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My Whatsapp Visitor 18+ Episode 52

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Episode 52

I come calm down small but lai lai my prick no gree calm down, the thing just dey jump up and down dey touch her for yansh, she just dey ignore the attention that I was having down there.

Chisom: will the guy die?

Me: no, he will cu*m.

She looked at my face and then pointed to the screen, I was not actually watching the movie. All my eyes dey for her exposed cleavage, which kind punishment be this na?

Chisom: I am talking about the movie.

Me: oh! he will not die, the girl will die sha…

I come stand up to commot for the room before konji go finish, I check my time… na still 4pm, time just dey crawl like snail wey dey lick shit.

Chisom: where you dey go?

Me: I dey come.

I got out of the room and went to the sitting to kill boredom on whatsapp, I switched on my data and I met message from Soapy online.

Soapy: what did I do to you na, you nodey even call me again, shey her pu*ssy sweet pass my own?

I smiled at her message, I wan invite her tomorrow.

Me: no, you know say nobody fit take away you from my mind, your pu*ssy sweet pass Rihanna own.

She came online immediately, and requested video call.
I accepted and she was not giving me that her naughty smile, she was just frowning.

Me: sweetheart!

Soapy: no sweet heart me oh, where is she?

Me: *I chuckle* you mean my mother?

Soapy: big head, the gal that formatted your memory.

I heard door slammed and I quickly ended the video call telling her the network is horrible, Chisom came out of the hallway.

Chisom: what are you doing?

Me: am just bored of watching that movie.

Chisom: you wan fu*ck?

I nod.

Chisom: oya come….

I no know how I take fly up from the chair I dey sit down, I no carry my phone before she Soapy go spoil the wwe match.

Me: lead me to the cross.

I hugged her from behind pressing my hard on at her crack while we headed to the bedroom… Somebody daughter toto go hear am oh!


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