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Her Shadowed Past Episode 9

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Later that day,
Jaclyn drove Jake home since he didn’t come with his car and afterwards,
She drove to her parents at Manhattan.

It was a long drive since the major road was blocked and she had to take another road.

But nevertheless, she got there before lunch.
“Jacky!” Her brother called her,
She walked up to him giving him the sign not to shout,
“Shhh.” She placed her index finger on her lips,

He kept shut but couldn’t help but giggle.
“Mom is furious,
You didn’t come home yesterday like she had told you.” He whispered to her,

I went out with someone and obviously lost track of time.” She said,

Her brother gave her a naughty laugh,
“A boy?” He asked closing his mouth to shut the laughter that was meant to override him.

She poked him,
“That shouldn’t be your concern,
Where’s mom?” She asked the boy?”
He pointed to the kitchen,

“She’s in there with aunt Ahnitta and dads in his study with Uncle Gabriel.” He laid out,

She smiled
She’ll go greet her father first before she meets her mother for her thorough lectures.

She ruffled his hair,
“I’ll go see dad now.”
She left him and walked towards her father’s study,

She knocked twice when his voice said from inside,
“Come in Jacky,
I know it’s you.” He said loud,

She smiled and opened the door.
Her father always gets her in all her mischief.

She walked inside,
“Good day dad,”
She turned to her uncle,
“Good day uncle.”
“Jacky how’re you?” He asked her,
She nodded,

He leaned closer,
“Your mom is furious,
Have you seen her?” Her uncle asked her,

She shook her head,
“I’ll go to her after greeting dad.” She said,
He nodded and opened the door to leave.

“Uncle don’t tell her yet that I’m home.” She warned him,
He nodded and closed the door behind him.

“Why didn’t you come home yesterday?” Her father asked her immediately she turned to him,
She made an apologetic smiled and walked towards him,

“I’m sorry dad.” She said,
“Where did you go to?” He asked still keeping a stern face.

She knows him literarily so well,
With a few sweet talks from her,
He’s going to smile.

She came and sat on his table,
“I went out with a guy and lost track of time,
So I wasn’t able to make it.” She said to him,
His face lightened immediately.

“You finally went out with a guy that’s not that gay friend,
What’s his name again?”
He asked himself,

“Max.” She replied him,
“Wow,that’s good.
Who’s he?” He asked,
Forgetting the fact he was supposed to be angry at her.

“Well,his name is Jake Fowler and he’s a colleague at work.” She said to him,
“So when do we get to meet him?” He asked,

“Dad soon okay but for now were still getting to know ourselves.” She said taking out a ball pen from his pen holder,

Obviously taking her eyes from his.
He took her hands,
“Hey darl,
Tell me all about it.” He said,
She groaned.

There’s nothing to tell.” She said still taking her face from him,

“Absolutely there’s.
You’ve made out with him?” He asked her,
“No.” She lied,

But her father was no fool,
He knows his daughter in and out and knew downright she was lying.

I believe you.” He said letting go of her hands,
She heaved a sigh of relief,

“Was he good?” Her dad asked immediately,
She groaned,
“Dad…no.” She said amidst laughter and irritation.

“Just wanted to know.” He said in defense.
“There’s nothing to know.” She lied and got up from the table still laughing.

“Okay I agree,
There’s nothing to know.” He said giving up.

“Mom told me that you guys had someone who wants to see me,
Who was that?” She asked him,
He smiled at her mischievously,

But I’ll yell you if only you tell me the truth,
Did you guys make out?” He asked again with an air of confidence.

“Dad!!” She called him,
“Tell me and I’ll tell you who it was.” He said adamantly,
“Dad no…”
“Jacky yes…” He mimicked,

Yes,we made out,
Are you satisfied now?” She asked him,
“No.” He said still smiling,

“What else?” She asked him,
“How was it and how long did he go?” He asked her still laughing,

“It was good though,
I’ve never had such feelings all my life.” She explained with a more serious and sincere tone,

“Jakes really a good guy,
Caring and very loveable with the most handsome face and those nice dimples that can keep me staring for ages.
His more a realistic person than a dreamer unlike Tyler…”

“And who’s Tyler?” He interrupted,
Jacky smiled,
“He’s another guy,
Who’s also Interested in me.” She answered him,

That means two guys are interested in my daughter.
That’s a good way to start girl.”He encouraged,

Jaclyn just smiled,
To her it was more than that,
If seemingly the both of them are interested in her,

It can really cause some sort of trouble in the long run.
As in,when she gat to choose between both men,

It’ll cause a hell lot of trouble for her but till that time,
She’ll just have to study both men and see who suits her better.

” Now I’ve told you everything,
Mind if you tell Mr who you guys wanted me to meet yesterday? “She asked her father,

The man smiled,
“It was no one though.” He said,
Jaclyn frowned,
“What’s no one?” She asked him,
Finding it amusing and also annoying he said no one.

“It was really no one,
Your mom just wanted you to come home,that’s all.” He blurted,

“So what you’re trying to tell me is that no one came to see me,
You guys were just exaggerating thing to get me come home uh?” She asked when it dawned to her what they did,

Her father nodded slowly,
“I guess so.
But it wasn’t my idea baby,
It was your mom’s.” He defended himself.

She wanted to leave when her father called her back,
Don’t tell her I told you okay.
Since she tried to play a prank on you why don’t we do the same to her,
Let’s act like you know nothing and allow her fabricate more lies to cover up her already laid lie.” He suggested,

Fathers and daughters are the best duo,
Jaclyn nodded to her dad.

“Now let’s go see what she has to say about this.” She took her fathers hands and led him out of the study room.

It was so obvious that by the end of the day,
Jaclyn and her dad did trick her mom to telling her the truth.

It was a Sunday fulfilled lunch even though Jaclyn couldn’t stop thinking about Lionel and Jake,

Wondering what they’ll be doing by the time she was having fun with her family,
The family she has come to accept.

The next week was a blast,
She and Jake took a few days leave to go see Jakes family in Hudson.

She was delighted about it though but decided to tell her father Lionel about it first before applying for the leave,
He loved the idea.

“Its nice that he’s slowly leading this to a commitment.
Would love to see him someday.” He said to her,

Jaclyn smiled,
“Jake’s really a nice guy,
You’ll love him when you guys meet.” She said to him,
Lionel just nodded.

He would want to meet this guy who’d captured his daughter’s heart sooner and check him out if he’s the really nice calm and loving guy his daughter had seen him be.

Meanwhile Pamela on the other hand noticed something with her soon to be ex husband Lionel,

The obviously new glow,
New looks and he’s more a merry fellow unlike before when he’s face was mostly cold and he always had this stoic and scary expression.

And also she noticed that he spends more time at his office home than at the main house.

Normally before,he does spend more time at home than at his office home,
That was because he wanted to keep her under his wraps,to know what she was doing and what she was up to,

But now,he cares less.
At first, she suspected he was getting tired of watching her and tormenting her by not giving her what she wants,

But with the recent developments on him,
She became keen and wanted to k ow what was really going on.

First,she went to his secretary Lindsay Bowen,

The lady too confirmed it,
The boss was acting rather strange recently.

Lindsay had been crushing on her boss Lionel for quite a long time,
She was a twenty six year old lady while Lionel was in his late fifties but she never minded,

She secretly wished her boss would write off the rules on work and pleasure and give in to her advances.

She literarily did everything for him,
Booked his flights and hotels even restaurants,

She made sure things are always in order before he gets to the office and made sure things are in order after he leaves even if it means staying late to make sure things are done properly.

In fact she was the ideal secretary but wanted to be seen more than that,

So in the few years she worked for him,
She made mental note of all the women he went out with,

To see their special abilities,
As in what attracts him to them and in the end game,

She adds it to hers to make herself worthy of his love but in all she never got the chance or the opportunity she wanted with him.

May I have a word with you?” Pamela asked her when she walked into the office,

Lindsay was arranging some of Lionel presentation files when Pamela came and fortunately for them,

He was around at the time they met.
“Yes ma.” She kept the files and went to answer Pam.

She took her to a secluded corner where obviously no one can eavesdrop on their conversation.

“Have a sit and I’m not going to be taking much of your time.” Lindsay nodded and sat down,

“I’ll go straight to the point here as you might have noticed the strange behavior in your boss recently.” She said,

Lindy nodded,
“Yes I have ma’am.” She said,
“Can you specify what changes you noticed?” She asked the woman,
Lindy nodded,

“You see the boss had always been a very hard person,always cold and barely goes out except for club meetings and his golf games but recently things had changed drastically.

Unlike before,I do manage all his outings from club meeting to the County Brothers,flights,hotel reservations,restaurants and other social outing but now,I’m just like an outsider to his newly found world.” She complained to Pam,

The older woman moved closer to Lindy,
“Is there any other woman?
Like a younger woman,
New found love.

Men like Lionel are always obsessed with younger girls,
Girls that makes them feel younger and makes their blood fresh.

So did you notice any other girl?” Pam asked Lindy,
She was in deep thoughts,
Thinking of any lady Lionel has introduced so far,

………..No wait,
The art broker girl.
Whatshername again?
Lindy asked herself.
The boss had told her what the girl’s name was…


“There’s this girl the boss brought here some few weeks ago,
She’s an art broker,he said.” Lindy said,Pam’s interest rose,
“Did he tell you her name?
How young’s she?” She asked Lindy,
“He said her name’s Jacky and she’s an artist,
More like an art broker.
She looks very young,
I guess would be around her early twenties.” She explained,
Pam frowned,

Why would Lionel gos for such a young girl?
Young enough to be his daughter,
So disgusting.

She turned to Lindy,
“Thanks for the information,
You may leave now.” She thanked the woman,
Lindy stood up,

“Ma’am please don’t tell the boss that I told you this.” She pleaded terrified of what the boss would do to her if he ever find out she told Pamela about the other girl.

“You don’t have to worry,I’m lip tight and Lionel would never hear a word of this.” She promised the lady ,

Lindy nodded and left.
So this is what he does behind my back,
Go around flirting with some young art broker,
Jacky,here I come.

Pamela stood up and left the place resolving in her hear what action to take next.

To be continued.

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