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Her Shadowed Past Episode 8

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Unlike every other Saturdays,
Jaclyn woke up earlier.

She’d to go see her parents to know the supposed date she has and still has to go out with Jake.

She did her laundry a the door of her and also did some grocery shopping,
Coming back home,
She met Jake at the door of her apartment.

“Jake.” She called him,
He turned to her,
“Oh yeah,
Thought you were in.” He said scratching his head,

She smiled and walked up to me,
“I thought we scheduled out date for twelve,
This is nine am.” She said looking at her watch.

Actually the watched Lionel had given to her.
“Actually a few minutes past nine.” He corrected,
“Just wanted to spend time with you before going out on the actual date.” He said,

Mack fumbled out her keys and opened the door,
“Come in.” She said to him,
He took the groceries bag from her and went inside after her.

“Nice apartment you got here.” He commented at neat,serenic and beautifully furnished apartment,
“Thanks,a little from here and here.”
She said taking the grocery bags from him and headed to her kitchen.

“Would you want something to eat or drink?” She asked him,
We’re going out soon and definitely going to have brunch first.” He said,
She nodded and got herself a glass of water.

After whiling away their time smuggling and cuddling each other not exempting some hot kisses and magical moments,

Jake and Jaclyn finally left a few minutes after twelve.

The Lakers were having their first spring game against the Black hawks and Jake wouldn’t want to miss it.

He was a down to earth basketball fan and so was Jaclyn,
Although she wasn’t a die hard fan like him.

“I got us some reservations at the far top of the court side,
That’s the best place in the arena.” He said to her showing her their seat tickets,

She smiled as they walked into the arena,
She was holding a popcorn and a coke can,

“Are you going to the movies you had those?” He asked her,
She smiled at him,
“I was raised a glutinous basketball fan.” She said as they walked down the arena aisle to get to their seat.

It’s so warm here,
The sun’s really doing a great job warming up this whole place.”He whispered to her hearing,

Kissing her earlobes in the process.
“You mean warming you up?” She asked naughtily,
Warming me up.” He nodded.

A few minutes before the game began,
Jake gave Jaclyn a Laker’s jersey and his too,
Then a Laker’s hand and head band.
“You should have said you came all prepared.”

She said as she took the jersey and headband from him,
“I definitely did.” He said to her.

She did put on the jersey top,
Her hand and head band while he did his,
“Looks good on you better than it does on me.” She said to him,
He smiled,
“You think so?” He asked,
She nodded,

Immediately, he pulled her closer and planted a kiss on her forehead,
“I would have preferred your lips but damn me,
We’re outside the confinement of a bedroom,
So I’ll let you go.” He said as he let her go.

During the game,
Jaclyn booed and cheered the players,

Argued with Jake on which player should have gone out and how good a dribbling was and so many other obscenities.

All this,
Jake couldn’t take his eyes off the lady sitting beside him,
How lucky he’s to have her in his life?
Jaclyn wasn’t like his ex girlfriend Ashley.

Ashley was more demanding and less caring,
She only thought about herself and what’s good on her,
She was more of the materialistic and egoist damsel,

While Jaclyn was more the selfless,caring and humble damsel.
The one thing he admires most about her is her ability to live through things,

She’s one hell of a strong lady.
Being able to bear the gruesome hours at work seeing dead bodies and blood but still able to live through it and give justice to those victims,

He admires her a lot and was sure to stick to her in whatever.

Almost to the end of the game,
Jaclyn phone rang,
It was her mom.

She reluctantly picked her call,
“Jaclyn where are you?” Katy queried,
Jaclyn moved the phone from her ear to avoid the piercing yell getting to her,

“Mom,I’m in the middle of something,
I’ll call you back later.” She said and hung up immediately,

“Your mom?” Jake asked,
She nodded,
“She wants you to come home?” He asked again,

But I’m not going cause we’re having Sunday lunch tomorrow and I can still get to see her at that.” She said,

“Maybe she’s……”
Jaclyn pulled him closer and gave him a full lip kiss.

“I was thinking we go to my house then we prepare dinner together and…”

He smile,
“Is that an invitation?
Cause I dare not miss it.
I’m not the type of guy that misses such invitation especially from my woman.” He said tossing the hair hat dangled freely on her forehead,

“You don’t have to.” She slowly said as he took another kiss,
This time around,
He took his time to draw out the warmth sensation from her alluring lips.

Going home,
Jake and Jaclyn kissed from her doorstep,
It was so intense, she managed to fish out her keys from her purse.

He took her inside meticulously enough not to break the kiss,
“My room’s that way.” She said in between the pleasure that arouse her pointing to the direction of her room.

Jake took her there and carefully lay her on the bed still kissing her.

His kisses were slow and fast,
It came as it went,
Savoring each pleasure as they came.

He trailed his fingers to her neck meeting his lips tow along.
For her it was the most intense moments of her life having Jake claim her.

Jake woke up first the next morning,
Looking beside him,
Jaclyn lay peacefully her hands wrapped around his waist,
He kissed her forehead.

Recalling what had happened the night before,he could only smile and slowly pushed the hair on her face back to her ear.

He was trying to adjust her head when his hand went under her pillow and he felt something there,
Slowly he pulled it out,
It was a red Cabbuca Lionel train,
With Lionel inscribed by it side.

He looked at it,
Who keeps a toy train under her pillow while sleeping?
He asked himself amused at his finding as he kept it back under the pillow.

He slowly got up from the bed to prepare breakfast for her before she wakes up.

It was obvious she’s very tired from their intense lovemaking session last night.

He came out awhile later with some scrambled egg and toast with coffee,
Strong decaf coffee.

He kept the tray of the side table and climbed on the bed,
“Hey sleeping beauty.” He called her,
Jaclyn moved a little,
“Hey sleeping beauty,
Your prince charming is here to wake you up,
So do him the favour of getting up or have him do it his own way.” He said,
Immediately,she opened her groggy eyelids,

“Can’t I sleep a bit longer?” She asked sleepily,
It’s Sunday and you’re going to your parents for lunch,
Not excluding the fact that its almost noon.” He said,

She opened her eyes immediately,
Its noon already?” She asked him in surprise.

He nodded,
“It’s almost twelve pm.” He said pointing to the alarm clock beside her bed.

She got up,
“I made breakfast already.” He pointed to the tray of scrambled egg and toast,

“That’s the fastest I could come up with.” He said to her as he helped her up the bed,

“Thanks a lot Jake.” She said as she pulled the tray to her side,
He stopped her immediately,
“Only that?” He asked pouting like a five year old.

She understood his meaning and immediately pulled him close,
“I love you Jaclyn.” He whispered as she laid her lips on his,

“And I too you.” She whispered back.
In no time,the both of them where wrapped in each others arms again on the bed tending to their lovesickness.

To be continued.

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