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Living With Mr Sx Freak Episode 3

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❤Chris POV❤

I need to punish that bastard for making my driver troubled like that, the thing even made me leave Liam at the mall.

And its very certain the goods will get to mum late, and I hate delay her.

Stop there! I spoke up from inside the car as he moved away from the car. My driver came to open the door for me and I stepped out of my car.

I looked at him and he looked really cute, tho I didn’t show it I moved closer to him and he was just drooling over me.

Well that’s me, no one sees me and doesn’t drool. I moved closer and leaned my head forward very close to him making his eyes widen.

I stood straight and I spoke up, What the hell was that!!! I yelled making him flinch. Ehrrnrrhnn am..he stammered..

Shut up!!! I yelled again, don’t joke with me boy!!! What the hell was that for??, coming into my car without receiving my go ahead you riff raff,do you know who I am?? Hun?? no one those that to me and survives I yelled angrily again.

I saw his countenance change to an angry one, hey!!! Whoever you are I don’t f**king care, sorry for disturbing you but that doesn’t give you the right to insult me he yelled.

Are you talking back at me!!! I said angrily Boy you are making a very big mistake I said fuming in anger. You… Will you just shut up!!! he said stopping my talk making me flinch tho I didn’t show it.

Am not a boy okay, am a lady so treat me with some respect she said still fuming in anger. Lady?? Looking and dresses like this I thought.

I moved closer to her and looked into her face, she has long eyelashes, blue eyes, pink small lips, narrow nose,and a very beautiful face I thought still looking at her intensely.

So you are a Lady I said, yeah!!! Don’t I look like one she said still very angry, I leaned closer to her but she stood firm. I reached for her chest and pressed it I need to confirm of she is really a Lady.

😭 Mrs Gomez😭
I was still recovering from the shock the guys Mara offended gave me, I was so scared of losing my only source of income.

I warned you Mara but you won’t listen I thought as I continued selling my groceries, I heard some noise and looked up to see the guys running towards the shop in anger again.

Oh God, hope its not what am thinking I said as tears heated up my eyes, they rushed into the shop and before I could speak they started destroying everything leaving nothing out.

Please stop I said crying profusely, I watched them destroy the very last thing I had but I couldn’t do anything. The customers had to run out because of the way broken glasses continued flying around.

I bent down and cried, Mara has destroyed my life, I cried and cried until they left destroying every single thing, I stood up and carried my back in tears.
Thank God I wasn’t even beaten I said as I moved out of the shop in tears as I headed home, Mara will kill me.

😂 Mara’s POV😂
As he pressed my boobs, my eyes widened immediately, how dare him press my boobs no one has done this to me before.

I became so furious, I smiled and moved closer to him he looked at me in shock maybe because I am a lady? Or because I was smiling only heaven knows.

I moved my mouth to his ears and whispered into his ears, F**k you! Immediately I said it I kicked his balls with my knee making his groan.

How dare you he yelled!!! I laughed at him, no one dies this to me too and survives I said, I saw his driver running towards me and I started running, I looked back and saw him support his boss whose face was already red into the car.

Thank God they didn’t even chase me with the car, I ran to our shop and I was shocked as I got there, they cane back!!! I thought as tears filled my eyes looking at the destroyed goods and shop.

Mum!! I called admist tears but I inky heard my own voice as a reply, I ran out if the shop crying heavily, mum is at home, she is angry with me, I pray she doesn’t do anything stupid.

I got home and opened the door to find my mum drinking. Mum!! I said crying heavily, don’t you dare call me Mara she said angrily. I warned you not to cause troubles but you wouldn’t listen now see what you have caused am jobless she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.
Mum am sorry I said crying as I moved close to her. You are always sorry Mara, I don’t need you to be sorry I need you to change she said still crying.
I will change mom I said as I collected the alcohol from her and hugged her, it won’t happen again I said as I patted her back. She started snoring heavily on my back, I smiled as I lifted her to her room and layed her to sleep.

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