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The Bodygu@rd Episode 28

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πŸ‘—πŸ‘—πŸ‘—THE BODYGUARDπŸ‘—πŸ‘—πŸ‘—

πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šBy: Alok MocoπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š

πŸ’–πŸ’– πŸ’–πŸ’–#Episode_28πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
⛑️⛑️⛑️(Rise Of Trouble)⛑️⛑️⛑️

“A camera”. Rosita said almost shouting.

Lean quickly placed his finger on his lips which means she should keep her voice low.

“No Lee my father can’t put a camera in my room”. She Whispered.

He took down the frame and took out a micro camera from it.

“Just pray he haven’t seen this else am dead”. Lean Bow Said almost shouting and rushed out of the room.

Rosita followed after him as he entered into the room and opened the laptop.
“Am sorry Lee this was my fault”. She begged entering the room.

“Lock the door”. He told her and she bolted it.

Then was when he examined the camera careful and he giggled.

“Hey Lee”. Rosita said in surprise.

The Mayor thought he was smart but this wasn’t smart enough.
“Lee i said am…” “.

” Stop it ma’am you didn’t offend me “. Lean Bow Said full of smiles.

” You sound happy “. She said.

” Yeah. We should thank our stars it’s not an online camera that transmit the footages to a system.

This Just a normal camera which stores footage in its micro memory and could be access only from this”. He explained showing her the camera.

“So we’re safe”. She Asked.

“Partially… Your father is gonna come back to get this camera and watch all footages what’s gonna happen when he finds out everything have been deleted”. Lean Bow Said.

“You’re gonna gonna deleted the existing Footage right? “. Rosita Asked.

” And I would be his first suspect…He knows you can’t find the camera and tamper with it “. Lean Bow Said.

” Look at me Lee.. Are you scared of my father? “. She Asked.

” Stop the question Rosita…I standing right there with you naked…..”.

“Point of correction Lee, i wasn’t naked”. She said.

“Whatever… If your father sees me standing close to your half naked self i guess he’s gonna shake my hands right”.

Lean Bow Said and connected a USB to the laptop.

“You’re scared Lee… Such a top agent who’s feared by everyone”. Rosita said.

“He could sue me to court you know, i was hired to protect his daughter not woe her her”. He Said And connected connected the cord to the micro camera port.

“My father wouldn’t do that”. Rosita said.

“Maybe we should talk about why you had to change right before me”. He Asked.

“It’s no big deal Lee or were you gonna rape me”. She Asked with with a naughty look.

“Try that with someone else and you’ll be surprised”. Lean Bow Said accessing all the footages taken by the camera.

“I could see that devil in between your legs trying to break free Lee don’t act innocent dude”. She said.

“Oh Rosita Could you stop the silly talks and let me concentrate”. Lean Bow Said.

If she continued this way he was actually gonna believe the mayor’s family were truly perverts.

Well if she was truly a pervert maybe she would have gone completely naked, there are reasons attached to all this…

He clicked on play and watched Right from the beginning of the footage when it was planted.

Rosita could be seen on the bed as she typed a message with her phone.

They heard a knock on the door and they both turned as the video continued playing.

He moved to the door and spoke.

“So who the hell is there?”. Lean Bow Asked as Rosita eyes was fully concentrated on him.

“Open up agent”. He heard the mayor’s voice and his eyes opened wide.

“Your Father”. Lean Bow whispered.

Rosita closed the laptop and looked around.

“I said who’s at the door?”. Lean Bow Asked to buy more time for Rosita.

“The wardrobe”. He whispered.

Rosita opened the wardrobe and entered.. Lean Bow tip toed to the wardrobe and locked it.

He returned back to the door and opened it.

“Oh my… Am sorry sir didn’t know it was you”. Lean Bow Said.

He Entered And looked around.

“Have you seen Rosita?”. He Asked.

“No sir i haven’t”. He Replied..

“Isn’t that her Phone?”. The Mayor asked and Lee looked back.

Rosita’s phone was right on top of the micro camera but the mayor didn’t see it.

“Oh she said she wanted some movies so I you know… Decided to give her some”.

He Said And the mayor turned to leave but stopped.

“I thought you said you haven’t seen her”. He asked.

“That was earlier today”. He Replied.

“If you do find her tell me”. The Mayor said and left.

Lean bow closed the door and after bolting it he collapsed to the wall.

It was when he heard Rosita coughing he remembered he had locked her up in the wardrobe.

He opened it quickly and she fell Out but he caught her.

He gave her a chill drink and after consuming the entire content she turned to him.

“Tell Me Lee when last did you do your laundry?”. She Asked.

“Just got here, haven’t opened the damn wardrobe since I arrived”. He Said And She Nodded.

He opened the laptop and they were surprise to see the video still playing.

In the footage Rosita was about to take off her bra.

She quickly paused the video and turned to Lee with a stern look.

“Any problem?”. She Asked.

“Um. Absolutely not”. He Replied swallowing the Saliva in his mouth.

“Good.. Delete the damn thing”. She said.
“You got a plan? “. He Asked.

She Whispered into his ear and left with the camera.

She returned the camera back to the frame and walked out.

A guard saw her and left to tell the Mayor.

That Was what she wanted…

She enters into the room and waited until she heard footstep.

She climbed the chair and tried to place the frame back when it fell off her hand.

Though it was intentional.

The door opened and the Mayor entered.

Rosita jumped down from the chair and turned to him.

“I guess i shouldn’t have tried putting this back”. She said picking the broken.

“Hey girl I’ll get you a new one”. He Said.

“Thank you dad.. I took it off but putting it back is difficult you know”. She said.

“Don’t Worry Rosita. I’ll tell the guards to clear the mess”. The Mayor said.

“Okay dad”. She said and took the micro camera.

“What’s that?”. He Asked.

“From the frame I looks beautiful she said examining it It.

The Mayor not wanting to arouse a suspicion left.

He checked Lee’s room and found him asleep then he walked away.

Lean bow opened his eyes and smiled.

He couldn’t believe He could be playing such games with Rosita.

She quite smart too but he knew that a day was coming when the mayor was gonna find out.. But the question right now was what Rosita wanted from him?.

His phone vibrated and he stared at the message.

“Hey Lee, would love to hit the Ken’s Party today, would you act as my boyfriend as usual?”..

Rosita Was crazy, he just escaped a trouble and she was trying to put him into another.

Another message popped in.

It was from Allison.
“Can we meet today?”.

He just dropped the phone and it Vibrated again.

He didn’t care to check thinking it was Rosita or Allison.

Well… He rose up and took the phone.

The message he saw shocked him.
It was from his Commander.

“Caro escaped..We’re deploying agents to find her”.

Then another text entered it was from an unknown number.

“Be careful Lee, Caro and The Crazy 17 are coming for you, it’s me Suzan”.


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