Jan Di woke up, laughing and embarrassed to have been caught staring. “Please… Where is the swimming pool?” She hastily asked to cover her shame.

The guy pointed to the left side, looking mutely at her.

Jan Di laughed nervously and thanked him.

Turning back again, she said, “Please, continue with what you were doing.” She said, bowed and walked away, laughing.

The guy looked at her as she went away and continued with his violin.

“Ahhh!! It’s F4!!” Students cried happily as they saw them approaching.

The F4 members are four in number. All cute and handsome that all the girls were dying to gain their attention.

Jan Di was confused as she watched them running to see the F4 members.

“What’s wrong with all of them?” She asked, peeping through their back to see what was going on.

Her eyes caught the guy she just saw earlier ago and she couldn’t help but stare at him again.

He’s so cute! Jan Di thought to herself.

The F4 members were making their entry when they were stopped by a girl who stood on the way with a cake in a hand.

There was silence everywhere as Gu Jun Pyo who happens to be the president’s son and the leader of the group picked up the cake and smashed it on the girl’s cloth.

Everyone laughed at her but Jan Di was greatly mad.

What audacity! How dare them!

“Our sun bae doesn’t eat something so filthy!” Laughed one of the girls.

The F4 members walked off only to see Jan Di standing in the way!


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