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SCARS Prologue

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I decided to take it from this angle.Fans said i shouldn’t always write about white girls.

[💦am not ugly💦] .


<scars to your beautiful>
scars is a joint term for the two most popular male music band in the whole world.”Spark and Glow”.

The word “SCARS” was used to coin them together because they can never be forgotten so easily,they are the best,best in the music world.
Each music band consists of 4guys,
Eight in all,
both are competitors.

Although both are popular but the most celebrated and well-known music band are the “sparks”.

The spark boys are verrrrrrry wealthy,
they have it all in terms of seductive physique.They live together in the spark empire,the most beautiful and widest part in the whole of Korea.
They are everybody’s pride,but the world most favorite is no one else but “Harry”, spark leader.
Popularly known as Prince.

Harry is a gentle,soft-hearted and a sweet guy.
Apart from being the most wealthy and most talented,he is also a brainiac scriptwriter.
Also gifted with plentiful of handsomeness.

Harry’s kindness gave the glow boys and wicked villains many opportunity ahead.His good heart of giving and helping people got to a critical stage that made him drop out of standard for a while,
he couldn’t even keep the only one person he cherish the most.

who is Anike?

Anike Newton is a 19years pretty and smart girl with perfect Nigerian figure 8 shape.Being an half cast made her very different among her mates.Her mother is a Nigerian from the coast of African,her father from south Korea and of course a billionaire.

Anike is an egg in the hands of her father,an apple in the eyes of her mother.Indeed,she lack nothing.
she was spoilt right from birth with so much attention and care which made her graduated into a complete introvert.

She’s a student of spark high,
A college meant for kings and queen, where princes and princesses dine,
A place for the Rich’s to learn,
A place to meet the spark boys as humans.

In a twist of fate,a woman came knocking on her father’s gate with a new born baby boy.
Circumstance made her get a step brother and a very very wicked step mother.

in another twist of fate, Anike landed herself in fresh trouble by witnessing an eyesore murder committed by her stepmother.
An incident that turned her life into a nightmare.

Anike suddenly become verrrrrrrrrry ugly cos of so much SCARS she gets from her step mother,those who do not know her from the start treated her with so much disdain and disgust.

She had no choice than to keep her now ugly face masked and her body in baggy clothes.

The only place she could find solace in is a waterfall very far from her father’s mansion….

A place where she goes to whenever she wants to pour out her heart.
there she met another girl who has a striking resemblance with her but the difference is clear….
she’s now ugly,the new girl was so beautiful with an unknown motive.

They aren’t twins,they are not blood..
Who can the new girl be??
(i wonder o)

are you reeeeeadyy?.
unlock only.

invite your friends,
share this yummy piece to make it easier if you’re really interested.

Fans,am back with a love,pained, tears,laughter, interesting, thrilling and suspence filled story that explains to the readers no one is born ugly…

two episodes per day….
oya quickly unlock.
I love you❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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