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Because I Love You Episode 10

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♥️♥️Because I love you♥️♥️

♥️♥️Episode 10♥️♥️


♥️♥️Clara’s P.O.V♥️♥️

I was shocked and couldn’t move then I heard Miguel whisper to my ear

“Am trying to safe you from embarrassment so don’t think anything stupid okay” he said but I still don’t get it, he removed his suit and tied it round my waist

“Go to the car, I will meet you there” he said

I nodded and walk in to the car, I untie the suit and check my clothe that was when I realize am stained, Miguel walk in angrily

“Hey, wat type of a woman are you huh, a woman that doesn’t even know her date, huh, do you know how I got embarrassed by you today, I regret taking you out….you just don’t worth It” he said and started driving, those words touched me and make tears formed in my eye, I quickly Clean them and pretend like I was okay

“Am sorry sir” I said

“Keep those words to yourself please” he said angrily

Soon we got to my place, I got down with his suit in my hand, I forgot am still with it

“Have this” he said stretching some amount of money to me

“Thank you sir but am not collecting it” I said

“Why…. Don’t Tell me you are rejecting a offer From me” he said

“I dare not sir, am okay” I said

“Okay” he said and whined up his glass and drove off, I walked in, change my clothe, bath then wash his suit.

The next day I got to his office with the suit

“Good morning sir” I said

“Take the key on the table am busy” he said while typing

“Here is your clothe sir” I said

“Drop it on the couch” he said

“Okay sir” I said and drop the clothe on the chair, took the office key

“And thx for yesterday sir, I really appreciate” I said

“Next time you should know when you are suppose to be on and stop embarrassing yourself” he said

“I’ll sir” I said then walk out, wait is Miguel trying to be good to me….does he really care about him that much or probably he did that so I won’t embarrass him

I went to my office and sat down but that reminds me, am not sure if he has eaten this morning, I need to go ask him….no Clara, you don’t need to….. okay it’s just a payback… he won’t even acknowledge it…. c’mmon he is your boss, you won’t let him die right….I keep saying this to myself and later stood up and walk to his office

“Ahmmm sir, I wanted to ask if you’ve eaten” I said

“And y are so concerned about that” he said

“Just that, I don’t want you to fall sick again and also I just discovered a new eatery along this road so I don’t know if you will like to have a taste of it” I said

“So I now look like a glutton to you right or a sickler that can fall sick anytime huh” he said

“Am sorry sir but I don’t mean it that way, am sorry if I got you angry” I said

“Get out please” he said and I walk out, I really fuck up, I should have listen to my heart and not my head…I said to myself as I walk back to my office.

Later in the evening, I was done for the day, I arrange my things, lock the door and went to Miguel’s office to drop the key, I got in and I saw him resting his head on his desk, probably sleeping, I drop the key on his table and was about walking out when I heard him talk

“Can you please get me some drugs bfr leaving” he said shivering

“Oh….are you cold” I asked

“Yeah, check my wallet on the table, take some money and get me drugs” he said

“Okay sir, I quickly check his wallet, took the money and rush to a nearby chemist, bought some drugs and rush back to his office

“Here it is sir, but have you eaten” I asked

“No” he said

“Then don’t take the drug, let me get you something to eat” is said and rushed out, I ordered for rice and table water in the eatery and ran back to the office

“Try and eat this then you can take your drug” I said

“Just give me the drugs, am not eating” he said

“But sir….you need to eat first” I said

“Clara it’s my life okay” he said

“Okay” I said and gave him the drug with the table water I bought, he collected it and used them

“Sir no think you should go home so you can rest” I said

“I will just use my room here” he said and stood up to leave but before he could take a step, he fell down, I quickly grab him so he won’t hit his head on the floor, I rushed out to Bryan’s office

“Bryan…..The C.E.O” I said crying

“What happen” he asked

“Just come with me” i said, he stood up and we both rush back to Miguel’s office where he was lying helplessly on the floor, Miguel rush to where his is and raised him up, we both manage to lift him to where his car is and drove him to the hospital, the doctors quickly attend to him while we wait at the reception, my mind wasn’t at rest, I hope it’s not because of the drug he use, I wonder why he won’t eat at time, few minutes later the doctor walk to us

“Can I see you in my office please” the doctor said

“Okay” Bryan said and we both followed him to his office, we sat down

“Ahmmm…..with the situation of things right now, Miguel needs blood, I don’t know if you know any of his family who can donate” the doctor said

“Actually doctor, I don’t know any of his family” Bryan said

“But it’s urgent…..” The doctor said

“Ahmmm doctor, I am 0+ so i can donate for any body, Allow me to donate my blood” I said

“What are you serious at all” Bryan said to me

“Yeah…… doctor please can we start the donation now” I asked

“Of course but we need some money for deposit also” doctor said

“You know that’s not a problem doctor” Bryan said

“Okay let go miss” the doctor said then I followed him… doing all this because I can’t stand to loose Miguel, am ready to go extra miles all because of him, he means everything to me.

Miguel’s P.O.V

I woke up and found myself lying on a sick bed, how do I even get here

“Hope you are getting better now” the doctor said

“Yeah” I said more like a whisper

“All thanks to your girlfriend” he said

“My girlfriend….who” I asked

“Clara of course” he said

“Oh…..and where is she” I asked

“She is still resting” he said

“What…. resting when I am here huh” I said

“Infact she still need more rest” he said

“Why” I asked

“She saved you…..she donated her blood for you” doctor said

“What……you mean…..I now have Clara’s blood in me” I asked

“You should be grateful to her, she saved your life” he said and walk out

Wtf…..why should it be Clara’s blood Among all other blood in this whole universe…. gosh

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