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After The Dream Episode 6

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💭 After The Dreãm 💭

🎌(No way out) 🎌

Episode 6
Rhianna’s pov
I went to my room and did my morning rituals… Just brushing my teeth and having a bath.

There was nothing else to do anyway since the maids were available and Tristan has restricted me from working.

Breakfast was already ready.

I ate till I was full before leaving the room… I don’t think after what happened last night, I deserve to be locked in here.

I went to Tristan’s room and met him shirtless but his body was dripping wet it was arousing to look at.

He sat backing me facing his laptop.
“G.. Good morning. “I muttered.

He slightly turned his head to get a glimpse of me. Then he took his head back to his laptop and scoffed.

He spent ages looking at his laptop before I got tired of standing.

I walked close to him and sat beside him.
I looked at the book on the laptop’s keyboard… It had five names written on it : Marcos, Holden, Carlos, Adrian and zac.
Who were they?

Tristan took a black coated pen from his drawer and turned to the paper, he gently canceled the name Carlos with the pen and dropped ot back.

“Why… Why did you shade this name? “I asked staring at the paper.

“Not your concern. “He said.

I held his arm.

“I insist Tristan, please tell me. “I pressed.

“He’s dead. I killed him. “He said.

i shuddered.

“For real?! “I asked gobsmack.

“Yea…. Rhianna, I need to tell you something. “Tristan said looking nervous.

He began telling me of what really happened last night… The meeting and then the shooting.
I was scared and suprised… But why is he opening up to me??

Why dies he care if I knew the truth or not ??

“But Tristan.. You didn’t even investigate if he’s really the one that set you up. “I said.

“That’s how the rules go Rhianna. “He said and I nodded.

He shut his laptop and put the stuff away…

“Have any gift for me this morning?? “He asked and took his hands to my shirt.. He unbuttoned it slowly.

“Tristan, I really want to speak to Armstrong.. “I said and then I bursted out in moans as he squeezed my b**bs.

He looked really turned on and would tear me apart In a glance.
He stopped what he was doing and looked into my face.

“Armstrong again? Rhianna pity me and open up for once without mentioning that bastard. “He said with groaning in his voice.

“Don’t you think I deserve an explanation? “I asked.

He brought his lips to my b**bs and took the nipples into his mouth and sucked intently.

It was weird and the first ever time this is happening to me

It didn’t hurt much and it felt really full of pleasure. He was going easy on me and didn’t want to pull his whole wait on me.

I couldn’t stop moaning aloud.

“Stop Tristan. This won’t make me to Forget about Armstrong. “I managed to say out loud.

He stopped and removed his lips from my b**bs. He pulled away from me.

“You always ruin the moment. Fine am gonna get him on the line but get ready for a heartbreak. “He said.

He took his phone and dialed Armstrong’s number.

It picked after the second ring.

“Okay Alright Armstrong, I’ve been thinking and I’ve decided… In exchange for Rhianna, I want your finger nails, five off them on a platter. “Tristan said into the phone and my eyes widened.

Armstrong loves me and I believe he’s gonna do anything for me.
This test is useless… I just know it.

I waited patiently to hear what he would say. Oh my! Don’t let me down Armstrong..


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