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After The Dream Episode 7

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💭 After The Dreãm 💭

🎌(No way out) 🎌

Episode 7
The staring competition between I and the cellphone continued. I couldn’t take my eyes if it.

“What are you saying Tristan?! Have you lost ya mind?? “Armstrong yelled.

“I thought you love her more than your own self so why do you bother? “Tristan asked.

It felt really good to hear my lovely Armstrong’s voice after so many days.

“Tristan, you psycho! Am going to haunt you down, and when I do, you’re a dead meat!!! “Armstrong said.

“Stop talking nonsense and just answer the f*cking question. Are you gonna do it or not? “Tristan asked.

The background became quiet for a while.

Oh, Armstrong!

“Am not doing such Tristan. “He said and I felt a loud bang in my head.

My heart was breaking into pieces.

“And you call what you feel for her ‘love’? “Tristan asked calmly.

“Its not like she’s the only Girl, is she? “Armstrong asked.

Tristan switched off the phone and threw it across the room and it shattered on the wall.

“I didn’t do this to prove he didn’t love you, I did this so you can see you don’t deserve him. At least now, you won’t think am keeping you away from the so called ‘love of your life. “Tristan said before me.

Tears were already drenching my eyes and I felt weak.

I unintentionally leaned on Tristan as I sobbed quietly.

He pulled me close and wrapped his hand around me.

I felt safe in his comfort as he patted my hair slowly and softly.

🎌….. Days later….. 🎌

I was busy eating as much as my tummy could contain. I was extremely hungry unlike normal.

Tristan walked a moment later and stood before me just staring at me.

“Are you gonna eat the fridge too? So I can buy that on my way back. “He said.

“Where are you going? Are you going to go and cheat on me? “I Asked bluntly and he paused and turned to look at me.

“Ain’t I allowed to cheat a little? “He asked.

I shook my head.
“Go ahead hubby but don’t be suprised to see me making out with one of the guards… “I said.

“You won’t stoop so low Rhianna. “He said.

“Try me. “I said folding my arm.

He looked at me amused and grinned.

“Well, I want it now Rhianna, can you give it to me? “He asked.

“I thought you were leaving. “I retorted.

Tristan chuckled.

“see what I mean? One dollar on a hot stripper and her clothes are off already while I have to even waste 30 minutes arguing with my wife before I get what I want. “He said and my eyes widened.

“Go ahead then Tristan. I don’t even care… “I said as I tried to hold back the tears on its way down.

Am just hurt that he wants to cheat comfortably.
Ugh! I hate this marriage.
There’s no love and I never ever dreamt of marrying him. Never in my Diary.

He took his keys to his jeep ftom the table and left.
My drop dead handsome husband is on his way to a whore house…

Tristan’s pov
I arrived at the bar. I wanted drinks for tonights meeting.

Rhianna is such a drama queen.

She’ve told me countless that she hates me and here she is worried if I would cheat

As usual, I waited for Natasha at the VIP room.
She came into the room in a hot thong undie. She always dress to slay and its working.

“I want it hard today.. Extremely hard.. “She said raising and my shirt and trailing her long nails round my abs which had tattoos on it.

As I made advance to touch her, Rhianna’s face played in my mind like a movie.

It was weird and super inconvenient at the moment cause I was already turned on.

Can I do this?
I have to say no to Natasha.


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